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[SR] CBGBs, 4/6: Mission: Red Planet, Il Principe, Boomtown, Princes of Florence, more

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  • W. Eric Martin
    At last night CBGBs, we welcomed new guy Mark at our otherwise newbie-free event. Others on site were Jim, Max, Chris, Adam, Dave, Paul, and Alex. Space Beans
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2006
      At last night CBGBs, we welcomed new guy Mark at our otherwise
      newbie-free event. Others on site were Jim, Max, Chris, Adam, Dave,
      Paul, and Alex.

      Space Beans (Chris, Jim, Linda, Eric)
      Chris showed up early and to pass the time before others arrived, we
      started Uwe Rosenberg's lesser-known bean game. Jim arrived before we
      had finished the first round, so I dealt him in and taught him the rules
      on the spot. He's a quick study and soon had the edge on all of us.
      Linda sputtered at 12 points, but built up another 15 in her fields only
      to have me ease my way over the 30 threshhold and bag the win with 34.

      Odin's Ravens (Alex, Dave)
      These two arrived about halfway through our bean blast and set up this
      multi-round race game. Just as Dave finished the rules, though, Adam
      arrived and we finished our game, so they packed it in.

      Diamant (Alex, Dave, Adam, Max, Chris, Jim, Linda, Eric)
      With Max due to arrive any moment, I ran Chris through the rules ("We're
      miners exploring five caves...."). Max arrived just in time to see Jim
      pull off an amazing psychic trick of pulling out of mines three times
      right before death wiped out the flunkies. He scored nearly 50 while the
      second place was roughly half that and Linda took her usual 0.

      Elasund (Paul, Adam, Alex, Jim)
      Jim had been hankering for Elasund, so I ran him, Alex and Adam through
      the rules. Paul took the final seat just before the game started, and he
      and Adam -- the only experienced players -- took first and second place,
      with Adam in the victory chair.

      Trendy (Dave, Chris, Max, Linda, Eric)
      Mark was due to arrive, so with Project Runway on our minds -- well,
      some of our minds anyway -- we tried to set the trends. Chris set the
      fashion plate coming within 8 points of victory after three rounds, and
      despite a half-hearted attempt to shut him out, he scored a dozen points
      and won.

      Mission: Red Planet (Dave, Chris, Max, Mark, Eric)
      I received a review copy of this new game by the Brunos (Faidutti and
      Cathala) and with cheat sheets in hand, we got our asses to Mars. The
      game seemed somewhat familiar, but was quite fun --as long as it was
      other people's astronauts being banished to the void. Max and I tied for
      the win thanks to the discovery cards we had planted. More plays are

      Princes of Florence (Paul, Dave, Alex, Adam, Jim)
      I'm not sure who won, but it probably wasn't Jim. He kept dropping money
      during the game and found some afterward on the floor. The next morning
      I found 400 more on the rug by Jim's chair. That could have been a forest!

      Il Principe (Max, Mark, Chris, Eric)
      My second play and my first time with more than two players. The
      strategy and tempo of the game remains mysterious. Max felt completely
      adrift and was trying to will the game to end. Chris stacked up far more
      cards than anyone else, kept winning major roles, and scored huge
      bonuses with nearly every city built. In the end, though, Mark and I
      nearly caught up with him thanks to the region scoring bonuses. Nearly,
      mind you. Again, more plays are needed....

      TransAmerica (Max, Mark, Chris, Eric)
      Mark said he'd stay for a short game, and this turned out to be far
      shorter than most games of TA as Chris blasted into the Pacific after
      only two rounds. I chose my starting cities poorly, and Max moved only
      one spot down the line to show us up.

      Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers (Max, Chris, Eric)
      Max had mentioned this game earlier as he recently received a copy for
      his library, so I brought out my copy to introduce Chris to the
      Carcassonne system. Chris played pretty well, but Max, the other
      first-timer, joined Chris in a massive river system in addition to
      mooching on my field and won the game by at least 20 points.

      Roma (Adam, Jim)
      Jim taught Adam how to play, then Adam edged out the teacher in a close

      Boomtown (Jim, Max, Chris, Linda, Eric)
      With time for one more game, we returned to Faiduttiville and convinced
      Linda to join us. She's won the past couple of games, but this time her
      luck ran dry. Her saloon paid out far more than Chris' -- which was
      dynamited after only one turn, killing many not-so-innocent saloon girls
      -- but the blue mines didn't take her above second place. The winner was
      Max, as was the case in so many other games that night, and perhaps we
      should have seen that coming in the very first turn when Chris tried to
      rob him and failed. I built a nice collection of mines and even held
      governorship of Purpletown, but the mines never paid off and I actually
      ran out of cash two-thirds of the way through the game. I still managed
      a score of 52 thanks to the governor, but that was worthy only of fifth

      Gaming will return to Concord in two weeks, and I aim to break out Taj
      Mahal since I missed out on the Princes of Florence game. Start
      preparing your requests now!


      W. Eric Martin - TwoWriters.net
      "Any honest Christian or Jew must admit that, had he been born half a
      world away, he'd be an honest Hindu or Buddhist." - H. Allen Orr
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