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Gaming/Movie weekend wrap-up

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  • Muttstain@aol.com
    Attendees: Aaron M, Andy, Angela, Arlene, Ben P, Ben R, Bill K, Blair, Brian K, Bruce R, Bruce S, Cally, Cathy, Cheryl, Christine, Ed, Elizabeth, Ellowyn,
    Message 1 of 13 , Jul 5, 2009

      Aaron M, Andy, Angela, Arlene, Ben P, Ben R, Bill K, Blair, Brian K, Bruce
      R, Bruce S, Cally, Cathy, Cheryl, Christine, Ed, Elizabeth, Ellowyn, Frank,
      Gary, George, Jennifer, Jerry, Joe R, John C, Karl, Ken, Kimberly, Laurie,
      Lev, Lynda, Marc, Melissa P, Mike C, Nate, Paul R, Peter B, Peter D,
      Richard, Rick, Rob, Sean, Seth, Sharon, Steve S, Trina and me.

      Broken down, it was just under 20 people on Friday, around 35 on Saturday,
      and 15 on Sunday. A few hearty soles attended all 3 days.

      Thanks to Richard for bringing the Wii, Mike for the games, Peter B for
      working on the computer, Cheryl and Gary for the Chicken, George for helping
      with the grill, and everyone else who brought stuff.

      Partly because the grill was so slow, and maybe as a result of a couple of
      funny colored burgers from the brand new box from Market Basket, but the
      entire pot of chili was eaten this time. When I taste-tested it Thursday
      night, I had feared it might be too hot for people, but I guess when it comes
      down to burning your tongue or potential botulism, the choice is easy :)

      Belated Happy birthdays to Lev and Pete. You'd think after knowing him for
      35 years, I would not have forgotten to have a gift for ready for Pete...

      Congratulations to John for winning the Poker (again).

      Weekend highlights included a classic "old-style" Cosmic Encounter game on
      the original home-made set. In a briskly moving game, with little arguing
      or rules issues, Rick (despite all the help I had given him earlier) went
      for a solo win, and with the help of a well-timed Force Field, won easily.
      (In the old days, he probably would have invited me on for the joint win and
      then Force Fielded me off his side anyway, so I guess he has mellowed with

      On a related note, Phil has spent a great deal of time recreating not only
      my deck, but hundreds more cards and is looking at making a bunch of decks,
      Anyone interested in getting a set, please let him know. Artscow may be
      one way to do this, but if we can get enough people interested, it may be
      cheaper to go through a printer. Assuming you want not only my 350 Flares, but
      also the other 150 or so Phil has thrown in, plus all the other cards, it
      will likely be a couple of hundred bucks for a set (not including the power

      Also, the Japanese company that makes Shadow Hunters has released high
      quality pdf files of the new characters, and with Brian's help, I am looking
      to make a deck for printing via Artscow. Since decks are made for 54 cards,
      I am looking to create a few new characters to include as well. My first
      attempt is ready for playtesting, but if anyone else has any other ideas for
      characters, feel free to send them to me.

      Now that I have moved the region-free DVD player and set up a regular one,
      we were able to play a full game of "Shout About the Movies". Our team was
      being crushed until the final round when both teams bet everything and the
      blue team blew it.

      Movie highlights included "Monarch of the Moon", a spoof of 1930's science
      fiction serials in the style of "Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" and the
      Norwegian Nazi Zombie comedy "Dead Snow". This one is currently playing on local
      cable systems "On Demand". If you can get past all the typos in the
      subtitles, the last half is very reminiscent of the old "Evil Dead" films.

      Lowlight was Mr. Big Mouth (me) going through the standard routine when
      explaining the rules to "Fab Fib". Once again I mentioned that I've never seen
      the triple zero get to throw someone out of the game. I had been playing a
      perfect game, with most of the others either on the back side of the card,
      or already out, when I handed Aaron M a "3,0,0". I sort of goaded him on
      - "you COULD throw out the 3 and try for a one in ten chance..." So of
      course, he does so, draws a "0", and throws me out of the game.

      It was great to see Ben P up from Washington, and there were actually 5
      people who traveled over 3 hours to attend.

      I trust everyone who attended had a good time, and I look forward to seeing
      everyone next time. The next party will likely be in October. In the
      meantime, we continue to average around 10-12 people every Thursday night for
      FRAGS. If you can't wait for October, you are welcome to join us on Thursdays.


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