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[GR] Killer Bunnies: Twilight White Expansion

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  • Tom Vasel
    Killer Bunnies: and the Quest of the Magic Carrot is a game that people either seem to love or dislike. Fortunately, I really enjoy the game and have a group
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2006
      Killer Bunnies: and the Quest of the Magic Carrot is a game that
      people either seem to love or dislike. Fortunately, I really enjoy
      the game and have a group of folk (primarily teenagers) who are
      constantly clamoring to play it. Thus, when I got the first seven
      expansions, I was happy to play with them but was a little unsure of
      how to integrate them. So we added one deck and played, then played
      again, then added another deck and repeated. After dozens of plays, I
      now think that I can safely talk about each of the decks, and how they
      add to the gameplay. There are a couple of things common to each

      - First of all, if you hate Killer Bunnies, none of the expansions are
      likely to change your mind. More randomness is added, more powerful
      cards are included, more of the "silly" theme is promoted - stuff that
      fans of the game love, but detractors certainly do not.
      - Each expansion comes in a small box that is sturdy and easily holds
      the cards; but all of which I discarded, as the first seven expansions
      all fit comfortably in the box.
      - Some expansions are more interesting than others (I would rate them
      Orange, Pink, Red, Steel, Purple, White, and Green - in that order),
      but I really did enjoy them all.
      - Expansions really should be added in order. You might get away with
      adding a future expansion (such as Twilight White) to your blue and
      yellow cards, but you'll run into "holes", and some of the cards
      simply won't make sense.
      - It's fascinating how the designer had the larger picture in mind,
      and how they referenced future cards in each of the decks. With all
      seven expansions (I know that two more are still coming) it feels like
      a nearly complete game rather than some expansions that are tacked on.

      Now for some specific comments on the Twilight White Booster Deck
      (Playroom Entertainment, 2005 - Jeffrey Neil Bellinger):

      1.) Five new bunnies are included, which are bunnies that are
      dual-colored, matching two different colors when forming Triplets.
      They are simply variations on the bunnies introduced in the Green
      expansion and were a bit disappointing to find - I had hoped for
      something new and unusual. Still, more bunnies are good.

      2.) Two new pawns are included for sale at the Pawn shop - the black
      and white pawns. I cannot emphasize how popular these pawns are in
      games; they are almost always both bought on the first turn. The
      black pawn is great because it allows players to re-roll the black die
      - you know, the one needed for most of the weapons! The white pawn is
      a wild color and can be used as any color, although the player must
      declare it when they first take it. Of course, there's no reason for
      a player NOT to take this pawn first if only to keep other players
      from getting it. I usually take it and declare it to be black. :)

      3.) More of the same cards found in most expansions are included, such
      as Dollas, Choose a Carrot cards, and Terrible Misfortunes. A
      Nondruple Lucky Clover is added (really helps against weapons), and a
      Play Immediately card that forces all players to pass two cards to the
      player on their right.

      4.) More weapons are also included, a few of which use the
      twenty-sided die (love that "Ang-Strung" Tennis Racket), but also two
      50/50 weapons are introduced. These cards have the player roll two
      different dice and guess which one will be higher. If they guess
      incorrectly, they die - which is an interesting change of pace for
      weapons. Another weapon causes players to guess the symbol that a
      player has chosen; and the Mob Hit (my favorite weapon) allows players
      to donate Dolla to increase its level. Finally, a way to get rid of
      annoying bunnies!

      5.) The meat of the White expansion is the new Run and Special cards
      included. Here are some of my favorites:
      - O.R.P. (Obnocious Roaming Pest): This card roams around the circle,
      causing players to roll most of the dice, and losing one thing
      depending on the lowest number rolled. Only if the twenty-sided die
      is the lowest will this annoying creature die.
      - Blue Angels: A decent card that allows a player to eliminate seven
      different cards; but a great card if you have the blue pawn, because
      then you can keep it the entire game.
      - Forever Fed: If you play this on your bunnies, they never need to
      eat. The only way to lose the card is to have all your bunnies
      eliminated, so expect all weapons to be turned in your direction!
      - Shockwave: Is played between two players, pushing their bunnies to
      the adjacent players, but crushing any bunnies pushed against a
      barrier. Cool.
      - Bonanza: Gives the player a cabbage, water, defense card, and a
      pawn. This will make most folk happy.
      - Carousel: Causes all players who are 30 or older to roll the red
      and green dice. If the red die is higher, they must kill one of their
      bunnies. Does this remind you of a movie? I enjoyed it for that fact
      - The White Stuff: This is possibly the best card in the entire game.
      When a player plays this, they also get the twelve-sided white die
      that is included in this expansion. Whenever they roll a die, they
      may roll the white die and substitute it in its place. This, my
      friends, is a GREAT card, because it allows players to dodge weapons,
      get supplies, and is my favorite card from the set.
      - Heavenly Halo Handoff: Are you tired of that indestructible bunny?
      This card moves the halo off of them.
      - Defense Card Suspender: Suspends the use of defense cards for one
      round. When you have a lot of weapons, this is a great card to have
      - make those fools pay!

      The Twilight White expansion certainly isn't my favorite, but it does
      add a lot of interesting cards to the series. I do like the card
      backs, which are half white and half black, and the two new pawns and
      the white die are tremendous additions. Sure, some things may seem
      overly powerful, but there is so much of this stuff that you'll get a
      bit of it. A nice addition to the series.

      Tom Vasel
      "Real men play board games"
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