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Party wrapup and CANCELLATION HEARTS next Friday March 13th

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  • Muttstain@aol.com
    Hey, that makes two months in a row with Friday the 13ths :) I have had a number of requests to hold another Cancellation Hearts game, so in the tradition of
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      Hey, that makes two months in a row with Friday the 13ths :)

      I have had a number of requests to hold another Cancellation Hearts game, so
      in the tradition of Pat and Paul, March's first Friday of the month game will
      take place on the 2nd Friday of the month - the 13th.

      As with last time, we can meet at Casa Brasil at 6:30, or my house at 7:30.
      I'll send out one more reminder only to those who have responded, to firm
      things up.

      As for the party, it was another fun weekend, with a decent though not
      spectacular turnout of just under 50 different people. There were around 15 on
      Friday, 30+ Saturday and fifteen Sunday. Because it was cold, we were unable to
      use the table on the porch, and Saturday night did feel a bit crowded,
      especially with all the carnivores descending upon me as I cooked the burgers for

      Attendees: Aaron F, Aaron M, Arlene, Brian H, Brian K, Bruce S, Caryn,
      Cheryl, Ed, Emily, Gary, George, Jennifer, Jerry, Jocelyn, Joe D, Joe R, John C,
      Judy, Karl, Ken, Kimberly, Laura, Laurie, Lev, Lynda, Marc, Marty, Melissa P,
      Mike C, Milly, Nancy, Nate, Paul R, Paul (Prof), Peg, Perry, Pete, Randi,
      Rick, Rob, Sean, Seth, Sharon, Steve S, Tor, Trina, and me. (Did this mostly
      from memory - if I missed anyone I apologize)

      The weekend actually got off to an early start with a good sized turnout for
      the weekly FRAGS (Framingham Gaming Society) gathering on Thursday. We have
      been averaging over 10 people for quite awhile now. :) If you have been
      waiting to try out a Thursday, feel free to join us.

      The party started on a down note, as Vitas had to rush to NY because his
      father had a stroke, Stacey's mom had to go back into the hospital for surgery
      complications, and Frank had to have his appendix out. I'm sure everyone joins
      me in wishing all of them the best.

      Movie highlights included "Dr. Horrible", and "Earthlings:Ugly Bags of
      Mostly Water" - the Klingon documentary. "Repo" did not go over real well, with
      John's bad attitude going in helping to ruin the mood. I urge people to give it
      a chance - it is a unique film.

      Thanks to Tor for bringing the Klingon movie, Pete for the Poker Chips, and
      everyone who brought food and games. Congratulations to ME for winning the
      poker tournament (that's 2 of the last 3 at these parties - maybe I should be
      doing more of these instead of Hearts).

      As usual, the chili was a bit too hot for some. This time, instead of the
      batch of peppers being mostly the mild green ones with a few red mixed in, the
      one I used was almost all red, with only one of the milder green ones. Oh
      well, leftovers mean another couple of nights I won't have to cook for myself.

      I finally got to try out the new Fantasy Flight Cosmic Encounter (my old set
      is starting to fall apart, and we were unable to pull together the right
      people for a game). I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Too many mediocre
      cards, and a bit too much randomness. It seemed pretty clear that most people
      would get to 4 bases (um - I mean "colonies") and it would come down to the lu
      ck of the draw. It pretty much worked out that way, and I decided to take a
      joint win with Rick rather than hold out for a solo one which I'm certain I
      could have had on my next turn. With so few cards, the good ones become far too
      powerful, especially the Attack 40 and the Edicts (whoops - I mean
      "artifacts"). As you can tell, one of the things I hated most was the fact that all the
      terminology changed for no apparent reason, and some of the changes in
      timing of cards. The powers also seem extremely unbalanced. (I got a real good one
      - Remora - what the heck is a "Remora" anyway? RIck got a classic - Mind -
      which seems very weak now in comparison).

      Other highlights for me included a Celebrities game with virtually no names
      being thrown out, a Shadow Hunters solo win as "Daniel", and surprisingly a
      2-player game. I think "Dracula" is one of the more under-rated games in the
      Kosmos 2-player line. (Of course the fact that there is a serious error in the
      printed rules may have been part of the reason this game is not as well
      received as some of the others). Joe R and I had an epic battle where so many of
      the Vampires and Vampire Hunters were killed that we actually ran out of
      encounter cards. Despite me getting him down to one life fairly early on, Joe
      managed to find my 5th coffin while I had only killed 4 of his victims.

      I've got to get to sleep. I'm heading to NY tomorrow at the crack of dawn
      for Peter B.'s 50th birthday party, and I want to have time to head down to the
      Princeton Record Exchange. Thankfully, I have a few more years to go before
      hitting the half-century mark myself.

      Ben P has asked me to try to schedule the next party as quickly as possible
      in order to book time off and a flight up from DC. I will try to accommodate

      In the meantime, I'll remind people once again about Cancellation Hearts
      this coming Friday...

      Until next time.


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