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Halloween Gaming /Movie party wrap-up (and FRAGS reminder)

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  • muttstain2
    While people arrived a bit late Friday because they were waiting for the trick or treaters (I only had 3 after running out to buy a GIANT bag of candy), the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2008
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      While people arrived a bit late Friday because they were waiting for
      the trick or treaters (I only had 3 after running out to buy a GIANT
      bag of candy), the crowd for the weekend was typical - around 20
      people Friday night, 40 on Saturday, and 10 on Sunday.

      Attendees: Aaron F, Aaron M, Andy L, Angela, Angela A, Arlene,
      Arthur, Ben (Good Ben, but not Evil Ben). Bill K, Brian H, Brian K,
      Bruce R, Cheryl, Doug O, Eddie, Elizabeth, Frank, Gary, Helen,
      Jennifer, Jerry, Joe D, Joe R, John C, Judy, Karl, Karyn, Kimberly,
      Laurie, Lev, Lynda, Marc, Marc M, Mark K, Melissa P, Mike C, Nate,
      Pat, Paul C, Paul R, Perkins, Pete, Phil, Rachel, Rob, Sean, Seth,
      Sharon, Stephanie, Steve S, Sue, Vitas and me.

      Thanks to everyone who brought goodies, especially Sarah for the
      decadent chocolate cake (I brought some of it into work and one of my
      co-workers nearly pulled a "When Harry Met Sally" moment - he said to
      give you a BIG hug for him), Lynda for the Jello brains and heart, and
      Judy for the catbox cookies.

      Congratulations to Pete for winning the poker tournament (a warm-up to
      his Foxwoods win!) and Brian K for coming in second. In another
      instance of "it's better to be lucky than good" , Pete knocked me into
      third place when his pocket Jacks beat my Pocket Kings when the poker
      gods decided to treat him to quads.

      Costumes included Death, a Pimp, a slut (at least I don't think that
      was a regular dress Cheryl wore). a Pirate, a Zombie, Fred Flintstone,
      Miss Scarlet, and various wigs and masks. I wore the laziest costume -
      I simply put on the free Toothface mask I got at Newbury Comics). I
      wish I could have seen the reaction of the flight attendants, when
      Jerry boarded his place dressed in full zombie makeup.

      A wide variety of games were played, from old favorites like
      "Settlers", "Celebrities", and "Tichu" to recent finds such as "Shadow
      Hunters" and "Stone Age". A special thanks to Brian H. for introducing
      me to "Dominion". After I learned it Saturday night, I have played
      dozens of games over the past week, including staying up to play until
      at least 3:30 in the morning on Thursday at FRAGS, Friday at
      Christine's, and Saturday at Vitas' (That one was more like 4:30).

      The movie highlight was "The Naked Monster" (aka "They Came from
      Somewhere Else"), a spoof of 1950's films in the tradition of "Lost
      Skeleton of Cadavra". The worst movie of the weekend was "Pony
      Trouble", which I managed to get for free when it was delivered to my
      office by mistake (it was supposedly sent to a video store that does
      not exist). Weirdest film (yes, even more so than "Poultrygeist") was
      the animated "Gregory Horror Show". Supposedly this was in internet
      series, and it may still be available on-line. If you are an animation
      fan with a twisted sense of humor, it's worth checking out.

      I'm not going to send out a separate invitation, but I am looking to
      get a group together to go to the SUPERMEGAFEST in Framingham on the
      22nd. The guest list looks pretty good, and you can check it out here:


      If you are interested in joining me, let me know as soon as you can.
      Advance tickets are $2 cheaper, and get you in an hour early.

      That's it for now. Next party will likely be in February.

      And just a quick reminder that FRAGS still meets every Thursday at my
      house. We have been getting about 10-12 people each week recently, but
      there's plenty of room for more. Like all my events, FRAGS is OPEN to
      all UNITY GAMES members

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