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  • Dan Blum
    As usual, everything I have listed on BoardgameGeek Marketplace is 10% off if you take delivery and pay at Unity Games. If you buy multiple games I can
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2007
      As usual, everything I have listed on BoardgameGeek Marketplace is 10% off if
      you take delivery and pay at Unity Games. If you buy multiple games I can
      probably be persuaded to give a bigger discount, or even on single games that
      have been up for sale for a while - ask. If you want to buy, place an order via
      BGG and send me an e-mail to say you will be at UG.

      My listings can be seen at the link below. I have 70 games up at present, recent
      additions include Summit, Ekonos, and Elfenwizards.


      In addition to the games listed in BGGM, I have a bunch of games that aren't
      worth shipping that I will sell very cheaply. Most of them will get scavenged for
      bits and the rest thrown out if not sold now. The boxes have moderate damage unless
      otherwise specified. If you want any of these please send me an e-mail by Friday
      evening, not too late.

      Anti-Monopoly $1
      1980s version.

      Avalon Hill Game of Trivia $3
      Played a fair amount but still in decent shape (apart from box damage).

      Bonkers! $3
      Missing 1 card. Cards otherwise in very good condition.

      Breakthru $5
      3M game. In good condition.

      The Cattlemen $3
      In very good condition.

      Concentration $2
      18th edition.

      Finance $2
      Later version with plastic houses.

      Game of Life $1
      1980s version. Not inventoried.

      Ginasta $7
      Has wooden tiles, tile racks, a tile bag, and an intact box.

      Go For Broke $4
      Older version with wooden pieces.

      Ipswich $3
      Worth it just for the tile bag (although it does have some stains on it).

      Landslide $2
      Box completely squashed. I can't swear it's complete.

      Manhunt $4
      Also has a fairly ruined box. Missing the probe, but any long thin object will work.
      Otherwise complete and contents are in good shape. I don't recall if the "computer" works.

      Monster in my Pocket $1
      Missing the plastic monsters. Cards are unpunched.

      Obsession $3
      The one from Mego, where you roll dice to move rings. You remember.

      Out of Context $5
      Party game about famous quotes. Barely used, in excellent condition.

      Pente $5
      Boxed version. Box is in decent shape.

      People Weekly $2
      Trivia game. 1984 version.

      Point of Law $2
      Avalon Hill edition. In good condition.

      Prize Property $10
      I can't be 100% sure all the cards are there, but all cardboard and plastic buildings
      are, as is the gavel.

      Pyramid Power Game $5
      The board is a large plastic pyramid. Missing some pegs.

      Real Ghostbusters Game $2
      The American one, with the 3D cardboard house.

      Scotland Yard $5
      Missing rules, looks complete otherwise (I didn't count all the tickets).

      Scruples $2
      Original version.

      Shadowlord $3
      Missing a few pieces, but in very good condition otherwise.

      Six Million Dollar Man $4
      In very good condition.

      Speakeasy $3
      Party game. Unused.

      Star Trek: The Game $5
      The huge trivia boardgame from 1992. Original series. Beautiful plumage.
      In very good condition.

      Stocks & Bonds $3
      Later 3M edition. In good condition.

      Technopoly $4
      In very good condition.

      True Colors $5
      Original version. Missing 2 voting cards, perfectly playable without them.

      Trump $3
      Original version. Missing the card/money trays, otherwise in good shape.

      Trust Me $2
      Missing the (standard paper) money.

      Turning the Tables $5
      Party game about being a waiter. Unused.

      Wildcatter $3
      Has lots of plastic oil derricks.

      Dan Blum tool@...
      "I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't just made it up."
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