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[SR] GSG 10/27: Kremlin, Tobago, Fzzzt!, Money

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  • Phil Alberg
    ATTENDEES: Mark, Phil, oBob, Gary, Tory, James, yBob, Bill GAMES PLAYED: Kremlin, Tobago, Fzzzt!, Money, ??? Mark hosted GSG at his home in South Attleboro.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2009
      ATTENDEES: Mark, Phil, oBob, Gary, Tory, James, yBob, Bill

      GAMES PLAYED: Kremlin, Tobago, Fzzzt!, Money, ???

      Mark hosted GSG at his home in South Attleboro. We were glad that
      yBob wasn't suffering too much from jet lag after his recent trip to
      Essen. Thank you, Bob, for picking up my copy of Aladdin's Dragons

      KREMLIN: oBob, Mark, Gary, Tory, Bill

      I don't know any details about this game. Heck, I've never played it,
      yet it's been played at GSG 2 - 3 times at recent sessions. I believe
      Comrad Bob won the game.

      TOBAGO: Phil, James, yBob

      Bob returned from Essen with three new games, and I was anxious to
      give this one a try, so we shucked and punched this game. Players are
      trying to discover treasures on the island of Tobago. There are four
      possible treasures, each of which may be discovered multiple times
      during the course of the game. The map, which can be configured in 32
      different possibilities, shows an island with a hexagonal grid
      comprising five different types of areas -- sand, savannah, forest,
      mountain, and lake. There are also four huts, three statues, and
      three palm trees placed on the board. Each turn a player may either
      play a card that narrows the possible locations of a treasure, or may
      drive their jeeple about the island. A player places a token on each
      card that they play. Once the treasure has been pinpointed, the first
      player to drive their jeeple there adds another marker to the line of
      deduction cards. Treasure cards (of values from 2 to 6) are then
      drawn and divied out (but beware the skull & crossbones (S&C) cards
      which nullify treasures). The last person to take a treasure cards
      places a new deduction card to start the next treasure. Amulets,
      which afford extra moves, reduce treasure possibilities, and provide
      protection from the S&C, are placed along the coast where the statues
      are facing, and then the statues pivot 60 degrees. The game ends when
      the treasure deck is exhausted. The player with the most treasure

      In our session James took a commanding lead early on, as he
      single-handedly determined the location of a treasure which he was
      able to sieze. Bob and I were content early on in "wetting our beaks"
      in the other three treasures. I drew the first S&C card, but luckily
      it was the last treasure card to be awarded, and I had an amulet that
      canceled its affects. James soon uncovered the other S&C, but because
      he had used both of his amulets to pinpoint the treasure, he had to
      suffer its affects, and so lost his coveted 6pt treasure. This
      tightened things up considerably. Bob ended the game by pinpointing
      and driving to the last treasure. I had 1 6pt card, 3 5pt cards, and
      several 4pt, 3pt, and 2pt cards for a total of 46pts, which was enough
      for the win. Final scores were something like: 46, 38, 34.

      I really enjoyed this game, and soon placed an order at
      Gamesurplus.com. I like the deduction aspects of the game, the
      modular board that provides a vast set of layouts, and the tactical
      uses of the amulet tokens. I can't wait to play it again!

      FZZZT!: yBob, Phil, James

      This is a new card game in which players blindly bid for machines or
      resources that can be used to power machines. These resources may
      also be used as currency to acquire other cards, although all cards
      used in this manner may be collected and used in future turns. The
      machines provide VPs if a player can provide the required set of
      resources at game end, and may be used mutliple times if multiple sets
      of resources can be provided. Each resource card by itself also
      provides VPs. The game ends after 5 rounds, with the player with the
      most points winning.

      James seemed to acquire many of the high-powered resources early in
      the game, while I won a 13pt machine and Bob won a smattering of other
      cards. There are some negative point cards in the deck, which James
      and I seemed to split. Bob managed his resources well, and at
      game-end was able to power his 9pt machine 3 times, and coupled with
      his other machines earned another 11points. The individual cards
      earned him 26pts for a total of 62. I managed to power my 13pt
      machine twice, and with my other machines I also earned a total of
      38pts. However, my individual cards, which included a couple of -1pt
      cards, only netted me 18pts for a total of 56. James ended with about
      42 points. This is a clever little game that I'd like to play again.

      MONEY: Mark, Gary, Tory, Bill

      After oBob left, the other table played this quick filler. I don't
      know who won, nor do I know what game was played next, as I left at
      this point.

      Thank you for hosting, Mark!

      The next GSG session will be at Anthony's house in Cumberland on
      03-Nov. Please let him know if you will be attending.

      ALSO: Elliscon XXI will be occurring on Saturday 14-Nov in Danielson,
      CT. This all-day event, held at the Ellis Technical High School,
      features gaming in several genres, including board games, miniatures,
      roleplaying, and wargames. It draws about 100 people. More
      information can be found on their web site:


      Eastern MA Gaming

      "When the whole world fits inside of your arms
      Do we really need to pay attention to the alarm?"
      - Jack Johnson

      "When playing a game the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is
      important, not the winning."
      - Reiner Knizia
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