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Re: Bridgewater Gaming, B&N BoardGame Sale

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  • aolean_wind
    ... Bridgewater crew play. Well, they don t. I drove up last Friday night from Rhode Island and could not find anyone at the address.about 1800. Ended up at
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 26, 2006
      --- In Unity_Games@yahoogroups.com, "Eugene Hennig" <ehennig@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > Reading through previous posts I saw Ben's about what games the
      Bridgewater crew play. Well, they don't. I drove up last Friday night
      from Rhode Island and could not find anyone at the address.about 1800.
      Ended up at scholar's Book Store (the host) and Dave (the proprietor,
      owner, manager?) said it has been defunct for awhile but occationally
      one or two show up as I did. I believe he is willing to open the hall
      if people will come. I was there about a year ago and quite a few were
      in attendance. Just never had a chance to get back there. The evening
      was not a total loss however as I did use the 35% discount and ended
      up with Through the Desert which I played with the rest of the family
      when I got home. If anyone is interested in getting together in
      Bridgewater let me know and I will talk to Scholar's. It would work
      best for me bi-weekly or even once a month but we can talk about it
      and discuss games to be played. I have a few.
      > Anyone not familiar with Scholar's it is a great place for Games.
      > Gene
      > I would also like to thank all involved with UG-X2.0. Great job and
      looking forward to the next one.
      > Also to the posters about the Barnes and Noble boardgame sale I
      picked up Star Wars Risk and Star Wars Trivial Pursuit today at the
      Middletown RI store for 75% off. One left of the Risk and 3 or 4 of
      the Pursuit.
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
      Hi Gene - My wife and I are looking for places and people to play
      games with - we would like to go to Scholars, and were directed toward
      this yahoo group to co-ordinate meetings. We live in Berkley, MA, near
      Taunton. I like the Euro-style strategy games, she will play those,
      but she also likes chance and card games. We have Carcassone,
      Cartegena, The High KIngs of Tara (very nice, rare,I guess, expensive
      English Celtic Knot game.), Age of Mythology, Dark Horse, Trival
      pursuits, Chess, Taboo Electronic. I am also looking to play
      "Ingenious" with someone who has it. Like to try out a couple of other
      games don't remember the names, but one is about sending famous
      figures in history to hell - the other is about the God Oden and some
      some birds. Let us know if you want to get a group (or yourself)
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