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[SR] GSG 07/14: Showmanager, Samurai, Glory to Rome, Kohle Kie$ and Knete

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  • Phil Alberg
    ATTENDEES: Phil, Bob.C, Bob.S, Gary, Tory, Komron, Katie GAMES PLAYED: Showmanager, Samurai, Glory to Rome, Kohle Kie$ and Knete We gathered at my home in
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      ATTENDEES: Phil, Bob.C, Bob.S, Gary, Tory, Komron, Katie

      GAMES PLAYED: Showmanager, Samurai, Glory to Rome, Kohle Kie$ and Knete

      We gathered at my home in Cumberland to play games. Komron is Tory
      and Gary's nephew who is visiting for a few weeks from California.
      Welcome, Komron!

      SHOWMANAGER: yBob, Phil, Tory, oBob, Komron, Gary

      We started the evening with this splendid 6-player game of putting on
      Broadway shows. Player order was Trumpet Old Bob, Keyboard Young Bob,
      Bongo Phil, Guitar Komron, Harp Tory, and Panpipe Gary. In a weird
      twist of fate, three of us put on one show (King Lear) while the other
      three put on another show (Ballet) as their first show. I started a
      crappy King Lear in Troisdorf because I knew that I would be borrowing
      against it and I wanted to maximize the points for this putrid show.
      Gary followed with a slightly better King Lear, while oBob put on a
      King Lear with the exact same score as mine! I eventually out waited
      oBob, as he borrowed heavily against his play first, and I borrowed
      just enough to stay ahead of him. Meanwhile Tory started Ballet in
      Hamburg, followed by yBob (with a better show) and Komron.

      Komron picked up the rules of the game fairly readily, but seemed to
      get stuck in the "Clear the Board" spiral at times as he searched for
      the best cards. I managed to pick up a few 9pt actors, but
      unfortunately for me they were all in different shows. I did manage
      to collect enough quality actors to put on a decent Ballet and pip
      yBob for the lead in that show. I then put on a good Queenie, but was
      left, along with Tory and Komron, to scour the casting agencies for
      Wolf actors. Towards the end of the game I was left with just 1000DM,
      and there sat my highly-coveted Wolf-B actor, just waiting for me to
      recruit him. With him I would complete Wolf with style, and finish in
      the top three for that show.

      But then it happened: yBob CLEARED THE BOARD!!!
      AIGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! NOOOoooooooooooo!!!!!! I think I screamed like
      a little girl. Not one of the replacement cards contained a Wolf
      actor. And yBob didn't even select an actor, but instead put on his
      last show while a satisfied evil half smile crossed his face. He knew
      what he was doing. Since I could not clear the board, I instead put
      on a crrrrappy Wolf (which ended up in fourth place).

      In the end, yBob's end-game maneuver was sufficient to give him the
      victory. Final scores were: 50, 48, 34, 31, 30, 27.

      SAMURAI: Gary, yBob, Tory, Komron

      Gary taught this game to Komron. I don't know the final tally, other
      than Gary clobbered them.

      GLORY TO ROME: Phil, Katie, oBob

      Katie is newly addicted to this game of rebuilding Rome after Nero has
      torched it. She desperately wanted to play, and oBob kindly consented
      to join us. I grabbed a Legionary client early, and presumed that I
      would focus on attacking the other players while adding items to my
      stockpile. However, I then started and completed a Forum, and my
      focus shifted to acquiring different clientele. I succeeded in
      getting four different clients (Craftsman, Architect, and Patron
      joined my Legionary), and then I led with a Laborer so that the pool
      would be seeded with that role. Katie must not have been paying
      attention, for she then led with a Merchant role to increase the
      coinage in her vault, but this set me up for the coupus gratis. On my
      turn, I led with the Patron, and scooped up the Laborer and Merchant
      to end the game with an automatic victory. I think oBob was grateful
      that the game ended early.

      KOHLE, KIE$, and KNETE: Tory, yBob, Gary, Komrom, Phil, oBob

      We ended the evening with this cutthroat game of deal-making.
      Although the game really doesn't revolve around dice-rolling, I
      none-the-less must have burst the good karma bubble, as I scooped up
      the stray dice on the table and insisted that we use the one that came
      with the game. I don't know why I did it -- I just get kinda ornery
      when it approaches 10pm. But this action, I think, doomed me for the
      rest of the game, as the only luck I ever got thereafter was of the
      BAD variety.

      The turn order was oBob, Gary, yBob, Phil, Komron, and Tory. I
      foolhardily started the first deal, ostensibly to show Komron how the
      game was played. I figured that a deal worth a total of $8mil was
      chump change and that no one would disrupt it. I, of course, was
      wrong. Gary decided that my permanent "K" investor needed to go on
      vacation, and as this investor was crucial to the deal (and no one
      could produce a relative), this deal was killed. Komron then
      attempted the same deal on his turn, and this time both he and I lost
      our permanent investors to yBob and Gary. Although I did manage to
      send the "K" investor out on vacation again to kill the deal, I then
      played the rest of the game without a permanent investor. Two
      subsequent attempts at securing one were stopped dead in their tracks.

      Meanwhile, yBob seemed to be the nexus of most early deals and was the
      clear leader. This perception persisted throughout the game, even as
      Tory and Gary managed to score some big deals. Komron, oBob, and I
      were left to fight for pity points and scrap shares. Tory managed to
      get involved in the last deal of the game, and this gave her enough
      cash to squeak by yBob for the win. Final scores were: 55, 49, 42,
      29, 26, 19. Komron is most anxious to play this game again.

      B O N U S C O V E R A G E
      GSG 6/30: Nine of us met at Mark's house. Mark, Zach, Greg, Gary, and
      yBob played Last Night on Earth (I think), while Tory, yBob, Eric and
      I played Wasabi (won by Tory), Ubongo (won by Tory), and St.Petersburg
      (won by me). Old Bob and I then left, so I don't know what was played

      GSG 6/23: Five of us met at Anthony's house -- Anthony, Phil, Mark,
      Bill, and Gary. We played DiceTown (won by Bill), CutThroat Caverns
      (which we abandoned, as this "Take That" game was more frustrating
      than entertaining), Traumfabrik (won by me), and Diamant (won by

      Mark is hosting the next GSG session on 7/21.

      Eastern MA Gaming

      "But how do you plan for a bank full of nuns?"

      "When playing a game the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is
      important, not the winning."
      - Reiner Knizia
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