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Re: Selling entire collection possible?

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  • Stephen Cope
    Hey UGers- Just wanted to let everyone know that I worked out a deal with some fellow gamers from Arlington and I appreciate all the interest and feedback
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 30, 2008
      Hey UGers-

      Just wanted to let everyone know that I worked out a deal with some
      fellow gamers from Arlington and I appreciate all the interest and
      feedback everyone contributed.

      Thanks again and be well.

      --- In Unity_Games@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Cope" <sdcope3@...> wrote:
      > Eric-
      > You're absolutely right and I apologize for the confusion. Just to
      > some things up...
      > 1) I'm really trying to see if selling them all as a bundle is even
      > plausible. As I stated in the OP, I think this a long shot but it can't
      > hurt to try. I haven't really put much thought into the games I'd
      keep, but
      > here is a first stab:
      > Games I will definitely keep:
      > * All Netrunner cards
      > * All MECCG cards
      > * Agricola
      > * Descent & expansions
      > Games I will probably keep:
      > * Medici (Amigo)
      > * Euphrat & Tigris (HiG)
      > * Taj Mahal (alea)
      > * RA (alea)
      > * Fury of Dracula (FFG, GW w/ pewter can go)
      > * Showmanager
      > * Durche die Wuste (Kosmos)
      > * Samurai (RGG)
      > * Ticket to Ride and 1910 expansion
      > * Torres (FX Schmid, green box)
      > * Age of Steam and expansions
      > I will try to finalize this list over the weekend and send it out to any
      > interested parties. Again, sorry for the confusion.
      > 2) A few people have asked if I'll sell off games individually or in
      > bundles. Well, to be honest, I'm trying to do it as a single lump
      sum. If
      > I sell off the excellent/rare games then I have virtually no chance of
      > selling the rest as a bundle. Moreover, I do not want to ship them
      all. If
      > anyone is seriously interested, s/he would have to come pick them up
      > is why I limited this to the UG mailing list).
      > 3) I really have no idea what to ask for a price which is why I was
      > people would make offers. A couple have asked for a ballpark figure
      but I'd
      > have a hard time doing that. I really just want it to be a fair
      number for
      > both sides.
      > 4) I take VERY good care of my games. I use card sleeves for most
      games and
      > store them in large plastic bins when not in use (if someone buys
      them, s/he
      > can have the bins too). A few of them I haven't owned since the
      > (eBay, trades, etc.)... some examples are Space Hulk, Fury of Dracula
      > (GamesWorkshop pewter edition), Can't Stop (stop sign version),
      Hannibal (AH
      > edition), and others. The SH expansion boxes are missing but the
      > are all there. There maybe be some unglued parts or bad paint jobs,
      but no
      > parts are missing. There are a good number (5000? 8000? 10000?)
      Magic cards
      > which I haven't looked at in ages. I started playing from 3rd
      edition (the
      > one after alpha and beta) but stopped sometime during the late 90's.
      I have
      > no idea what's in there and the condition of the rare cards; I
      wouldn't even
      > be able to tell you which ones are rare anymore. To be frank, I really
      > don't have any desire to try either. =D
      > 5) Finally, a couple people asked me why I'm downsizing. The honest
      > is because I only play about 10% of them and they just sit in my
      > (in bins). My personal goal is to keep my collection at about 50
      games I
      > can see myself playing for the rest of my life. The rest (all in my
      > of course) is just a waste of space, money, etc. I recently dontated a
      > bunch to a teacher friend who is starting up a game group at her
      school and
      > realized I didn't miss them at all. I've been doing too much
      consuming and
      > not enough mastering. =D
      > I hope that clears up some confusion.
      > Take care,
      > Stephen
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