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[SR] GSG Recent Sessions

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  • Phil Alberg
    I have fallen woefully behind in my session reporting, so here are some quick hits about the two most recent GSG sessions to get myself caught up. 04/21:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4 10:07 AM
      I have fallen woefully behind in my session reporting, so here are
      some quick hits about the two most recent GSG sessions to get myself
      caught up.

      04/21: Plainville
      ATTENDEES: oBob, Phil, Anthony, yBob, Mark, Gary, Tory

      Old Bob hosted at his house in Plainville, perhaps for the last time.
      He has found a buyer, and will hopefully be moving out and passing
      papers sometime in June. Congrats, Bob!

      ZIRKUS FLOHCATI x3: oBob, Phil, Anthony, yBob, Mark

      While waiting for others to arrive we started this quick filler. oBob
      won the first game over Anthony and me while completing a gala show
      (69, 41, 40). oBob then won a close game over Anthony, yBob, and me
      (71, 69, 66, 63). I won the final game over yBob, oBob (who
      unwittingly played kingmaker at game's end by taking a card from
      yBob's hand), Mark and Anthony. Final scores were: 61, 59, 47, 44,

      PUERTO RICO: Anthony, Phil, yBob, oBob

      We played a nice tight game of PR. I had grandiose plans of buying a
      Factory, but never had enough money. yBob and then Anthony scooped
      them up. I did manage to ship a lot of corn during the game, and in
      so doing caused yBob to discard goods a couple of times. But sneaky
      Anthony seemed to be flush with cash most of the game, and bought a
      wharf midgame which gave him the ability to ship goods that otherwise
      would have had to have been discarded. oBob refused to take quarries
      this game (he had taken 4 in our previoius game a few weeks back), but
      this did not provide the balance that he needed. In the end, Anthony,
      by virtue of his two special buildings, edged past the rest of us.
      Final scores (buildings, VPs, bonus) were: 23+17+14=54, 19+26+6=51,
      25+17+8=50, 15+23+7=45.

      URSUPPE: Mark, Tory, Gary

      I don't know who won this one, but there was a lot of breeding and
      pooping going on in that primodial soup.

      04/28: Cumberland
      ATTENDEES: Anthony, Homer, Phil, James, Mark, Gary, Tory

      Anthony hosted at his house in Cumberland, where we welcomed Anthony's
      friend Homer to his first GSG session.

      SMALL WORLD: Mark, Homer, James, Anthony

      Anthony shucked and punched out his brand spankin' new copy. They
      played this upstairs in the warm confines of the kitchen. I don't
      know any details from the game.

      PRINCES OF FLORENCE: Phil, Gary, Tory

      We adjourned to the cool surroundings of the basement. I taught this
      classic Kramer/Kiesling game to Gary and Tory. For my seven auctions
      I won 3 jesters, 2 builders, and 2 prestige cards, and I don't think I
      spent more than 500 ducats for any item. No one put on a work in the
      first round, and I think I earned the best work bonus in 3 of the
      other 6 rounds. We each put on 5 works, with Tory holding a sixth one
      in her hand. Scores were close throughout, but I zoomed ahead at game
      end with 14 pts from the two prestige cards. Final scores were
      something like: 72, 61, 58.

      ZIRKUS FLOHCATI: Phil, Tory, Gary

      We played this while waiting for Small World to finish. I think I won
      with a gala show and three melds, but have forgotten the scores.

      EXXTRA: Phil, Anthony, Mark, James, Tory/Gary

      Actually, we played the newer release, named Escape (?). I normally
      suck at any game that involves dice-rolling, but every once in a great
      while the pip-gods have pity on me. Tonight was that night. Homer
      and Gary, who later traded places with Tory, were plugged into
      Anthony's gaming console of 5000 video games. The tag team of Tory
      and Gary must've gotten my dice karma, for they didn't move beyond the
      first space the entire game. James was mired on the first corner for
      most of the game, but finally got to the second corner by game's end.
      Mark started off strong, fell back, and then mounted a late charge
      that fell just a little short. Anthony looked like he would take the
      win, but alas got bumped off of the 4 row. I rolled furiously at
      games end, getting a couple of double 3s to tie Anthony. I then was
      able to withstand everyone's attempts to bump me from the 3 row and
      take the win. Huzzah!

      PACIFIC TYPHOON: Anthony, Phil, Homer, Gary, Mark, Tory

      We ended with this re-enactment of WWII naval battles. Fate was on
      Anthony's side in this game, as he responded with card-killers at
      least four times during the game, including one famous battle where he
      took out both defending crafts! I had the early lead, but dead-eye
      Anthony soon surpassed my heroics and took the win going away. It
      should be noted that Gary, who is Mr Fourth-in-the-world (at least he
      was a the last WBC), wound up fourth at this table. Final scores were
      something like: 26, 21, 19, 18, 8, 5.

      The next GSG session will be held at Anthony's place in Cumberland on
      05/05, Cinco de Mayo!! Please let us know if you will be attending.

      Eastern MA Gaming

      "But how do you plan for a bank full of nuns?"

      "When playing a game the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is
      important, not the winning."
      - Reiner Knizia
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