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  • mmajorowski
    Woody s Game Day Sunday Nov. 16th $10 10a-8p Shalom Tel Aviv 516 Washington Street Stoughton MA (Route 138) All welcome, good day for family and friends, learn
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 11, 2008
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      Woody's Game Day
      Sunday Nov. 16th
      Shalom Tel Aviv
      516 Washington Street
      Stoughton MA (Route 138)

      All welcome, good day for family and friends, learn new and
      interesting board and card games and try some great Israeli food.
      If you bring a pack of clean men's white tube socks you will get
      entered into a raffle for a great prize!

      All proceeds from game day admission will go to Woody's Project.
      Woody's Project in a non-profit organization that feeds and clothes
      homeless people in Brockton and the surrounding areas .

      As a thanks to Shalom Tel Aviv for opening up their establishment for
      this event, I would ask that no outside food or drink be brought to
      the restaurant. The restaurant has very reasonable prices and there
      are many other restaurants in the area.

      "Woody's Project" is an organization that provides homeless folks in
      Brockton and the surrounding areas with warm meals
      and clothes.

      I worked on Park Street near the Boston Common for about
      5 years and i met many people without a home that i would not hesitate
      to call a friend. There are some very bitter months of weather coming
      soon and i want to help these people.

      for more info or directions please call: 617-596-9458

      More about Woody's project and a pre-thank you note from the founders
      of the organization:

      Woody's Homeless Project

      It has been almost 18 yrs since we first went out on the streets
      of Brockton. We go out twice a week in the summer months. We
      go out 3 times a week during the winter. Out with blankets on cold winter

      When this project first began, we were feeding homeless people in the
      parks, in doorways ... as the weeks went by, it was soon news on the
      streets, that some food/church ladies come on the street and they will
      be at the
      park on Weds/Sat. Soon the lines were long for the things we brot.
      They still call us the
      church ladies.

      We would go out with a bag lunch, hot soup, coats, new socks, hats,
      As time went by people began to give us clothing, donating can goods
      for the men
      living in the camp grounds. Sometimes we are feeding 106 people
      weekly, mostly 45 ish.

      We found there were 3 shelters in Brockton that served the people
      well. They were given
      breakfast, and a night meal,and a warm bed. As we would go out week
      after week, we would hear about others ..in NEED, others who were not
      welcome at the shelters, still struggling with addiction, and so
      unable to utilize the shelters. As we developed relationships with the
      street people, and many people
      in doorways, hungry,they began to trust us, they began to tell us where
      there were others living in boxes, in tents in the woods in the heart
      of the city.
      We got together teams and made our way into the wooded areas...we were
      amazed at
      the community life in these places. We were awestruck by the
      community, companion
      life there. During this time, we met a couple from Marshfield who had
      a tent ministry. Don and
      Nancy would go out in their community collecting cans thrown on the
      side of the road. They would
      then buy tents and give them to us at Woody's. The communities had new
      tents.....from monetary donations
      we were able to buy sleeping bags. Local businesses gave us donations,
      and the men were able to
      live in the woods out of doors comfortably ... we then discovered the
      Colemans was making tent heaters that could be used
      safely inside the tents. Another ministry developed from that ...my
      husband, and Donna's husband would
      make Propane runs to the campgrounds. The guys would use the propane
      to heat the tents ...!!
      As we began to gain the trust of the communities, they began to depend
      on us, and we had to
      live with people saying we were enabling these people. Truth was ,if
      were werent out there, they STILL were.
      As time went by, and the trust was built, they began to allow us to
      help them get papers in order, to get them to
      shelters, housing, assistance.... we began to see those we had come to
      love able to do what was needed to
      get into what 'we call' the main stream, the good life, we saw them
      open up and be able to get jobs, find housing,
      and help others. It always filled my heart with joy, to see those who
      had made it out, and come back indoors, out there caring for those who
      had not. We had seen our guys drunk,sick,starving, even to death, but
      we have
      also seen them flourish with care, and able to stand up with a little
      help and take their lives back.

      It has now been 18 yrs....we have seen some die, we still serve many
      on the streets....but we have seen many reunited with families...we
      have seen many come off the streets and return to work and life.

      At this point I just want to say, many of our guys over the years were
      viet nam vets, in need of love, acceptance, approval and validation.
      Beside the socks, jackets, soup,toilet paper and material things we
      bring, we have been able by the grace of God to bring them love and
      care... and have been blessed by the love they have for another, we
      set out to be a blessing..... and many times have been the ones

      (Woody was a man from Boston, he struggled and hurt, and in the end,
      He won)

      We are grateful to those who have gone out with us...

      to those who have purchased socks... many collected by young children...
      a clean dry pair of socks is a real gift on a cold rainy/snowy day

      We are grateful to those donate clothing, money, sardines, hand
      warmer, propane bottles
      We are ever so grateful to so many for so many many things.... and to
      so many people
      who make lunches/ soup/ and trek out with us ...

      Grateful to those who have gone out on Thanksgiving for a tailgate
      thanksgiving dinner....
      I could go on and on ....

      So I will just say .... We are grateful..... !! and we know the guys
      are ....!!

      If you want to see love, look into the eyes of a man who is smiling
      and ever so happy for a clean
      dry pair of socks.

      Thanks to all who help ...!!

      Thank you ...
      Lee Weeks, Donna Butler
      Woody's Homeless Project

      P.S. head over to the geek and thumb the geeklist. I want to get as
      many people aware of the event as possible.

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