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Gaming/Movie weekend party in Framingham March 5-7 final reminder

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  • Muttstain@aol.com
    I can t believe it s almost March already. The next party is only a week away, and yes it is still happening despite the fact that I haven t sent out a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2010
      I can't believe it's almost March already. The next party is only a week
      away, and yes it is still happening despite the fact that I haven't sent out
      a reminder in awhile.

      A few housekeeping notes:

      Thanks to all who helped test-solve my puzzle for Alf's Hunt which will be
      taking place tomorrow. Most of the test-solvers finished it, so I think it
      will work fine.

      I am still looking for the 2 promo cards for Ghost Stories (Chuck No Rice
      and B. Rice Lee). I have extra copies of the 2 mini expansions (Guard Tower
      and Village People) I am willing to trade a full expansion for a single

      I bought the Alea Treasure Chest and have expansions for games I do not
      need. (Witches Brew, Louis XIV, and In the Year of the Dragon) I will sell
      them for $3 per game (That means for WB you get 3 expansions for $3).

      Also, I am still looking for someone who knows somebody in Japan. I want to
      order 2 items from the Amazon Marketplace in Japan, but they won't ship to
      the US.

      As for the party -

      Rob will be hosting the Saturday night party game. He has promised to keep
      it fairly short (3 rounds) so that we can also do the Poker game Saturday

      Per a couple of request (including mine), I am going to relegate Rock Band
      to the TV in the basement. We will play Buzz and movies on the big TV.
      Hopefully, the sound will not travel too far up, and will not interfere with
      the gaming.

      There are a couple of birthdays to be celebrated (George, Laurie) so there
      will be cake. I will be cooking the usual chili, hot dogs and hamburgers
      for Saturday.

      Since I have not heard form Bill K, I am assuming the Oscar party is not
      happening, so we can finish things up by watching the ceremony on Sunday

      Although it will be cold, due to space limitations, I am expecting to have
      to use the table on the porch so dress warm. I do have a couple of extra
      tables ready to be set up in video room and the computer room just in case.

      Things start at 7:30 Friday night March 5th and run through Sunday night.
      There is still crash space available for those who want to stay over.

      And don't forget that FRAGS still meets every Thursday night at 7:30. We
      are now averaging around 12-15 people each week.

      This event is open to all members of Unity Games and MENSA; friends, and
      friends of friends. If you need directions or more info, feel free to contact

      Hope to see many of you next week,


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