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Gaming/Movie weekend reminder July 16th-18th in Framingham

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  • Muttstain@aol.com
    The next party is less than 2 weeks away, and the house is a disaster area. Hopefully things will cool down a bit between now and then, but if not, I ll start
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2010
      The next party is less than 2 weeks away, and the house is a disaster
      area. Hopefully things will cool down a bit between now and then, but if not,
      I'll start all of the A/C's cranking during FRAGS on the 15th and will leave
      them on all weekend.

      Since there are a fair number of new people on the list, here's a quick
      precap (?) of what to expect. (If you are a regular, please skip the next

      Friday we start around 7:30 and go until at least 4:00 am. On a typical
      Friday we get around 20 people or so, mostly gamers, but there will be some
      shorts or cartoons running in the living room, and perhaps a movie if people
      are up for it. Typical games include Shadow Hunters, Tichu, Dixit, Wise and
      Otherwise, Tekeli-li, Catacombs, and lots more.

      Saturday, people start arriving a bit after noon. There will be longer and
      heavier games played by some (Agricola, La Havre, Age of Empires. etc.),
      but the standard games continue as well. I usually run some cheesy B-Movies
      in the living room (my 17-seat home theater will be built soon - I have the
      final meeting with the architect Wednesday), and we will intersperse the
      movies with electronic games (Vitas - can you bring "Buzz"?) including "Shout
      about..." and "mini-golf". Burgers, hot dogs, and chili are served
      beginning around 6:30. By dinner time, there are at least 40 or so people around,
      and we try to get as many as possible involved in one large group game
      after we finish eating. Some time during all of this, there will be a Texas
      Hold'em tournament, a Cosmic Encounter game (on my set with over 350 powers
      and a completely new deck courtesy of ARTSCOW) and at least one large
      "Celebrities" game. We will be celebrating at least one birthday, as well. Again,
      we will go until at least 4:00 am and perhaps until 6:00 (Though some of
      us are getting a bit old for that).

      On Sunday, again starting at noon, the die hards continue to play. There's
      usually a few kids on Sunday, and by late afternoon, around 15 or so
      people. If there are leftovers from Saturday, I heat them up, otherwise, we'll
      get pizzas. Sunday gaming continues until around midnight (or until we all
      are too tired to continue).

      OK - regulars return to reading now. (oh, and Vitas, please look above if
      you have not already done so)

      Anja is in Croatia, Ben will likely not make it up from DC, but Jerry will
      be here from NY and has claimed the first guest bedroom. There's a 2nd
      bedroom with a cot, and plenty of foutons and couches for people to sleep on if
      they want to stay over.

      Tentatively, the Mini-golf outing to the Natick Mall will be done for
      Marc's birthday. I think we are doing this on the 23rd (Karyn, can you
      confirm?), and I would like to get a group together to see Lev and Julia in the
      Shakespeare spoofs on the 22nd or 23rd (we need to firm things up soon and
      order tickets - does someone want to take responsibility for this??)

      Finally, I've had a number of people offer to help me get things packed up
      before construction begins on the theater and new game room. Thanks to
      everyone, and I will be firming up plans for this shortly after the party.

      This event is open to all members of Unity Games, MENSA, Meet-up, Meet-in,
      and any other group that includes friends and friends of friends, so long
      as they are not jerks, kleptos, killers, etc.

      If you still need more info, or the address, feel free to contact me.

      I hope to see many of you in a couple of weeks.

      _muttstain@..._ (mailto:muttstain@...)

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