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Gaming/Move weekend in Framigham Feb 22-24 Reminder

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  • muttstain2
    Only three weeks left to go and I still haven t escaped The Skill Bureau so the house is still a mess. Hopefully this will be my last week, but I thought that
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2008
      Only three weeks left to go and I still haven't escaped The Skill
      Bureau so the house is still a mess. Hopefully this will be my last
      week, but I thought that last week, and the week before... I still
      think the over/under of May is way too far out, but you never know...

      While I have not been cleaning my own house, I need some help on a
      couple of other housekeeping items - Hey, I'm doing the party for you
      guys too, so I don't mind asking once in awhile.

      I am looking for test solvers for a puzzle I am working on for Alf's
      Hunt on March 8th. The puzzle should be ready for testing around
      February 15th. If you will not be going to Alf's and are willing to
      help, your input is appreciated. This hunt is non-competitive and the
      puzzles are not intended to be nearly as hard as the MIT ones. Even
      if you are not a great puzzle-solver, I'd appreciate your help. My
      main concern with this puzzle is going to be how easy people will be
      to identify.

      For you computer geeks, I have a file in .MKV format that I need to
      convert to an .AVI file (or some other type I can export to disk).
      I've read all the on-line tutorials, and nothing seems to work. I
      would prefer not to spend $30 on a program to do this. Any ideas?

      And lastly, though I'd like to retire, I will be needing to go back
      to work eventually (if not sooner). I'm looking to find something
      closer to Framingham. If anyone hears of any job openings for
      accountants, please keep me in mind.

      That's it! Now, if you are still reading this, on to the real reason
      for this email. The party...

      As always, we are starting Friday night at 7:30 and continuing on
      until Sunday night. I'll be cooking up another batch of Chili for
      dinner on Saturday, though other food donations are always welcomed.
      Jerry has claimed the bed in the guestroom, but I still have a cot in
      the video room, and a number of couches for people who want to stay

      It's been quite awhile, but once again, Rob will be running Haste
      Worte as the Saturday night party game. If people are interested in a
      small poker tournament, I'm willing to do that again as well, but
      would prefer not do to both events at the same time.

      While I can't promise that we'll have the same excitement as last
      party, when everything stopped so we could watch the final innings of
      Clay Buchholtz's no-hitter (has it really been that long since I've
      had one of these...), there will be plenty of fun and cheesy films to
      watch, and games to play. Once again my OCD has taken hold, and I
      have almost filled up the wall of DVD racks, which has displaced the
      toys that were living there, and I have also outgrown all of my game
      shelves. Too bad I can't compress my collections the way I can
      compress digital files :(

      Anyway, that's it for now. As always, this event is open to friends,
      friends of friends, members of Unity Games, MENSA (though due to a
      glitch apparently the event is not listed in the Beacon), Meet In,
      and any other group I deem to invite.

      This email will self-destruct in 30 days. As always, should you, or
      anyone else be captured or killed, you are still welcome to attend.

      If anyone needs more details, feel free to email me.

      I hope to see most of you in 3 weeks.

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