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SR: SSG 05-May-2006

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    We had a small but fine turnout at SSG last night - there were 9 of us in attendance including myself, Steve, Dave F, New Joe, Old Joe, Pete, Emma, Randy and
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      We had a small but fine turnout at SSG last night - there were 9 of us in
      attendance including myself, Steve, Dave F, New Joe, Old Joe, Pete, Emma,
      Randy and David. The girl who works at the B&N cafe has gotten to know our
      group and now specially makes warm chocolate chip cookies for the group -
      giving us ETA on when they will be cool enough to serve - I guess we've
      earned that with more than 6 seasons of play at SSG in the cafe ;)

      With four of us having arrived at the start, we broke out MAUERBAUER for a
      bit of wall-building fun. Two of us had played before and there were two
      new players to the game. We got everyone up to speed quickly and set about
      building walls, enclosing cities and generally making a mess of the board.
      It was a strange game that saw the single largest enclosed city I've ever
      seen in the game - covering nearly half the board by the time the game
      ended. We had huge scores - long bypassing the 100 point wrap-mark. Steve
      feel trap to the rule of not playing a wall before rolling the dice and was
      penalized (for some odd reason the rules make this clear that a player is
      given a penalty point for performing his turn out of proper order - the
      Germans I learned the game from made it clear that this strange rule is
      prominent in the German rules as well... not sure why but it was fun to move
      Steve back a bit). Anyway, our scores were huge - some near-30-point cards
      were played when the massive city in the middle was scored. Dave Fisk got
      the win but despite the huge scores it was close. A Rio Grande games version
      is coming soon under the title Masons (which is not nearly as fun to say as

      Next up for me was THURN und TAXIS which is my favorite of the new game
      crop. We had 2 experienced players and 2 new players as we attempted to
      establish and extend our postal routes across the German landscape. I've now
      played the game 5 times and have employed a slightly different strategy each
      time but have only managed to win once. It seems key to try and lock up the
      big VP chits - including the large grey region and the rainbow (covering
      every region). We played with the 2nd edition rules which says you must have
      presence in each of the colored areas (_including_ grey) to get the
      large-valued rainbow VP chit. This made little difference as it is fairly
      easy to have a presence in the grey region. My strategy of locking down the
      Grey region at first opportunity cost me too much time... and Joe was able
      to crush the field. I continue to enjoy Thurn und Taxis and look forward to
      more plays in the future. A Rio Grand games version is coming soon.

      There was a game of WIZARD played as well as LIARS DICE and WHERES BOBS HAT.
      At least one other game was played that I didn't record. A fun evening with
      friends - hopefully more of you will join us next week!

      Dave Bernazzani
      "Chevron Six Encoded"

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