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Re: [Unity_Games] Game Day at The Buttery (Dorchester MA) - September 17

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    sorry, is there a charge for this, pls? &how many people, on average, show up, pls? tnx-a-lot & hope u had a gr8 summer! ... -- Out of98common activities
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2006
      sorry, is there a charge for this, pls? &how many people, on average, show
      up, pls? tnx-a-lot & hope u had a gr8 summer!

      On 9/6/06, Mark J. Dulcey <mark@...> wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > It's September, so we're back from our summer break! Our monthly series
      > of game days picks up again on the third Sunday of every month, starting
      > on September 17. Please join us!
      > The November day (November 19) will be a National Games Day event. About
      > the only thing that changes is that we report some statistics to the
      > organizers: what games were played and how many people played them. We
      > will not report any names or other personal information unless you
      > authorize it.
      > Who: Anyone who enjoys playing board games, word games, cards, chess,
      > checkers, backgammon, silly games, etc.
      > When: Third Sunday of each month, September through May, 3 pm till 11 pm
      > (or later, if necessary). This month, it's September 17.
      > Where: Here at The Buttery, 24 Kenwood St, Dorchester MA. see
      > www.buttery.org/directions for maps and directions
      > What: Games such as mentioned above. Your favorite games, if you bring
      > them and others want to play. We have several tables for simultaneous
      > gaming, including one large table. We also have plenty of floor space
      > for games that need to spread out, such as naval battles, Sorcerer's
      > Cave, etc. We can provide small rooms for Diplomacy negotiations.
      > Why: Just for the fun of it, of course!
      > * Absolutely no smoking! No animals other than service animals.
      > * We'll supply some soft drinks and chips. If you need your
      > favorite snack or tipple to enjoy yourself, feel free to bring it -- but
      > no hard liquor, please.
      > * Some time in the evening, we'll send out for pizza and/or other
      > snacks. Be prepared to pay for your share.
      > * Well behaved children of all ages welcome, but the house is NOT
      > childproof. Children too young to join in the general games are
      > encouraged to bring their own quiet amusements or books. Children who
      > distract or annoy their parents and/or other gamers are not particularly
      > welcome.
      > Since the first games will form up about 3:00 pm, arrival between 2:30
      > and 3:00 will increase your chances of getting in on a game you like.
      > But if you can't come until later in the day, you're still welcome; new
      > games start throughout the afternoon and evening.
      > Questions? Comments? Write mark@...
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