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Re: [Unity_Games] Random Star Wars toy question

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    Wow. If money WEREN T an object, I d suggest the Star Wars Lego stuff, but since it is... Sorry, can t really help. ... From: mrhaleon
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 22, 2010
      Wow. If money WEREN'T an object, I'd suggest the Star Wars Lego stuff,
      but since it is... Sorry, can't really help.

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      From: mrhaleon <haleon@...>
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      Sent: Mon, Nov 22, 2010 1:42 pm
      Subject: [Unity_Games] Random Star Wars toy question

      Greetings from Michigan!

      I've been out of the Star Wars toys world for many moons, but I have
      some young nephews who are about to be introduced and I came acropper
      of a question that I was hoping someone on this forum might have the
      expertise to help me with.

      Besides the original trilogy movies that are already planned for
      ordering, I was intending on getting the boys an AT-AT toy, as that was
      amongst my favourite of the toys way back in the day (from the best of
      the three movies).

      In looking around, it looks like there are several different lines of
      toys out these days, so my question is, which is the best to get for
      young kids (both under the age of 7) that combines durability, coolness
      and at least a modicum of cost efficiency? Like their parents won't
      have to take out a second mortgage to fill out the collection.

      The idea being of course that we pick the right line now, so all their
      toys will match down the road.

      Thanks in advance!

      --Campbell, once of UG-land
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