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FS: Cleaning Out The Closet - UG XII Edition

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  • Craig Massey
    Lots of new additions to the list and prices on the older stuff has been dropped. I m willing to listen to offers on multiple games. I ll be at Unity Games
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31 5:52 AM
      Lots of new additions to the list and prices on the older stuff has been dropped. I'm willing to listen to offers on multiple games. I'll be at Unity Games XIII from start until early evening and am more than happy to deliver there. Please respond off list.

      Happy Shopping!


      Funkenschlag (2F Spiele) - $30
      Kogge (MoD Games) - First edition $25
      Morisi (Cwali) - $35
      Nuclear War, Nuclear Esclation, & Nuclear Proliferation (Flying Buffalo Games) - All three games for $40. I'll sell these separately, but would prefer that they all go as a bundle.
      Portobello Market (Schmidt Spiele) - $25
      Sisimizi (EG Spiele) - $20
      Titicaca (Cwali Games) - $25
      West Front (Columbia Games) - This is the first edition $30
      Yspahan (Huch & Friends) - $20 (this is a German language edition with a copy of English rules)

      $15 Games
      I'm the Boss (Face 2 Face) - Sealed
      Anno 1503 (Kosmos) - Teuber
      Attack Sub (Avalon Hill) - Unpunched
      Attila (Rio Grande Games) - Underrated Karl-Heinz Schmiel game
      Duel of Ages Set 1 Worldspanner (Venatic Games)
      Finstere Flure (2F Spiele) - This is the German edition of Fearsome Floors.
      Pirates Cove (Days of Wonder) - Sealed
      Take It Easy (FX Schmid) - 2 copies available, one punched and one unpunched.

      $10 Games
      China Moon (Euro Games)
      Clippers (Eurogames)
      Cosmic Encounter (Avalon Hill)
      Die Dracheninsel (Amigo)
      Hoppla Lama (Goldsieber)
      Maya (Abacus Spiele)
      Star Wars CCG - Two Starter Decks, one light, one dark, and 4 enhanced premier booster packs. All sealed.
      Targui (Jumbo)
      Turf Horse Racing (Gibson's Games) - Original version of Royal Turf and Winner's Circle.

      $4 Games
      10 Days In Africa (Out of the Box)
      10 Days in the USA (Out of the Box) - Sealed
      Axis & Allies (Milton Bradley) + The World At War (Xeno Game). The
      later is a supplement to A&A that adds some additional troop types,
      rules, countries, etc.Big Deal (Amigo)
      Blooming Gardens (Ragnar Brothers)
      Danger (Queen Games)
      Das Letzte Kamel (FX Schmid)
      Detroit Cleveland Grand Prix (Mayfair) - Kramer racing game from the same family as Daytona 500 and Top Race.
      Farbteufel (Der Knetmatz)
      Don (Queen Games)
      Fossil (Rio Grande Games)
      Gang of Four (Days of Wonder)
      Guru (Pfifficus Spiele)
      Heroclix (WizKids) - 16 figures including 3 rares.
      Konig Laurin (Piatnik)
      Lucky Loop (Queen Games)
      War & Sheep (Euro Games)
      Yellowstone Park (Amigo)

      Bohnkick (Amigo)
      Fruchtchen! (Fanfor Verlag)
      Fireside Football (Gibson's Games)
      Hands Up (Schmidt Spiele)
      Knightmare Chess (Steve Jackson Games)
      Kommisar X (Amigo)
      Millionen Poker (FX Schmid)
      Password (Endless Games) New 3rd Edition

      Complete Book of Wargames (Simon & Shuster)
      Cross Up Poker (Milton Bradley)
      Goren's Bridge for Two (Milton Bradley)
      Pass It On (Selchow & Righter)
      Up to My #@$ in Alligators (The Game Works)
      Wehr Hat's? (Adlung) - Kids Game
      Wildcatter (J.C. Productions)

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