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Gminag/Movie weekend wrap-up

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  • muttstain2
    Not a bad crowd, considering the holiday weekend. Attendees: Aaron F, Aaron M, Angela, Angela M, Arlene, Ben, Bill G, Blake, Brian H, Bruce R, Bruce S, Cheryl,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2007
      Not a bad crowd, considering the holiday weekend.


      Aaron F, Aaron M, Angela, Angela M, Arlene, Ben, Bill G, Blake, Brian
      H, Bruce R, Bruce S, Cheryl, Chris, Doug H, Ed, Elizabeth, Frank,
      Gary, Gerry, Jen, Jennifer, Joe, Joe D, Joe R, Jon, Judy, Karl,
      Kathy, Ken B, Ken P, Kimberly, Laurie, Lev, Lynda, Marc, Mark K,
      Melissa, Mike, Nate, Nolie, Paul R, Pete, Peter B, Rashid, Richard,
      Rick, Rob, Robin, Rose, Seth, Stephanie, Steve, Vitas and me.

      Special thanks to the guys from roleplayersportal.com for the goodie
      bags. (By the way guys, it's FRAGS, with an "S" at the end, but
      thanks for the mention on the site). Additional thanks to Frank for
      the Poker chips, Richard for the Stonehenge variants and the DVD's,
      and everyone who brought food and drinks.

      Congratulations to Kathy for besting Melissa and winning the poker
      tournament.I was told I had to make mention that the top 3 finishers
      were all women. (of course the top 3 finshers from last time did not
      play this time - Cooley was in Vermont, I sat out to play host, and
      Brian K was unable to make it),

      The mini-golf was kind of fun, until Pete broke it. "Virtual"
      means "hit OVER the ball" - don't smack it! We did manage to fix the
      game by putting in brand new batteries, and Pete even got the only
      hole-in-one of the weekend, while sitting on the couch and just
      lazily swinging away.

      Friday night reminded me of why sometimes there can be too much of a
      good thing. WIth all the home-made expansions, Cosmic Encounter
      really no longer works as a 6-player game, even though we cut down to
      2 powers each. Unfortunately, Pete would only play if I played, and
      Rick wanted both of us to play, so we tried it. I knew it was going
      to be a long game when my opening hand contained no Attack Cards, 4
      Compromise cards, and the Master Flare which forced me to play
      Compromise cards whenever possible. In addition, most of the founding
      members of the "ABM Treaty" (Anyone but Matt) were playing. I did
      manage to briefly get to 3 bases, and I think Gerry even reached 4 at
      one point. After nearly 4 hours of frustration, Aaron, tired of his
      feeble efforts to win, managed to exchange one of his powers for the
      Masochist, and lost all his tokens, enabling him to win by losing.

      Other highlights of the weekend included Peter forgetting to put in
      the real answer in a game of "Wise and Otherwise", a very close game
      of "House on the Hill" as the last survivor saved the little girl
      from the Mummy, and me finally winning a game of "Unspeakable Words"
      (last time I played, I could not roll above a 5 - on a D20! - and
      went insane in the minimum 5 turns).

      Lowlights included Stephanie nearly falling down the stairs, Rose and
      Bill both smacking their heads into and knocking down the same shelf
      of toys (it's been there over 5 years without incident, and then it
      gets hit twice in one night...), having another theme-deck ruined
      in "Celebrities" by people with no culture (I can understand not
      remembering "Chode McBlob"'s full name, but not knowing "Greg the
      Bunny"???), splattering hamburger grease all over myself and the
      kitchen (pan frying is great for 2 at a time, but not when you've got
      a house full of impatient, and ravenous people and are trying to
      squeeze 5 frozen burgers at a time into the pan), and for only the
      2nd time ever, running out of table space for games.

      Surprisingly, the DVD's that went over best were old episodes
      of "Wonder Woman", and the unaired pilotos for "Doctor Strange"
      and "Justice League". My "Nudist Colony of the Dead" bootleg crashed,
      hopefully only a victim of my Cyberhome DVD player. The machine is
      great since it has an easy hack to make it region-free, but it often
      has trouble with real releases (skipping chapters) and DVR's
      (pixillating and freezing).

      I did manage to get to sleep by around 4:00 am both nights, and it
      was nice having the holiday Monday to recover. However, once again, I
      am still cleaning up the mess nearly a week later. I found as couple
      of things that were left here - a bag of cigar stuff (Nolie??) and a
      sock, though it was upstairs, so it may belong to a previous
      houseguest who slept up there.

      Some time on October, in honor of Kim's, John's, and my birthdays,
      Cheryl and I have discussed getting a group together to do the
      indoor, horror-themed, glow-in-the dark mini-golf in Norwood. If
      anyone is interested and has a weekend in October they would like to
      suggest (or veto) for this, please let me know. The first weekend is
      out as I will be at Chiller (early this year, so I'll actually be
      around at the end of the month if anyone wants to host a Halloween

      That's it for now. Next party around December or January.

      Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

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