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[SR] GSG 8/22: Teraforming, Quandary, Members Only, Coloretto, KK&K, and more!

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  • Phil Alberg
    ATTENDEES: Mark, Bruce, Phil, Bob.S, Bob.C, Bob.M., Lucy, Eric, Tory, Gary, Bill GAMES PLAYED: Teraforming, Don, Einfach Genial, Quandary, St.Petersburg, Thurn
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2006
      ATTENDEES: Mark, Bruce, Phil, Bob.S, Bob.C, Bob.M., Lucy, Eric, Tory, Gary, Bill

      GAMES PLAYED: Teraforming, Don, Einfach Genial, Quandary,
      St.Petersburg, Thurn & Taxis, Members Only, Coloretto, Settlers of
      Catan, Kohle Kie$ & Knete.

      The total of eleven gamers represents the GSG high-water mark for the
      summer. We were split into three tables for most of the night. What
      follows are synopses of the games in which I participated.

      TERAFORMING: Bob.C, Phil, Bob.M., Bruce

      This is a recently released card game in which players form continents
      and place cubes on landmasses, with the goal being to have more cubes
      than others on completed continents and thereby score points equal to
      the number of cards that comprise the continent. It is very much like
      Carcassonne (with just the city scoring) and El Caballero (without the
      cabs or water scoring). However, as this game uses cards instead of
      square tiles, there are only two ways of using each card instead of
      the four ways afforded by the other games. This severely restricts
      card placement. The cards include numbers/letters and suits on them,
      so the game may be used as a regular deck of cards. For the most part
      all card types are the same for all suits -- that is, all fours have
      the same landmass, all tens have the same landmass, etc. Shrewd
      players will take this into account while playing.

      Each turn a player gets 4 action points which may be spent in any
      combination of 3 actions: Play a card, draw a card, or place a cube.
      A card may be placed at the diagonal or along the side of existing
      cards, but it cannot be placed away from existing cards. There is
      room for cooperative play as well as for dastardly play in placing a
      card that would make an island impossible to finish. Unlike
      Carcassonne, cubes can be placed on any landmass on the table, so long
      as the card does not already have a cube on that landmass. So it
      seems wise to hold onto cubes until later in the game, unless there is
      a completed island for which you want to fight for ownership. Each
      player cannot hold more than 5 cards at the end each turn.

      Our session started with cooperative play, as we all contributed to a
      star-shaped continent that wound up netting Bob.C 10pts. Bruce and I
      tied for second, and so split the 5pts (each earning 3pts).
      Thereafter things got a little testy, with several cards placed such
      that islands could never be completed. Bruce was especially
      victimized, as he had three cubes on one such island (and since one
      only gets 8 cubes for the whole game, this was a considerable blow to
      his chances for victory). Most of the other islands that were
      completed were of the 2pt or 4pt variety. This was not enough to
      catch Bob.C, who held on for victory. Final scores were: 15, 11, 8,

      QUANDARY: Bob.C, Bob.M, Phil, Bruce

      We dove right into this Knizia classic, which we had all played
      before, but in retrospect I should have insisted on a rules refresher,
      as Bob.M. was caught off-guard at the end of the first round. Bob.C.
      ended both the first and second rounds by placing the sixth tile in a
      chain, and zoomed to a commanding lead. Bob.M trailed by 16pts after
      the first round, but scored well in the second and fourth rounds to
      nearly take the win. The third round was particularly nasty, as we
      were each holding 5 and 0 tiles late in the round, making the final
      decision a truly painful one. The scores were relatively close at
      game end, with Bob.C taking the win. Final score were something like:
      66, 64, 61, 57.

      MEMBERS ONLY: Phil, Lucy, Mark

      Mark taught this game to Lucy and me. We were wagering on how likely
      certain objects would appear, based on the limited information of the
      cards we possessed and successive cardplay throughout each turn. Mark
      took the lead after the first round, but Lucy overtook him in the
      second round by scoring well with Big Ben (or was it the hats -- I
      forget). Lucy held the lead after the third round, but in the final
      round (dictated by the fact that all objects had a dobber in the 5 or
      greater position) I managed to inch ahead with good scores in hats and
      umbrellas. Final scores were: 24, 23, 18.

      COLORETTO: Mark, Lucy, Phil

      This is a quick set-collection game in which Lucy foiled my plans by
      taking groupings that were beneficial to me and leaving me with junk.
      I ended with at least three cards in each of five colors, which is not
      good when only three colors score positive points. Mark managed to
      squeak by Lucy, even though Lucy had maxed out with six cards in one
      color. Final scores were something like: 34, 32, 27.

      KOHLE, KIE$, and KNETE: Eric, Bob.M, Phil, Mark, Lucy, Bob.C.

      This was a brutal session, full of unproven collusion and lots of
      bashing the perceived leaders. Bob.C and Lucy orchestrated the first
      few deals, while Eric and Bob.M were noteably shut out. I drew lots
      of steal investor cards during the game, so I was happy trying to
      mooch off whatever deals were put to the table. Eric whined more than
      Bob.M, and finally got hooked into some deals. Mark was his conniving
      self, but only when we all ran out of Boss cards was he able to secure
      some deals. I think I orchestrated only one deal the whole game, but
      it netted me a whopping $15 mil close to the game's end. Eric was a
      sneaky bast---, er, dealmaker, and charmed his way into a couple of
      late deals with Lucy. The ebb and flow was such that no one had any
      idea who was ahead. But Eric was a part of the last few deals, and
      this provided him with the victory. Scores were: 49, 40, 39, 34, 34,


      Bill, Bob.S, Tory, and Gary spent the night at the kiddie table, and
      played Don, St.Petersburg, and Settlers.

      Mark, Eric, and Lucy started the evening playing Einfact Genial.

      Bruce, Bob.C, Eric, and Bob.M played Thurn and Taxis.

      Thank you for hosting, Mark!

      - Phil

      Eastern MA Gaming

      "When playing a game the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is
      important, not the winning."
      - Reiner Knizia
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