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[GR] Killer Bunnies: Green Expansion

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  • Tom Vasel
    Killer Bunnies: and the Quest of the Magic Carrot is a game that people either seem to love or dislike. Fortunately, I really enjoy the game and have a group
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2006
      Killer Bunnies: and the Quest of the Magic Carrot is a game that
      people either seem to love or dislike. Fortunately, I really enjoy
      the game and have a group of folk (primarily teenagers) who are
      constantly clamoring to play it. Thus, when I got the first seven
      expansions, I was happy to play with them but was a little unsure of
      how to integrate them. So we added one deck and played, then played
      again, then added another deck and repeated. After dozens of plays, I
      now think that I can safely talk about each of the decks, and how they
      add to the gameplay. There are a couple of things common to each

      - First of all, if you hate Killer Bunnies, none of the expansions are
      likely to change your mind. More randomness is added, more powerful
      cards are included, more of the "silly" theme is promoted - stuff that
      fans of the game love, but detractors certainly do not.
      - Each expansion comes in a small box that is sturdy and easily holds
      the cards; but all of which I discarded, as the first seven expansions
      all fit comfortably in the box.
      - Some expansions are more interesting than others (I would rate them
      Orange, Pink, Red, Steel, Purple, White, and Green - in that order),
      but I really did enjoy them all.
      - Expansions really should be added in order. You might get away with
      adding a future expansion (such as Twilight White) to your blue and
      yellow cards, but you'll run into "holes", and some of the cards
      simply won't make sense.
      - It's fascinating how the designer had the larger picture in mind,
      and how they referenced future cards in each of the decks. With all
      seven expansions (I know that two more are still coming) it feels like
      a nearly complete game rather than some expansions that are tacked on.

      Now for some specific comments on the Green Booster Deck (Playroom
      Entertainment, 2004 - Jeffrey Neil Bellinger):

      1.) Of all the expansions, this one certainly adds the most changes to
      the game and possibly adds the most complexity. All of this revolves
      around the Zodiac signs. Now, a quick word to those who think that
      the zodiac is silly/stupid/wrong/evil - there is still much in this
      set that can be utilized, and future sets only use a few cards to
      reference the Zodiac cards. Still, there is no denying that they are
      the focal point of the set. There is a set of twelve zodiac cards
      (one for each symbol) that are shuffled into the main deck as well as
      a smaller deck (the same size as the cabbage and water decks) that is
      shuffled and placed aside. Finally, a zodiac die with each of the
      twelve symbols is included - sometimes needed for certain cards.
      Whenever a player draws a large Zodiac card during the game, they
      place them face up in front of them - in exactly the same manner as
      Dollar cards. At the end of the game, the small deck of Zodiac cards
      are brought out, and the bottom card is examined. If any player has
      the large card that matches this, they may move one bunny from one
      player to another (usually themselves). This can effectively put a
      player out of the game. This matching player can also take three
      carrots from the person with the most carrots. Most importantly (and
      actually rather random), if the Zodiac symbol matches the current
      Zodiac sign AND the player's birthday sign, then they can take all
      carrots from each other opponent except one from each. (For the
      record, I've never seen this happen). There is one more thing that
      Zodiac cards can do; and if that's if a player has three consecutive
      Zodiac cards down (or three of the same type - Air, Earth, Water, or
      Fire), they can play two cards per turn. My opinion of the Zodiac
      cards over all is that it seems as if it's an unnecessary complication
      to the game, and I don't really care for them that much. Still, some
      players I've played with have enjoyed them; so your mileage may vary.

      2.) Five new bunnies are included - dual colored, such as the
      Yellow/Orange Sinister Bunny, which can match two different colors
      when forming triplets. At the same time, they're not as useful as
      free agents - so nothing tremendously fantastic here.

      3.) More of the staples of the expansions are included, such as more
      Kabolla Dollas, Feed the Rabbits, and Take a Carrot cards. Most of
      them are fairly standard fare, but there is one "Play Immediately"
      card that does NOT kill a bunny. Instead, it gives anyone who has a
      Zodiac card a free carrot. That tends to make people happy. The
      weapons in the set use the twenty-sided die rather than the black die,
      with one interesting weapon, the 7th Whisk, included. This weapon
      causes a bunny to roll seven dice; and if they roll a "1" on any of
      them, the bunny dies. Good times.

      4.) Several interesting special cards are included, with a few of them
      utilizing the Zodiac die and cards. Some of the ones that interested
      me include:
      - Leif Carrotson: This roaming card can be played on one player,
      whose bunnies all join Leif in gallivanting around the circle. Each
      turn, they visit one player - who rolls the violet, black, and red
      dice. If the violet die is the highest, nothing happens, and they
      continue their journey. However, if the black die is the highest, a
      bunny is killed; and if the red die is highest, the bunny joins the
      player who they are visiting. Funny and interesting.
      - Operation: Spoilsport: A great card. It causes any negative
      effects on your bunnies to be experienced by the bunnies of the player
      attacking you. A very satisfying card to use.
      - Fingercuffs: This links the fate of two adjacent bunnies together,
      along with any special effects they have, such as Clovers and the
      Heavenly Halo. A great card to play on an aggressive neighbor, as
      they will think twice about attacking you!
      - Roll-O-Lution: Allows a player to use the twenty-sided die for any
      twelve-sided die roll. This can have a great effect on some cards,
      especially when defending against weapons.
      - LA Tape Worm: Doubles the amount of cabbage a bunny needs to eat.
      Okay, this isn't that unusual, but it made me laugh!

      The Green expansion is all about the Zodiac, with a few other special
      cards thrown in for good measure. As I said, it added the least
      enjoyment for me out of the expansions, but I still didn't dislike it
      - merely found it a bit convoluted and strange theme-wise. Still, it
      will probably interest many folks, and the strangeness is part of the
      general game!

      Tom Vasel
      "Real men play board games"
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