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UGXII - Phenomenal Turnout Expected!

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    OK... based on our record number of prepays (almost 190) and the number of emails I ve gotten it looks like we ll have a phenomenal turnout - perhaps a record
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 26, 2007
      OK... based on our record number of prepays (almost 190) and the
      number of emails I've gotten it looks like we'll have a phenomenal
      turnout - perhaps a record turnout for the event. I'm pretty psyched!
      Here are some things to keep in mind to help make the day smoother for

      There will be tables along the side walls where we will provide space
      (and blank wall-name-tags) for you to stack any games you brought. Try
      to squish these in tightly so that we manage to get lots of games for
      people to play - in the past we've been a little sloppy in this area
      so keep your stacks tight and we should have space for everyone who is
      kind enough to bring lots of games (and don't let this deter you from
      bringing games - it is through the kindness of people bringing quality
      games that we have so many things to choose from during the day!).

      If you find a lost piece for a game, please bring it to the Lost/Found
      box at the front table.

      We will provide a couple of outside wall tables for the Math Trade
      games - however we will probably move these to the little inner room
      this year.

      We have use of 3 rooms... the main room, the small inner room (within
      the main room) and a mid-sized room just around the corner and down
      the hall from the registration desk area. Last time some people didn't
      know there was a third room - I want to let people know ahead of time
      since we will definitely need to utilize the room during peek hours.
      If you are playing a tourney or a long game - please consider moving
      it down into the outer mid-sized room to spread out the gaming

      For people who are either new, shy or just want to learn a new game in
      a structured environment I can't stress enough to make use of the
      Teaching area. Phil Alberg does a great job every event - I think
      there are a record 6 tables operating in each of the 3 timeslots from
      9AM until 3PM.

      Lastly - try to be extra friendly to people you suspect are new or are
      clearly looking for a game to play. As the event has grown, the
      regular UG friendly-types tend to be lost in a sea of gamers. There
      was a time when we could keep an eye and make sure people who looked
      like they were in need of a game could be invited to sit down. Take
      some pride in helping out a new and/or shy person and make sure
      everyone gets the chance to see how great our gaming community is.

      I'm psyched... tomorrow will be a great day!

      Dave Bernazzani
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