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[SR] GSG 03/28: Manila, Metro, Goa, BANG!, High Society

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  • Phil Alberg
    ATTENDEES: Mark, Zach, Phil, Gary, Bob, Jeremy, Dan, Cam. GAMES PLAYED: Manila, Metro, Goa, BANG!, High Society. Dan and his son Cameron joined us for an
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2006
      ATTENDEES: Mark, Zach, Phil, Gary, Bob, Jeremy, Dan, Cam.

      GAMES PLAYED: Manila, Metro, Goa, BANG!, High Society.

      Dan and his son Cameron joined us for an evening of gaming and poking
      fun at the Britney Spears statue (
      http://www.caplakesting.com/2006_catalog/de/ ). It seemed to us to
      look more like a conceiving position rather than a birthing position,
      butt what do we know. In other news, Mark threw us all for a loop by
      deciding to eschew our traditional food provider, Papa Gino's, in
      favor of D'Angelo's. This completely ruined Dan's plan for pizza, a
      choice he had carefully formulatated with Cam on the drive over to
      Mark's house. You should have seen the look of puzzlement on Cam's
      face when told of Mark's decision. Or was that the look he had after
      viewing Britney's statue. Some way or another he's now scarred for

      MANILA: Bob, Mark, Jeremy, Cam, Zach

      I don't know any details, other than Mark was constantly bellowing for
      some pirate action. Rumor has it that Bob took the win.

      METRO: Jeremy, Mark, Bob, Cam, Zach

      Again, I don't know any details, but I think Jeremy won.

      GOA: Gary, Phil, Dan

      It had been nearly a year since I last played this game, so Gary and
      Dan obliged me by learning this fine game about developing spice
      empires. This game is famous for incurring rules violations, and our
      session was no exception. The first one was minor -- Gary played
      multiple expedition cards during the same action, whereas the maximum
      is one card per action. I realized this a couple of turns later when
      I almost did the same thing, but I caught myself and we played with
      the correct rule from that point on. The second one was a blatant
      mis-explanation on my part: I stated that the single spice plantations
      yielded 1 VP at game end, but only if they had been planted over. I
      found out at game-end that this is incorrect, and that these
      plantations each score 1 VP all the time. This goof wound up costing
      me the game, as I was the only one with such plantations (I had two),
      but couldn't count them after I had told the other players that the
      points are awarded only if they are planted over. It probably
      would've changed the bidding on these plantations.

      The game was rather close throughout. Gary and Dan tended to copy
      everything I did during the first couple of rounds, but both of them
      soon got the hang of things. Most auctions were won with bids of less
      than 5 ducats. It wasn't until the special blue tiles were auctioned
      that the bidding rose above 10. Dan never grokked the expedition
      track, and expedition cards were rarely taken in this game. Gary won
      the red tiles that provided ducats and spice each round, while I won
      one that provided a colonist each round. We each managed to progress
      at least two spaces on each of our tracks. Gary and I each founded
      all four colonies, while Dan founded three, but managed to snag the
      3VP tile and had the most money at game end. Scores were close, with
      Gary squeaking by for the win. Final scores were: 39, 38, 37.

      BANG!: Dan, Jeremy, Phil, Cam, Mark, Gary, Bob

      Dan done got elected sheriff of this one-horse town, but drank so much
      beer that he couldn't remember who he had appointed as deputies.
      Well, it sure wasn't that varmint Gary, who took pot-shots at the
      sheriff right from the get-go. We threw him in jail, twice I think.
      Hehe, I even dueled the quick-triggered galoot while he was in jail
      (next time I think we oughta take away his gun while he's locked up).
      Mark then took a shot at me, the sheriff's defender! That
      transgression wouldn't be forgotten. Bob whipped out a volcanic and
      started making swiss cheese out've the sheriff. He was not a good
      guy. He got thrown in jail, too. Dan made good use of a gatling gun
      and some beer, and slowly but steadily we started eliminating the bad
      guys. Bob was the first to go, getting plugged by dead-eye Jeremy.
      Outlaw Gary was next to meet his maker, and then I, as Willy the Kid,
      laid into Mark with 5 consecutive shots. Although he successfully
      ducked behind a barrel a couple of times, I finally turned him and the
      barrel into splinters. It then came time to hunt down the Renegade.
      I really wasn't sure who this was until Cam started shooting at the
      sheriff. It was the wrong play on his part, but it could've been that
      he wanted to stick it to his dad. Anyway, we quickly sent him to Boot
      Hill, and the good guys won. Yippee!

      HIGH SOCIETY: Jeremy, Phil, Gary, Mark, Bob

      We ended the evening teaching this Knizia auction game to Gary. I
      jumped into an early lead with the 6 and 3, but then Bob won a 2x
      auction which turned his 7 into a 14. Gary won the 8, and then the
      pain cards came out. I managed to bleed everyone of a card when I
      took the 1/2 card, and Jeremy stuck it to me, Bob, and Gary by taking
      the robber. Jeremy then won the 2 (which the robber stole), and Mark
      won the 4. Jeremy then took the 10, and the third red card, a 2x,
      came up for auction. Mark and I were both trying to win this one, and
      I eventually paid too much for it. I was hoping that the next card
      would be the 5, but it was the last 2x card, which ended the game.
      But I didn't have the least amount of money! That dubious distinction
      went to Bob, who wound up paying more than we thought to not take the
      pain cards. So Jeremy won with his 10. Final scores were: 10, 9, 8,
      4, X.

      Thank you to Mark for hosting! Although next week is the first
      Tuesday of the month, we will still be meeting at Mark's. The
      following week (4/11), however, will be a road show at my place in

      Best wishes for a safe trip to all who will be Gathering out in Ohio!

      BONUS: Mini Reports

      Lest you think we've been twiddling our thumbs and staring at Bob's
      infectious smile, here are some short reports from the past two GSG

      GSG 03/14
      ATTENDEES: Mark, Bob, Jeremy, Stefanie, Gary, Tory, Phil
      GAMES PLAYED: Acquire, Quandary, Hansa, Showmanager, Modern Art.
      Gary's wife, Tory, joined us for some gaming. Bob schooled the Libbys
      in Acquire, Jeremy edged out Mark, me, and Stefanie in Quandary, I ran
      circles around Jeremy, Stefanie, and Mark in Hansa, Tory proved to be
      the best showmanager, and I was the best speculator in Modern Art.

      GSG 03/21
      ATTENDEES: Mark, Gary, Bob, Jeremy, Phil
      GAMES PLAYED: Zirkus Flohcati, For Sale, Robo Rally, Durch die Wuste,
      Mark proved to be the better programmer at the table, easily leading
      his robot to the three flags while the rest of us danced with conveyor
      belts and lasers. We all learned that it's best not to power down
      while in the path of a laser (thanks Bob). I surrounded larger areas
      to take the win in DtW, while Mark (who else?) hoarded vertrags and
      edged the other would-be movie makers in a close game of T-Fab.

      Eastern MA Gaming

      "When playing a game the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is
      important, not the winning."
      - Reiner Knizia
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