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[SR] GSG 08/25: Cities, Tales of the Arabian Nights, King's Breakfast, Zirkus Flohcati

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  • Phil
    ATTENDEES: Phil, Jeff, oBob, Mark, Joseph GAMES PLAYED: Cities, Tales of the Arabian Nights, King s Breakfast, Zirkus Flohcati We welcomed Jeff Feuer to this
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      ATTENDEES: Phil, Jeff, oBob, Mark, Joseph

      GAMES PLAYED: Cities, Tales of the Arabian Nights, King's Breakfast,
      Zirkus Flohcati

      We welcomed Jeff Feuer to this GSG session. Jeff was making his
      annual sojourn to New England to visit relatives. My son, Joseph,
      also joined us for a game.

      CITIES: Mark, Jeff, Phil, Bob

      We started with this quick game while waiting to see who else would
      show up. We played using the medium scoring system, where points are
      awarded for buildings, parks, and terraces. I like this game as an
      opener, as it takes 10m to play, yet requires a wee bit of forethought
      and planning. In a close game, Mark's terrace meeples saw slightly
      more water than Jeff's, and he took the win. Final scores were: 36,
      33, 32, 26.

      TALES OF THE ARABIAN NIGHTS: Joseph, Jeff, Phil, Bob, Mark

      We taught Jeff how to play this wonderful story-telling game. I was
      Ali-Baba, Jeff was Aladdin, Joseph was the yellow chick, Bob was
      Ma'aruf, and Mark was Sindbad. Even though we opted to play a short
      game (10pts instead of 20pts), it still took us 2hrs to complete. And
      even then, we conceded the game rather than finishing it, as it was
      apparent that Joseph was most likely going to win (barring being
      whisked away while in Baghdad).

      Bob did not have much good fortune. He was wounded for much of the
      game, and grief-stricken for over half the game. He was envious for a
      while as well, and so attempted to rob every Tom, Dick, and hairy
      Camel trader he encountered, which is hard to do if you're grief-
      stricken and have no skills. He might have had his sex changed as
      well, but thankfully those details are lost to time.

      Mark was imprisoned for most of the game. I think he tried to steal a
      ring from a pretty girl, but got caught by the bodyguard. He met all
      manner of jailers while imprisoned -- ugly ones, mad ones, talkative
      ones, etc. He somehow managed to make his escape. I don't remember
      what happened next, but I don't think it was good. Like Bob, he did
      not progress too far on the destiny and story tracks.

      My initial quest was to seek love, which I completed during the second
      game turn. While this granted me the title of Vizier and yielded a
      wife and riches, it also meant that I had to visit my origin city
      after having an encounter in any other city. Also, I was so insanely
      rich that my entourage was vast and limited my mobility. I soon
      encountered my beloved(?) mage, whom I spurned, and who in turn
      pursued me for the rest of the game. I was also beaten up and left
      for dead, crippling me and so causing me to travel even slower each
      turn. I somehow became scorned, meaning that I had to fulfill a
      pilgrimage before I could win. I was limping along the road to Mecca
      when the game ended.

      Jeff's initial quest was to travel abroad as a gourmet and sample the
      food of the world. He seemed to have more fulfilling encounters than
      the rest of us, as he amassed a great deal of story and destiny
      points. However, he too got married, and subsequently got scorned,
      and so had to fulfill a pilgrimage, go to Mecca, and visit the wifey
      before he could return triumphantly to Baghdad. He was on his way
      back to his wife in Harat when the game ended.

      I don't recall Joe's quest, but he was imprisoned for a little while
      midway through the game. Heck, everyone but me got imprisoned during
      this game. Joe sailed the seas for a while, and then traveled through
      Africa. He eventually encountered the Palace of 100 Closets, and had
      the good fortune to gain the owner's favor and receive transport via a
      roc to any destination within 10 clicks of the palace. At this point
      he had just gained the required destiny and story points to win, and
      so travelled to Baghdad on the great flying beast. He still needed to
      survive an encounter there, and then had to wait until others had
      completed one last turn. However, we all felt Joe would win anyway,
      and so terminated the game.

      KING'S BREAKFAST: Mark, Phil, Jeff, Bob

      The king was ready to receive us at his feast, and we were more than
      happy to oblige. All seven of the dragons was used in this game, with
      each eating two items off of the king's table. Jeff ended the game
      with the most cards, but unfortunately had more helpings of two items
      (cake and fruit?) than the king, and so scored 0pts for those two
      items. Remarkably, Mark and I finished with almost the exact same
      helpings and tied for the win. Final scores were: 57, 57, 44, 39.

      ZIRKUS FLOHCATI: Phil, Jeff, Mark, Bob

      We ended the evening with this traditional GSG closer. Mark and I
      each managed to meld three triplets, while Bob had 2 and Jeff had 1 (I
      think). The game ended when Mark drew the last card. I squeaked by
      Jeff and Mark for the win. Final scores were something like: 70, 63,
      61, 52.

      The next GSG session will be at Anthony's house on 9/1.

      - Phil
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