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Lobster Trap Report

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  • Tery Noseworthy
    A very belated report of the Lobster Trap convention, an invite-only event held annually in Massachusetts. It officially runs Friday – Sunday, but since
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2005
      A very belated report of the Lobster Trap convention, an invite-only event
      held annually in Massachusetts. It officially runs Friday � Sunday, but
      since quite a few people were arriving on Thursday, there was a pre-con con
      on Thursday night. Award for greatest distance traveled goes to Rick
      Thornquist and Christine Simundson, who came all the way from Vancouver.
      Rick gave the trip to Christine for her birthday � Christine was expecting a
      pair of slippers, so she was quite surprised..

      Craig ran a contest during the weekend. All of the name tags had a line from
      a hit song of the eighties. The person who could name themost titles and
      artists of these songs would win. I never did hear who won, but everyone had
      bad 80's songs stuck in their head all weekend - usually that only happens
      after playing Hossa with Andrea and Heli . . .

      *Thursday, November 3rd 2005*

      *Cash N Guns: Rick, Christine, Alan M., Mark, Mike R., Tery*

      A first playing of this game for me, although there had been lots of talk
      about the cool bits at 2 previous game sessions. We were playing this in one
      of the lobbies of the hotel, much to the amusement of the hotel staff, since
      the game involves pointing foam guns at other players.

      Every player has a gun and identical decks of cards. Player select a card
      from their deck, which is mostly "shooting blanks" cards with a couple of
      shots (:"bang") cards and one sure shot ("bang bang bang") card. You place
      your card face down in front of you, and then players simultaneously point
      their gun at another player. You see who is pointing at you, and then
      players have a chance to duck if they don't like their chances � if you
      duck, you can't be shot, but you are marked by shame, which will cost you
      $5K per shame maker at the end of the game. After the cowards have been
      revealed, the remaining players reveal any BANG BANG BANG cards, which are
      guaranteed to shoot as long as the involved players didn't duck, followed by
      the regular cards. Any BANG gets you one hit; three hits and you're out. If
      you're still in after all the shots have been fired, you get a share of the
      money in the pot in the middle . However, no change can be made, so if the
      money cannot be split evenly, then you take what can be split, which often
      is nothing at all. Repeat until all the cards are used or until everyone but
      one player is dead.

      *Shark** Park*: Rick, Christine, Reiner, Tery

      I had played this for the first time a week earlier, and I though I didn't
      like it much at the time, I thought it might improve on second playing. I
      was wrong.

      The board is seeded with little fishies worth 2, 3 or 4 points � there are
      several fishies that are worth 2 or 3 and 4 that are worth 4. They are
      placed face down on the appropriately-marked spots on the board. Players
      take turns placing their sharks on the outside of the board. On your turn,
      you place the movement marker on any shark you'd like (not just yours) ; the
      fish in that row and the rows on either side move forward, if there are any
      sharks on the other side of the board, the fish get pushed into the mouth of
      that shark. Play continues until the last 4 is eaten. You score the value of
      the fish you eat, and the player with the highest score wins. There are a
      few additional rules for how they fish get pushed and ways to give yourself
      more power in the pushing. Not a terrible game, but it did nothing for me.

      *Fettnapf in Sicht: *Adam, Mark, Tery, Pitt**

      Each player is dealt three cards with a number between 1 and 30 on them,
      these cards are revealed to all players and then taken into your hand. Players
      also have a hand of cards with numbers from 0-9 (? 9 is correct). You play
      the cards with the numbers from 0-9, running a cumulative total � I play a
      1, Adam plays a 6, making the total 7, etc. You are trying to avoid making
      the sum of the pile equal any of the cards in any player's hand. Once the
      total hits 30, it you reverse until you get back down to 30, and then go
      back up. Once the total hits 30, another card is dealt to the player after
      you, so there's one more number you don't want to hit. Play continues until
      all of the penalty cards are gone. Good filler game.

      *Friday, November 4th, 2005*

      * *

      *Jochen der Rochen*: John Mc., Robin K., Bob S-H, Radonna, Tery,

      I normally don't like dexterity games since I don't have any, but this one
      was great. There's a round board with lots of little wooden fish and one
      wooden manta ray. On your turn you use one finger to tilt the board and try
      to shake off some fish �each fish is worth one point, and if you can get one
      of each color off on the same turn other players have to give you one of
      their points. However, you lose points if you knock two or more fish of the
      same color off the board or if you knock the ray off. Very cute.

      *Oodles:* John Mc., Robin K., Bob S, Radonna, Tery, Phil

      An oldie but a goodie � if you like bad puns, anyway.

      *San Juan**:* Radonna, Tery

      The only 2 player game we could find

      *Princes of Florence*: Dave F., Ann G., Seana M., Tery

      During this game, Ann, Seana and I discovered that we all went to Mount
      Holyoke College. Poor Dave . . .

      *Cash N Guns*; Alan, Richard G., Radonna, Janet, Scott N., Tery

      *Freya's Folly*: Becky, Sharon, Radonna, Mark, Tery

      *Freya's Folly 2*: Larry C, Joe H., Scott N., Terry E., Tery

      Players are dwarves, off to explore the mines and bring back gems to make
      jewelry or to help Freya complete her Brisangamen. I played this twice, but
      both times we got some rules wrong, so I don't want to give a detailed
      description or an opinion and spread misinformation. I liked it well enough
      to try it a second time; in the 2nd game one of the rules that we got wrong
      really affected the game. I'll need to try this again.

      *Ark**:* Joe H., Larry C, Terry E., Scott N, Tery

      This was my 2nd game of Ark, and I liked it much better the 2nd time around.
      Except for the fact that people kept singing "Too Shy Too Shy" by Kasha Goo
      Goo every time a shy animal was played.

      *Saturday, November 6th, 2005*

      *Was Sticht*: Phil A., Mike R., Mark, Tery

      This is one of my top five games, and Phil owns a copy and had never played.
      We always play that the person with the highest value of tokens completed,
      not just number of tokens, is the winner. I got rid of all my tokens, but
      they were of low value. Phil got rid of 3 high-value ones and he won.

      *Endtecker*: Eric S., Lucy, Mark, Tery

      Old-school Endtecker, as we had 2 newbies. This quickly is becoming one of
      my favorite games.

      *Shadows Over Camelot*: Rick, Christine, Becky, Eric S, Lucy, Mark N

      If you're ever playing this game with my husband, just assume he is the
      traitor � he is always the traitor.

      *Cash n Guns*: Adam, Constantine, Campbell, Lucy, Ricardo, Tery

      *Diamant:* Aaron W., Richard S., Lucy, Dave F>, Ann G

      *What Could it Be Now?*: 28 people

      Pitt ran an excellent game show event. He showed a picture of something
      played an audio clip or played a video clip and you had to identify it. Some
      were impossibly hard, some were pretty easy and overall it was a blast.

      *Himalaya*: Tami, Bob, Mark, Tery

      We played with the advanced rules, which I liked. I think it helped in this
      game, too, as the placement of goods and rings was a little off balance.

      *Celebrities:* Larry C., Mark N, Mark E., Constantine, Tami, Pitt, Becky,

      The next time you see Larry Chong, be sure to ask to see his Mikhail
      Baryshnikov and his Professor X impressions.

      *Geshenkt*: Eric A., Sharon, Mark E., Mark N., Tery

      I was forced to take the 35 that Eric could have placed nicely between his
      34 and 36, and things went downhill from there.

      *Sunday, November 7th, 2005*

      *La Citta*: Joe H., Mark N., Adam S., Tery

      Joe's score for one of his cities was more than my total final score. 'Nuff

      *Shear Panic*: Mark N., Kurt, Marion, Tery

      This is the Essen game I was most interested in trying and I was not
      disappointed � I really liked it. I always seem to like games that aren't
      widely available. .. . .

      *Tsuro:* Kurt, Kate J., Bryan B., Marion, Mark N, Pitt, Tery, Bob S.-H

      An interesting game in that it can take from 2 � 8 players. Each player puts
      their piece on the side of the board. On your turn you play a tile with a
      path on it and move your player onto a path. You do this until your path has
      been completed � the last player to complete their path wins.

      *Techno-Witches*: Kate J, Mark, Tery

      This one was more fun than I thought it would be after we read the rules,
      but we all horribly misjudged our placements � we were told mid-way through
      the game that our initial placement was very tight, so maybe we would have
      done better if it had been spread out more � like across 4 tables.

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