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[Unity_Games] Top 20 Games I need to Play in 2006

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  • andrew.young@comcast.net
    Tempus.... shoot, my list just upped by 1. 8-) ... From: W. Eric Martin ... I received Byzantium recently, and that s another title I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
      Tempus.... shoot, my list just upped by 1. 8-)

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      From: "W. Eric Martin" <eric@...>
      andrew.young@... wrote:

      > The Wallace Fest sounds awesome. Struggle is an aprapo word in the
      > tile of Struggle of Empires. It can produce some agonizing
      > decisions. Been playing Age of Steam a lot and it's lovely. I've
      > not done Liberte, Tyros, Princes of the Rennaisance or Byzantium yet.

      I received Byzantium recently, and that's another title I need to push,
      one in a very long list. And Tempus is still on the horizon...


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