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[GR] Killer Bunnies: Perfectly Pink Expansion

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  • Tom Vasel
    Killer Bunnies: and the Quest of the Magic Carrot is a game that people either seem to love or dislike. Fortunately, I really enjoy the game and have a group
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2006
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      Killer Bunnies: and the Quest of the Magic Carrot is a game that
      people either seem to love or dislike. Fortunately, I really enjoy
      the game and have a group of folk (primarily teenagers) who are
      constantly clamoring to play it. Thus, when I got the first seven
      expansions, I was happy to play with them but was a little unsure of
      how to integrate them. So we added one deck and played, then played
      again, then added another deck and repeated. After dozens of plays, I
      now think that I can safely talk about each of the decks, and how they
      add to the gameplay. There are a couple of things common to each

      - First of all, if you hate Killer Bunnies, none of the expansions are
      likely to change your mind. More randomness is added, more powerful
      cards are included, more of the "silly" theme is promoted - stuff that
      fans of the game love, but detractors certainly do not.
      - Each expansion comes in a small box that is sturdy and easily holds
      the cards; but all of which I discarded, as the first seven expansions
      all fit comfortably in the box.
      - Some expansions are more interesting than others (I would rate them
      Orange, Pink, Red, Steel, Purple, White, and Green - in that order),
      but I really did enjoy them all.
      - Expansions really should be added in order. You might get away with
      adding a future expansion (such as Twilight White) to your blue and
      yellow cards, but you'll run into "holes", and some of the cards
      simply won't make sense.
      - It's fascinating how the designer had the larger picture in mind,
      and how they referenced future cards in each of the decks. With all
      seven expansions (I know that two more are still coming) it feels like
      a nearly complete game rather than some expansions that are tacked on.

      Now for some specific comments on the Perfectly Pink Booster Deck
      (Playroom Entertainment, 2006 - Jeffrey Neil Bellinger):

      1.) First of all, I do have one minor dislike about this expansion,
      and that is the fact that the backs of the cards are the same color as
      the carrot backs. Yes, the rabbits are different; but when sorting
      out the cards at the end of the game, it's a bit annoying. Minor
      problem, but I notice it often.

      2.) But who cares, because this expansion includes the best bunnies
      in the game, the Pink Bunnies. Perhaps they're not as powerful as the
      Super Bunnies, but they probably won't be targeted quite as much
      (although I will). The six bunnies are:
      - Pink Congenial Bunny: Can feed five cabbage and water each turn.
      This bunny will most likely only die from a weapon.
      - Pink Timid Bunny: The player receives the pink die included in this
      expansion with each roll they must make. They then choose which one
      to use, making this bunny the best one in the game, in my opinion.
      - Pink Lumbering Bunny: This bunny has an automatic Quindruple Lucky
      Clover that reduces all weapons by five. Not as good as the other
      Pink Bunnies, he's still nice to have around.
      - Pink Sinister Bunny: Any weapon that fails to kill this bunny
      bounces back to the person who fired it. Only send the most powerful
      weapons against this creep!
      - Pink Gleeful Bunny: This bunny has five dollas every turn to spend
      at the market. This is incredibly useful and usually means the player
      buys a pawn each turn.
      - Pinky Tusca-Hare-O: This bunny can move around the bunny circle,
      which is semi-useful in some situations - life saving in others.

      3.) A new pink die is included in the game that is used with several
      cards (including the Pink Timid Bunny) as well as a pink pawn for the
      pawn shop.

      4.) Six Rank cards are included in the game, from the Seaman Recruit
      (lowest) to the Petty Officer 1st (highest). Whenever a player gets
      one of these, they must assign it to any bunny in the circle (their
      own if possible). The bunny with the highest rank on the table
      receives the "Highest Enlisted Ranked Bunny" card. This card allows a
      player to play an extra card FROM THEIR HAND each turn - even if it's
      a Run card. This is an incredible ability and makes any Ranked Bunny
      (you'd be nuts to make one of the Pink rabbits Ranked) a target. I
      enjoy the ranks, but by this point in the game there are so many cards
      in the deck that you usually only ever see one of them come up in a

      5.) Typical cards are included with the game, such as Dollas, Terrible
      Misfortune, Choose a Carrot, and Weapon cards. The weapons are a mix
      of those that were introduced in previous sets, including dated and
      50/50 weapons.

      6.) Not as many new Run and Special cards in this expansion set, but
      with the Pink Bunnies and Rank cards, who cares? Some of the more
      enjoyable additions are:
      - Transcendental Run: Changes a Run card into a Very Special card.
      This can make for some fantastic rule complications but is very
      enjoyable nonetheless. It helps you get bunnies on the table faster,
      attack out of turn, and more!
      - Paradise Syndrome: Keeps all your bunnies safe from Roaming Run
      cards. If you get this card, play it; as most of the Roaming Run
      cards are rather deadly.
      - Day Old Bread: Can postpone feeding your bunny for one turn. I'll
      get around to that later!
      - The Church Bunny: Skipping the extended details, I'll focus on the
      fact that it makes a player ask, "Isn't that Special?" - and the fact
      that it actually makes sense in game terms. Great themed card,
      especially if you are an SNL fan.
      - Blanch: Removes the color from a rabbit. Great for getting those
      uppity Red and Pink Bunnies to lose their special abilities.

      This is my second favorite expansion, because I enjoy the Ranks, but
      mostly the powerful, interesting Pink Bunnies. The Killer Bunny
      series is coming to a close, and it's nice to see that one of the
      later expansions is still as entertaining and enjoyable as the first.
      Everything is starting to tie in together, and the deck is now too
      tall to be manageable (we normally play with half the cards). Sadly,
      you really should get the other six expansions if you want the Pink
      one (I say sadly, because that's a while to wait), but this is one of
      the best.

      Tom Vasel
      "Real men play board games"
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