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[GR] Killer Bunnies: Orange Expansion

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  • Tom Vasel
    Killer Bunnies: and the Quest of the Magic Carrot is a game that people either seem to love or dislike. Fortunately, I really enjoy the game and have a group
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2006
      Killer Bunnies: and the Quest of the Magic Carrot is a game that
      people either seem to love or dislike. Fortunately, I really enjoy
      the game and have a group of folk (primarily teenagers) who are
      constantly clamoring to play it. Thus, when I got the first seven
      expansions, I was happy to play with them but was a little unsure of
      how to integrate them. So we added one deck and played, then played
      again, then added another deck and repeated. After dozens of plays, I
      now think that I can safely talk about each of the decks, and how they
      add to the gameplay. There are a couple of things common to each

      - First of all, if you hate Killer Bunnies, none of the expansions are
      likely to change your mind. More randomness is added, more powerful
      cards are included, more of the "silly" theme is promoted - stuff that
      fans of the game love, but detractors certainly do not.
      - Each expansion comes in a small box that is sturdy and easily holds
      the cards; but all of which I discarded, as the first seven expansions
      all fit comfortably in the box.
      - Some expansions are more interesting than others (I would rate them
      Orange, Pink, Red, Steel, Purple, White, and Green - in that order),
      but I really did enjoy them all.
      - Expansions really should be added in order. You might get away with
      adding a future expansion (such as Twilight White) to your blue and
      yellow cards, but you'll run into "holes", and some of the cards
      simply won't make sense.
      - It's fascinating how the designer had the larger picture in mind,
      and how they referenced future cards in each of the decks. With all
      seven expansions (I know that two more are still coming) it feels like
      a nearly complete game rather than some expansions that are tacked on.

      Now for some specific comments on the Orange Booster Deck (Playroom
      Entertainment, 2004 - Jeffrey Neil Bellinger):

      1.) The Orange booster adds one of the most important and interesting
      changes to the Killer Bunnies game - the Pawn Shop. Weil's Pawn shop
      is included with the expansion, as well as six colored pawns (red,
      blue, green, yellow, violet, and orange). Weil's Pawn shop makes the
      third store available and gives the player a LOT of choices of what to
      buy. For one thing, players can now buy bunnies that have been
      discarded. Unfortunately, this does not include the Super Bunnies
      (from Steel expansion), but it DOES include Red, Pink, and Specialty
      bunnies. Players will certainly be in a frenzy to purchase these if
      they are in the discard pile. Bunnies are ten dollas, which is the
      same as a carrot; but since bunnies have longer lasting effects, they
      are bought quite often. And finally, a player can purchase bunnies
      when they have a string of bad luck and don't draw any.

      2.) More importantly, however, one can buy one of the six-colored
      pawns at the pawn shop for five dollas. A pawn has three great
      abilities. First of all, they can be used to complete a bunny
      triplet. If I have two blue bunnies and buy the blue pawn, I now have
      a blue bunny triplet and can play two cards per turn. Pawns are not a
      bunny and can't be used to play cards, but they also are mostly
      invincible. More importantly, players can re-roll the die that
      matches the color of the pawn once per game action. For example, if I
      have the green pawn, I can re-roll the green die. This is certainly a
      huge benefit, and the main reason that pawns are snatched up so
      quickly. Finally, many cards in the game have small capital letter
      "P"s all scattered throughout their background. A player can use
      these cards twice if they have the matching pawn. For example, the
      Large Prune Danishes can now be used twice helping a player feed their
      bunny easier. What I think is neat is that I would probably buy the
      pawns if they did ONE of these three actions; but as they do all
      three, they're probably must buys. All six pawns are bought quickly
      in every game I've played, and the players who buy them rarely regret
      it. In my opinion, pawns are the best addition to the Killer Bunnies

      3.) Six new bunnies are added - more Specialty bunnies (originally
      from the Violet expansion), and the very cool double free agents -
      which is basically a double "wild" card (although red is excluded).
      And since two of the Specialty bunnies are triple bunnies (Those 70's
      Bunnies and Bunnylon 3), the game progresses at a faster rate -
      something quite good.

      4.) Eight new weapon cards are added, but in this set they utilize the
      twenty-sided die (introduced in the Violet set). Many of the weapons
      are extremely powerful, and several have special and wonky effects:
      the Boomerang bounces around until it kills someone; the C.O.M.A.
      knocks a bunny out but doesn't actually kill it; and the Plutonium
      Radiation kills bunnies for three turns.

      5.) The same elements found in most of the expansions are included,
      with some odd inclusions:
      - More dollas are here, with one using the twenty-sided die to form a
      random amount.
      - More "Feed the Bunny" cards are included, with one having the bunny
      needing to eat random amounts of cabbage and water.
      - More "Choose a Carrot" cards are included, with one allowing the
      player to choose three carrots!

      6.) There is a slew of new special cards, which include:
      - the Very Large Prune Danish - which feeds ALL bunnies in the circle.
      - the Mothership - which abducts ALL bunnies from one player.
      - "Bunny on the Edge of Forever" - which allows the player to force
      another player to do their turn over.
      - Super Supplies Surprise - the player rolls eight dice, including the
      twenty-sided, and receives amounts of supplies (cabbage, water,
      carrots, dollas, bunnies, defense cards, or pawns), depending on which
      die has the lowest number. (See how the pawns would come in handy
      here?) What's really neat is that if the player rolls the
      twenty-sided die as their lowest, they get ALL the supplies.
      - All Shops Open - Are your opponent's being annoying and closing the
      stores? This one restores all stores to their original state.

      Folks, this is certainly my favorite of the Killer Bunny expansions.
      The special cards are great, the pawns are a fantastic addition, and
      the ability to buy bunnies really enhances the game. Great artwork as
      usual and humorous references. If you enjoy the original game, this
      is one expansion you can't pass on.

      Tom Vasel
      "Real men play board games"
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