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Games for sale in Concord, NH

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  • W. Eric Martin
    I m moving in less than two months and am scouring my game room to find dozens of titles that would be better off in a new home. Perhaps that home will be
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      I'm moving in less than two months and am scouring my game room to find
      dozens of titles that would be better off in a new home. Perhaps that home
      will be yours?

      I've included the list of games for sale below. As with my earlier sale, for
      each game that you buy at full price, you can purchase a game from the same
      price category or lower for 50% off. I'll be adding more games in the next
      couple of weeks, but am hoping to clear space now.

      Preference will be given to those who can pick up games at my home, as I'd
      prefer not to ship; I host game night tomorrow, Wednesday, May 11, starting
      at 8 pm, so you're welcome to join us for games or to search through the
      stacks. If you can't make it � and I know it's a long drive and short notice
      � I will ship games out as I don't plan to bring these with me. One way or
      another, they have to go!


      Games for sale


      Clocktowers (played a few times)

      Null Bock! (bought used)

      Luck Plus (bought used)

      Shuttles (bought used)

      Circle Out (played a few times)

      Your Money (bought used)

      Giant (bought used)

      Thunderball (bought used)

      Champagne (bought used)

      Tri-ominos (bought used)

      Jackpot (played once)

      The Peter Principle Game (bought used)

      Double Play (played once)

      Solairis (played a few times)


      Bang! (German tuckbox edition with English labels on the characters, played
      a few times)

      Mission Scorpio (opened, unplayed)

      WrestAngel (unplayed)

      Bacchus (opened, unplayed)

      Rasant (bought used)

      Fzzzt! (played once)

      Rapscallion (shrink)

      Mow (small box edition, played a few times)

      Stoplights (Gryphon Games tin box edition, unplayed)

      The Suicide Bomber Card Game (opened, unplayed)

      Mystery Rummy #1: Jack the Ripper (flimsy box edition, played a few times)

      Mystery Rummy #3: Jekyll & Hyde (flimsy box edition, played a few times)

      Monstermaler (paper tablet edition, unplayed)

      World of Warcraft: Dark Portal starter (unplayed)

      Elixir (bought used, box has a hole in it)

      For Sale (small box Ravensburger edition, bought used)

      Lupus in Tabula (small hardbox edition from 2004)

      Einfach Tierisch! (played once)

      Saboteur (Amigo edition, played a few times)

      Frank's Zoo (German box with English rules, played a few times)

      Schwein Gehabt! (bought used)

      Comeback (in shrink)

      Chessheads (two boxes, played a few times)

      Party Pooper (played a few times)

      Cineplexity (played a few times)

      Con 6 (played a few times)

      Quinto (bought used)

      Treasure Trot (played once)

      Knowbodu Knows (played a few times)

      Color Scheme (advance production copy, played a few times)

      Arthur Saves the Planet (played once)

      Flip-tac-toe (played a few times)

      Roman Taxi (played a few times)

      Naq (opened, unplayed)

      Cube Checkers (bought used)

      Hollywood Casting (played a few times)

      Split Second (bought used)

      The Ten Commandments (opened, unplayed)

      Cthulhu Dice (shrink)


      Thurn and Taxis: Der Kurier der F�rstin (along with the Spielbox issue that
      contained this expansion, unplayed)

      Hot Dog (bought used)

      Insidious Sevens (shrink)

      Pocket Rockets (shrink)

      Shokoba (shrink)

      Shashawa (shrink)

      Robotory (shrink)

      Dweebies (played a few times)

      Birds on a Wire (opened, unplayed)

      Take Stock (played once)

      Relationship Tightrope (in shrink)

      Sudoku Challenge (played a few times)

      The Great Chili Cookoff (opened, unplayed)

      Graverobbers (opened, unplayed)

      Nottingham (played a few times)

      Slide 5, plus Cheater tin box edition (in shrink)

      Wits & Wagers: Expansion (opened, unplayed)

      Modern Art: The Card Game (played a few times)

      Experiment (played a few times)

      Illusio (first, square box edition, played a few times)

      Parlay (played a few times)

      Mosaix (in shrink)

      High School Drama (first edition, played a few times)

      miQube (played a few times)

      Stack Market (played a few times, needs two tokens for each player)

      Jantaris (opened, unplayed)

      Feurio! (played a few times, rules for Vulcan! included)

      Jetset Casino (opened, unplayed)

      Funny Business (played a few times)

      Gold Mine (Stratus Games � unplayed)

      Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation (bought used)

      TransAmerica (well-played copy)

      Coup d'Etat (bought used)

      Turf (Klee edition � bought used)

      Dry Gulch Junction (played a few times)

      Zing (unplayed)

      Cornucopia (played a few times)

      DracoMundis (played a few times)

      Michaelangelo (played a few times)

      Texas Roll'Em (played once)

      Plext (played a few times)

      Hit or Miss (played three times)

      Aunt Millie's Millions (played three times)

      Mother Sheep (played once)

      Fish Eat Fish (played a few times)

      Street Illegal (played twice)

      Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Didn't Know It (played once)

      Quoridor (bought used)

      Run for Your Life, Candyman (opened, unplayed)

      Domination (played a few times)

      Dino Booom (played a few times)


      Yahtzee Free for All (played a few times)

      Good Question (played a few times)

      High Society (Uberplay edition, in shrink)

      High Society (Gryphon Games edition, opened but unplayed)

      Money (Gryphon Games edition, in shrink)

      Tipover (solitaire puzzle from ThinkFun)

      Hotspot (solitaire puzzle from ThinkFun)

      The Stars Are Right (opened, unplayed)

      Chez Cthulhu (opened, unplayed)

      Nanuk (played a few times)

      Hol's der Geier (bought used)

      Res Publica (Avalanche edition, opened but cards in shrink)

      Lupus in Tabula (newer daVinci edition, in shrink)

      Long Live the King (opened, unplayed)

      Desert Bazaar (played a few times)

      Space Junkyard (played a few times)

      Eye to Eye (played a few times)

      Cluzzle (in shrink)

      Lungarno (played a half-dozen times)

      Martinique (played four times)


      Ladybohn (Lookout Games edition, bought used)

      The Settlers of Catan Card Game, plus the expansion set with five expansions
      (bought used)

      Hermagor (played a few times, no insert)

      ...und Tschuss! (bought used)

      Kings & Things (German edition, opened but unpunched)

      Quandary (bought used)

      Mission: Planet Red (early French edition with the round board)

      Ur (played once)

      Shear Panic (Fragor Games edition, box crunched a bit; extra shearer pieces
      as one was damaged and the Lamonts sent replacements)

      Basari (in shrink)

      Cosmic Encounter (German edition from ASS, bought used and looks unplayed)

      Sodbusters (opened, unplayed)

      Il Principe (played a few times)

      Wolsung (insert removed, unplayed)

      Sobek (in shrink)

      Jaipur (in shrink)

      Water Lily (in shrink)

      Masters of Venice (preproduction version with miscut box � played four

      Duel in the Dark (bought used � unplayed by me)

      World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game (played three times)

      Space Pirates (unplayed)

      Age of Gods (newer Asmodee version � played once)

      Gonzaga (played a half-dozen times)

      E.T.I.: Estimated Time of Invasion (played twice)

      Galaxy's Edge (played a few times)

      Kimalo� (in shrink)

      Mystery Express (played a few times)

      Texas Glory (unplayed)

      Wizards Kings (first edition, seemingly unplayed)


      Mutabohn (Lookout Games, bought used)

      Ave Caesar (Asmodee Edition, played a few times)

      Kogge (first edition, opened but unplayed)

      Age of Empires III (bought used, no insert but everything bagged, box

      Wildlife Adventure (bought used, looks good)

      Amazonas (played a few times)

      Saigo no Kane (opened, unplayed)

      Space Dealer (played a few times)

      Vinci (German edition with English rules, played a few times)

      Elasund (played a few times)

      Candamir (played a few times)

      The Pillars of the Earth (German edition, played a few times)

      Nautilus (bought used, punched but looks unplayed)

      Chang Cheng (played once, box lid has indent)

      Leonardo da Vinci (played once, includes two Spiel freebies: Codex II and

      The Ark of the Covenant (edition with wood ark and linen finish on tiles)

      Railways of the World: The Card Game (shrink removed, cards still wrapped)

      Glory to Rome (hard plastic box edition, played a few times)

      Through the Desert (FFG � in shrink)

      Pony Express (English edition, played a handful of times)

      Amyitis (in shrink)

      Battle: The Napoleonic Wars (in shrink)

      Ingenious (shrink, black box edition)


      Stronghold (opened, unplayed)

      Fresh Fish (Plenary Games edition, played a few times)

      Krakow 1325 AD, with three-player expansion (played a few times, one corner
      split on bottom box)

      League of Six, plus Loyal Followers expansion (opened, unplayed)

      Tahuantinsuyu (Hangman Games edition, unplayed)

      Baltimore & Ohio (sealed)

      Middle-earth Quest (played three times � all pieces bagged � one miniature
      in pieces)

      Age of Steam: Chile, CCCP, Egypt (in tube, unplayed)


      A Game of Thrones, plus A Clash of Kings expansion (played a few times)


      Marvel Heroes (opened, but unplayed)

      Fire & Axe (played a few times)

      The Starfarers of Catan (opened; looks unplayed; spaceships are intact)


      Dominion, Dominion: Intrigue, Dominion: Seaside and Dominion: Alchemy
      (Intrigue is still in shrink, the other sets have been played a few times)

      W. Eric Martin
      News Editor � http://BoardGameGeek.com
      Get game news via Twitter � http://twitter.com/BoardgameNews � or Facebook �

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