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SR - Porter Square Gaming 11/2

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  • Felix Rodriguez
    A total of 9 players this week, dividing up into 2 tables. Not a bad number - especially considering we were missing a good number of the regulars. QUO VADIS -
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2005
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      A total of 9 players this week, dividing up into 2 tables. Not a bad
      number - especially considering we were missing a good number of the

      QUO VADIS - Since Mathew Gray dislikes this game and he wasn't here, I
      figured now would be a good time to pull it out. Additionally, its
      quick, and I knew there were a few more people coming. The players were
      Patrick, Mike, and me. I've never played this game with anything less
      than the full complement of 5 players, and it was very different. There
      was much less negotiating between the players as the board was more open
      and it was easier to move our own guys up. I made a nice little scoring
      train on the right side of the board that locked everyone out. Thus they
      were forced to fight for the left side, and I scored high every turn to
      take the game.

      KEYTHEDRAL - I wish Richard Breese had come out with another game this
      Essen - His las two have been excellent. Mike, Amy, Patrick, Nate, and I
      played. In the setup phase, Mike and patrick seemingly trying to beat me
      down (Possibly due to some lingering enemity from Quo Vadis). He did
      pretty well too, as my positioning on the board looked extremely weak.
      Amy's positioning looked even worse than mine leaving Mike, Patrick and
      Nate with the whole board. The game didn't go that way tho'. I beat down
      Mike with a Law card that set him back a whole turn. I think he's still
      bitter about this - the Mike/Me meta-game went on for most of the game
      and it was rather fun...

      Patrick and Nate had tons of blocks, but not the right ones. Leaving Amy
      and I building more than we should have been able to, while barely
      having any blocks for anything. I still don't know how Amy scored so
      many with what pretty much accounted for half the number of blocks
      everyone else had. In the end Mike tried to give the game to Nate by
      'gifting him' 3 victory points, but it wasn't enough. Final scores Me
      45, Nate 44, Amy-Patrick 40, Mike -less, don't remember the exact amount.

      SAN JUAN - To end the night, Nate, Amy, and Me finished with a classic.
      Amy tried the Chapel strategy. Nate went for the high scoring 'extra
      production card' with Silver and Coffee giving him tons of cards during
      trading. Later on he started building monuments, but didn't quite do as
      well as he could have if he had built the '6' building that goes along
      with that strategy. I tried something entirely different (For me at
      least) - a production strategy while avoiding production! This involved
      a Smithy for cheaper production buildings, a whole lot of
      prospecting/craftman to get enough cards to survive, the production '6'
      building for points, and a whole lot of really crappy production
      buildings as fast as I could. Amazingly, it worked! 8 cheap as hell
      production buildings clocked me 16 extra points and I ran away with the

      Other games I didn't participate in:

      SETTLERS OF CATAN - The veritable classic has been having some sort of
      revival lately over here. I don't mind so much now that its being played
      plain vanilla. The expansions add to much time to the game.

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