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Some obscure company in Bulgaria no one has heard of...

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  • ed.carter@cambridgegames.com
    Hi Paul—welcome to the list! As I’m sure you’ve seen there are quite a few clubs meeting in the area; you’d be very welcome at the MIT Strategic Games
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2006
      Hi Paul�welcome to the list!

      As I�m sure you�ve seen there are quite a few clubs meeting in the area;
      you�d be very welcome at the MIT Strategic Games Society, just off the
      Red Line at Kendall. We meet Fridays, 7:00 PM till the room clears
      (usually somewhere between 3:00AM and 3:00PM on Saturday):


      The website is pretty out of date, but the directions are still right.

      These days we�re mainly Euro gamers--we regularly play Puerto Rico,
      Wizard, Bang, Evo, Glory To Rome, Munchkin, St Petersburg, Power Grid,
      San Juan, Titan, Civilization, Goa, plus plenty of others. We�re up to
      play just about anything�I got a copy of Zombies a few months ago and
      would love to play it sometime!

      We also play (and play-test) a variety of games from an obscure games
      company no one has heard of that Carl Chudyk and I set up last year
      after meeting at the club.

      Hope to see you there sometime!


      Ed Carter
      Cambridge Games Factory

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      Subject: [Unity_Games] Hello all, I am a new guy
      From: "Paul" <riledguy@...>
      Date: Tue, February 28, 2006 9:11 am
      To: Unity_Games@yahoogroups.com

      I read over the rules and was not sure where exactly I was supposed to
      post my hello to
      all. I figured this was better then the mass mailing so here goes:

      My name is Paul and I like playing table top games. I don't play so much
      of the heavy fair
      that it would seem many folks here do, but I would be up for learning.
      My favorite games
      are Risk 2210, Bang, Quorador, and Cathedrals. I also enjoy a number of
      other games
      including Mall of Horror, Zombies (yes I like it) and others. I am
      generally willing to learn
      any new game and don't care if it is made by parker brothers or some
      obscure company in
      bulgaria no one has heard off. As long as it is a good time then I will
      give it a try. Heck
      even if it is a bad time I will give it a couple of tries to see if a
      good time can be made of it.

      I live in JP (Jamaica Plain) and am hoping to find some other folks in
      the immediate area or
      very close by T to game with. It would be nice if there were enough for
      a group but I am
      guessing maybe not so something less formal would be cool.

      I will post my info in the Database.

      That is probably long winded enough so,


      and rock on

      a paul

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