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Unity Games II

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    OK - as Walter had mentioned, only about 10 weeks until Unity Games II on March 17th, 2001 so I m ready to start some serious discussion about it. I know some
    Message 1 of 16 , Jan 3, 2001
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      OK - as Walter had mentioned, only about 10 weeks until Unity Games II on
      March 17th, 2001 so I'm ready to start some serious discussion about it.

      I know some people had volunteered to run various duties and I've kept your
      names on file (hehheh).

      I always feel that simplicity is better than complication. A simple plan is
      better than no plan. Here is my plan for a simple UG2.

      I'd like to keep UG2 invite only (with an even wider invite base this time).
      A single day event (as we have already determined Saturday March 17th).

      I know Craig got mentioned for the invites, but I'd like to handle them
      again this time around. I will send out a reworked invite for UG2 to
      various groups and forums I frequent and individual people not on any other
      lists. This invite will go out in the next week or two. I will also send
      those that respond directions and general info for the day. I tend to be
      able to check email a bit more than most and am probably the fastest to
      respond. I'll collect responses and get a head-count.

      Walter has volunteered for the program flyer and hall setup/breakdown.
      Could someone volunteer to just buy some stick-on name tags that people can
      write on themselves when the come in to avoid the name-tag printing I did
      last time? Can the Massey-mobile come and help with setup? Anyone for the
      breakdown? Tables need to be placed, marked with table (for people to bring
      games), etc. Any other volunteers to setup (8:30AM) / breakdown (11PM+)?

      I know Andrew might want to work up another puzzle challenge for the day and
      Matt had also talked to me about a meta-game to take place during the day
      (I'm sure we can spare some good prizes for this) . I'll leave it up to
      those guys to devise something we can weave through the day and we can
      supply a prize for them to give away. If anyone else wants to

      We need a volunteer for the prize table. I'd like a smaller but more
      meaningful prize table. Fewer good prizes I think. That person would be in
      charge of determining how they are distributed. Maybe we set aside a
      half-hour? Or maybe if we get enough puzzle challenges for the day we can
      give prizes out that way and not interrupt the gaming as much. The prize
      guru can contact the puzzle people off-list. The prize person will also be
      in charge of taking donations from those of us who have some games we would
      like to give up for the event (I've got a couple decent games to give up so
      the prize person will hear from me anyway!). This person would also be
      responsible for ordering prizes based on conservative projected money we
      will collect. I'll be happy to contact Boulder Games (Jim) to have prizes
      sent this way for the event.

      We need a volunteer for collecting the money on March 17th? I suggest no
      tickets this time. Let's do it the way we see it up in Topsfield or LT1.
      Wait until people are there, then go and collect from people two or three
      times during the day. This way we don't interrupt game play quite as often
      as people filter in. Just keep a list of who has paid.

      This is again a not-for-profit event and I'd like to keep the cost to $5 per
      person or less. Walter, you already told me the fee for the hall, but could
      you email me privately again so we can determine if we can drop the rate
      this time around?

      Dave Bernazzani
      http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
    • Dave Bernazzani
      I recieved the following question from Matt and felt it might be apporpriate ... Hi Matt, Sorry I wasn t more forthcoming with invite details (they will be
      Message 2 of 16 , Jan 3, 2001
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        I recieved the following question from Matt and felt it might be apporpriate
        to clear this up with the group:

        >Dave, I understand that UG2 is to be invite only, but I was
        >wondering how that works...My group in Plymouth/Carver
        >basically doesnt belong to UG because of geography/occupation/etc,
        >but they get news and interesting stuff from me through this group
        >However, there might be one or two that would
        >love to come to the UG2 event. Is that a possibility?

        Hi Matt,

        Sorry I wasn't more forthcoming with invite details (they will be mailed
        within a week). The invite process is just so we can keep it somewhat
        manageable (we have room for about 70 although I think we will do well to
        get around 50) and have a response mechanism and head-count (so we can
        figure on prizes, etc). The invite is very relaxed - pretty much everyone
        interested in German/Euro/Family/Designer type games is invited. Heck, if
        people want to come and play wargames, that's fine. A train game was played
        at UG1. Some fantasy baseball too, I think. But primarily the invites are
        to gather the types of gamers that are best suited for the event - and that
        means mainly German/Euro/Family/Designer games. What I think we wanted to
        avoid with UG1 was a "convention" type atmosphere where minis, RPGs,
        wargames, LARP, etc. are played (all fine activities but there are other
        venues for them). It is meant to bringing the UGers with friends and guests
        together for a day of quality boardgaming (since many of us have not met).

        We are eager to have _lots_ of boardgamers come to UG2 so of course your
        entire group is welcome. For UG1 we had lots of non UGers and guests. We
        would encourage it! But we also encourage them to respond so we can get the
        head-count (of course if they just showed up that's OK too). By all means,
        we would love to see your entire group to the event! When I send you the
        invite, this will be made clear - and you can forward it to them and they
        can contact me if they are interested.

        Just to be doubly clear, the invite will be extended to the entire Unity
        Games group and friends.

        Dave Bernazzani
        http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
      • Mark Edwards
        Just in case some of you are not quite sure what UG II is all about... Unity Games II will be a day of board gaming (mostly German/Designer/Euro-style) held at
        Message 3 of 16 , Jan 3, 2001
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          Just in case some of you are not quite sure what UG II is all

          Unity Games II will be a day of board gaming (mostly
          German/Designer/Euro-style) held at the Masonic hall in Holliston
          Mass. The date is set for Saturday March 17th, 2001. I'm actually
          not quite sure of the hours, but from Dave's post I reckon we'll be
          gaming from around 9am till 11pm+.

          Many folks will bring a selection of their games to play, and
          there will be tables on the outskirts of the hallroom for storing the
          games. Everyone who brings games will have a little spot marked off
          to store them. The understanding here is that all the games on these
          tables are available for everyone's use. Of course great care must
          be taken when playing with someone else's game. And returning it to
          its proper location/owner is a must too!

          There will be a prize table. I'm not sure of all the details of
          this as yet, but basically some of us will donate some games for the
          table, and we'll also purchase a batch of games from Boulder Games
          for prizes. At some point (or points) during the day we'll do a
          little prize giveaway, probably just drawing names out of a hat, but
          perhaps rewarding someone for solving the day's puzzles.

          There will be an entry fee of $5. This will cover the price of
          renting the hall, prizes, etc.

          This event is invite only. That basically means we won't be
          putting up flyers everywhere and posting in rec.games.board about it.
          By definition everyone on this list is invited. Feel free to contact
          any friends of yours that might be interested in this kind of event.
          But please give Dave an accurate head count as soon as you can.

          There are restaraunts, pizza shops, etc. nearby in Holliston and a
          little flyer will be made available with directions to them.
          Directions to the hall itself can be found in the UG files area under
          the name MVGA.doc...
          And of course you can use Yahoo:Maps, or just ask on the list if you
          have questions about directions.

          Another way to learn about Unity Games II would be to read a few
          session reports on and see a few pictures of Unity Games I.

          My report: http://people.ne.mediaone.net/dangermouse/Oct082000.html

          Dave's report: http://www.gis.net/~dber/SessionReport/08Oct2000.htm

          Andrew's report: http://members.aol.com/AndAgainMA/SR001008.htm

          Craig's report: http://www.egroups.com/message/Unity_Games/1492

          Pictures: http://www.wavemotion.bizland.com/UnityGamesI.htm

          If you have any question please email me or Dave or just post em to
          the list!


          P.S. One piece of advice for those thinking of coming, don't sit
          with Pat O'Brien to your right in a game of ShowManager. ;-)

          --- In Unity_Games@egroups.com, "Dave Bernazzani" <dber@g...> wrote:
          > OK - as Walter had mentioned, only about 10 weeks until Unity Games
          >II on March 17th, 2001 so I'm ready to start some serious discussion
          >about it.
        • Randall Peek
          Kudos to the organizers of this event. Kasey and I had never been to a game gathering before, so it was a new experience for the two of us, despite my long
          Message 4 of 16 , Mar 19, 2001
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            Kudos to the organizers of this event. Kasey and I had never been to
            a game gathering before, so it was a new experience for the two of
            us, despite my long history of game collecting and playing. The whole
            day went off wonderfully, and everyone was so darned nice!

            What we played/Random Thoughts

            Started the day with Die Handler. I nearly won, but Walter had a
            commanding lead on cash when we tied doe social level. Everyone
            seemed to like the 'nice bits' of this game.

            Traumfabrik - Not quite as good as I expected from Dr. Knizia, but
            definitely a good game. Bruce won by a large margin, despite his
            exceedingly mild manner throughout the game.

            Horror House - Kasey really liked this one, and wants me to print it
            out so we can have a set of our own. Odd little variant on the
            Pacific Storm card game with some nice horror artwork.

            ...really would have liked to meet Alan Moon, but was too shy to walk
            up and introduce myself. He seemed busy throughout his stay. Should
            have gotten my copy of Wongar autographed, too!

            ...We didn't play Carabande, but Kasey was definitely eyeing it. I
            think it might go on my Must-Have list. Everyone that played seemed
            to be having a great time.

            ...Autoscooter also had the visual appeal that Kasey loves. I'd like
            to know more about it before buying, though.

            Ta Yu - Kasey played against Mark Edwards in a fairly close game.
            Nice chunky tiles, but a little too abstract for my personal tastes.

            Torres - I don't remember who the other players were, but I was in
            last place for most of the game and made a nice comeback at the end
            to be a commanding 3rd place, hehehehe....

            Merchants of Amsterdam - Most cards were getting auctioned off for
            WAY too much, and I was hoping my wait-and-see approach would score
            big, but again I came in a resounding 3rd. Everyone seemed to enjoy
            the silly auction clock. It was during this ame that Kasey fell in
            love with Carabande at the next table.

            ...I think I managed not to be photographed during the day, while
            Kasey shows up in a couple at the site. Fine with me, as I am
            notoriously un-photogenic.

            KK&K - Another one that Kasey really liked. She joined in just before
            the game began when her game of Settlers of Catan broke up. Kasey
            really wants this one. Now if only we can find a copy!

            ...the mystery game played at one of the middle table in one of the
            photographs? That was TSR's The Great Khan Game, by Tom Wham. Silly
            melding game that has a board to keep track of who controls which

            ...my copy of Princes of Florence got used, which was nice, but I
            STILL HAVEN'T PLAYED IT!!! Never seemed to be a game starting when I
            was available.

            ...odd that there wasn't a single copy of Java in the place. I did
            not bring it, thinking it would be horribly redundant to do so.

            ...already thinking what games I should bring in the fall. Dark
            Tower, perhaps, and maybe even my Eon Cosmic Encounter with all the

            ...I am miffed I didn't have twenty bucks handy for a San Marco or
            Capitol. If I had only known in advance! Anguish!

            Settlers of Catan - as mentioned earlier, Kasey played this, her
            favorite game. Apparently the die rolls were freakish to the extreme,
            and Kasey was shut out early, with another player winning in a very
            short match.

            ...passed over Ponte Vecchio for Condotierre at the prize table,
            which was a mistake. Condo is a good game, but Kasey loves
            negotiation games, in which camp Ponte Vecchio squarely sits.

            I had a blast. Kasey had a blast. Hope we can attend UG3!

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