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[SR] CBGBs, 8/9: Ingenious, TransAmerica x2, Bohnanza, New England

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  • W. Eric Martin
    The turnout this past week was light, not in numbers but in the style of game that most attendees wanted to play. The real gamer folk were mostly away, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2006
      The turnout this past week was light, not in numbers but in the style of
      game that most attendees wanted to play. The real gamer folk were mostly
      away, and newbies came out in their place, including our writer/editor
      friend Elaine, vagabond travelers Abby and Aaron, and new guy Joe, who I
      found on Craigslist.

      Ingenious (Joe, Eric)

      Joe has posted on Craigslist that he was looking for someone to play
      dominoes, cribbage, chess and boardgames, so I figured we should start
      with Ingenious since the rules are easy and somewhat similar to
      "regular" games. I played nice and didn't cut off the colors as quickly
      as I could have, yet I did win on the first tie-break. My duty as a host
      only goes so far...

      TransAmerica (Joe, Aaron, Linda, Eric)

      Abby was watching over nine-month-old Analise and others were expected
      soon, so I did the two-minute rules explanation and we finished in only
      two rounds as Aaron raced into the Pacific. Four-player is sometimes
      harsh because you can get stuck with Boston and no one nearby to help
      you out. Joe edged out Linda for the win.

      Bohnanza (Joe, Linda/Max, Abby, Aaron, Ray, Jill, Eric)

      More people arrived, just enough to make Bohnanza the easy call. I
      taught Joe, but he was fifth in turn order and started slowly. Perhaps
      newcomers should take the first turn in the future to get them into the
      game more quickly. Elaine and Shawna arrived during the game, so Linda
      stepped out to play hostess and Max became the bean enforcer, pushing
      deals along and keeping the game moving. Joe threw Aaron a last-minute
      bean as the deck ran out, giving him the win over Linda/Max by one gold.

      Apples to Apples (Elaine, Abby, Aaron, Shawna, Linda, Ray, Jill, Max, Eric)

      Jill and I both ended up with no points. I saw the writing on the wall
      once Aaron hit three cards, one away from winning, so it was time to
      throw in the funny answers. Go, spit!

      TransAmerica (Matt, Abby, Max, Ray, Shawna, Eric)

      TA on the table for the second time of the night, with me the only
      repeat player -- very strange. Only Elaine missed out. People returned
      with Thai food at the end of the second round, so Matt was declared the
      default winner.

      Zertz (Matt, Eric)

      While everyone else ate, we escaped to the game room for a quick
      two-player game. Matt made an early error, missing the fact that I could
      make a double jump, and I was soon in a position where any marble would
      win for me. I was playing sloppy, though, and Matt caught up, needing
      only a gray to win. The board was shrinking fast, though, and I made a
      play where just about anything Matt did would give me the win.

      New England (Max, Matt, Eric)

      All the lightweights finally took off, and we got in one Eurogame, a
      title I'm teaching at UG XI, which made this a good practice session. I
      think my previous games of NE were all with four players and more than
      18 months ago, so I had an excuse for playing like a drunken pilgrim.
      Matt and Max boxed by plantations in during the set-up, so I
      concentrated on the wood pieces in the early going and made room for
      barns in the endgame, which let me steal the bonus from Max.

      Sadly I overpaid by a huge margin in the final round to take the tiles I
      needed for a final development. That seemed to be the pattern the entire
      game; Max and I would take high bidding tokens only to realize afterward
      that we weren't interested in the same lots. Silly us. Max and I tied
      for the win, but he had a big bag of loot in hand, so he won on the

      Next week we're in Laconia (I think), then Saturday brings Unity Games
      XI. Hope to see lots of you there!


      W. Eric Martin - TwoWriters.net
      "It is still fashionable to believe that how you organize yourself
      religiously in this life may matter for eternity." - Sam Harris
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