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[SR] GSG 05/05: Oltre Mare, Battlestar Galactica

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  • Phil Alberg
    ATTENDEES: Anthony, Phil, Gary, Chuck, Bill GAMES PLAYED: Oltre Mare, Battlestar Galactica Anthony hosted this game night, where we welcomed Chuck to his first
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2009
      ATTENDEES: Anthony, Phil, Gary, Chuck, Bill

      GAMES PLAYED: Oltre Mare, Battlestar Galactica

      Anthony hosted this game night, where we welcomed Chuck to his first
      GSG session.

      OLTRE MARE: Chuck, Gary, Phil, Anthony, Bill

      It had been over three years since I last sailed the Mediterranean in
      search of the best trades. Four other intrepid captains accepted my
      challenge of cornering the market in grain, wood, wine, salt, metal,
      silk, and spice. Although we played using the first edition, we
      incorporated the end-game rule that ensures that all players have the
      same number of turns. I was the start player, followed by Gary,
      Anthony, Bill, and Chuck.

      I started off well, maxing out on salt by the end of the second turn,
      and then successively maxing out on wood and wine. In doing so,
      however, I attracted the attention of pirates on every turn, and so
      spent a good amount of ducati trying to reduce the size of my pirate
      deck. In hindsight, I probably spent too much money on this effort.
      But it was through such outlays that I acquired the last wood and the
      last wine that I needed to complete sets, so it probably evened out in
      the end.

      Gary started by shipping grain, but made a killing later on with two
      shipments of silk (separated by some spice). He was the only player
      to acquire a shipping token on every turn, gaining 6 tokens to my 5
      and Bill's 4 by game's end. Anthony was hesitant to trade early in
      the game, but managed to fulfill wood and metal orders while keeping
      his pirate deck under control. Bill took the slow and steady approach
      at first, filling his first two orders with cards that permitted only
      a single cargo for the next turn. When he finally increased his
      capacity, he ran afoul of the pirates, taking three pirate cards in
      successive turns. He ended the game with 6 pirate cards in his deck,
      while Anthony, Gary, and I each had two and Chuck had none.

      Chuck took a slow and steady approach as well early in the game, but
      quickly switched to a large cargo hold strategy while trying to
      capitalize on grain. He was very good at avoiding pirates throughout
      the game, taking only one card, while keeping the anti-pirate token
      active when making large shipments. He was also a deft early trader,
      taking the 6-ducati prestige bonus at mid-game while Anthony, Bill,
      and I tied for second. Chuck's ducati marker stayed in the high teens
      and low 20's throughout the game while the rest of us had our markers
      bounce up and down under the 10 ducati level as we spent money to
      acquire cards during the trade phase and then earned ducati during the
      cargo phase. This 10+ ducati lead proved difficult for the rest of us
      to overcome.

      The game lasted 6 turns. Gary earned the 6pt bonus for most trade
      tokens, I was second, and Bill was third. I earned the 6pt bonus for
      the most prestige, pipping Gary during the last round thanks to a
      trade with Anthony. Bill was third. With my marker starting on 3, I
      was now sitting on 12 thanks to the two bonuses. I then earned 11 for
      sugar, 10 for wine, 9 for wood, and 3 for metal, for a total of 45.
      Subtracting the pirates gave me a total of 43. But it was not enough.
      Gary squeaked by me, thanks to his aformentioned silk caches. But
      Chuck wound up taking the game, thanks to his large lead and his
      successful grain and other deliveries. Final scores were: 47, 45, 43,
      38, 37.

      BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Chuck, Gary, Bill, Phil, Anthony

      Chuck was anxious to get this game to the table, and we were happy to
      oblige. I started, and chose Starbuck. Gary chose El Presidente
      Roslin, Anthony took Saul Tigh, Bill was Admiral Adamo, and Chuck
      chose Baltar. I was able to shoot down some cylon cruisers before the
      first jump, but we didn't face another cylon basestar until after the
      fourth jump, near the game's end. However, our good fortune at not
      facing the cylons in battle did not mean we didn't suffer hardships.
      Our morale took several hits early on, and our food supply seemed to
      disappear rather quickly. Roslin and Adamo did not trust each other
      at all, especially since the first jump only took us 1 click closer to
      Kobol. We got hit with a damn computer virus that distracted us for
      several rounds, but I eventually neutralized it on my second attempt.

      The complexion of the game changed dramatically after the halfway
      point. Roslin seemed to become more cheery, but after Tigh and I
      single-handedly took care of one crisis the president sent Tigh to the
      brig! Was s/he insane?! Roslin was then able to transfer the admiral
      role to Baltar. Finally, at the urging of Baltar, Roslin gave Baltar
      executive orders, at which time Baltar revealed what I long suspected
      -- that he was a cylon. All the while Roslin claimed that s/he was
      human. Our morale was wicked low at this point. We were finally able
      to reach 8 clicks, and needed just one more jump to complete our
      mission. But then Roslin fessed up and revealed that s/he was a
      toaster. Food = 2, Fuel = 4, Morale = 1, Population = 9, Tigh is in
      the Brig, and Adamo and I are down to little or no skill left. Yep,
      it was hopeless. Adamo did get to successfully fire a nuke,
      destroying a basestar and 3 cylon cruisers. However, it was not
      enough, as the final crisis consumed the last of our food. The two
      toasters cackled and rejoiced.

      The next GSG session will be at my house in Cumberland on 5/12.
      Please let me know if you plan on attending.

      Eastern MA Gaming

      "But how do you plan for a bank full of nuns?"

      "When playing a game the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is
      important, not the winning."
      - Reiner Knizia
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