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[SR] CBGBs, 10/19: Ra, Puerto Rico, St. Petersburg, more

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  • W. Eric Martin
    Another short wrap-up as I have a lot more painting to do today. In addition to last week s attendees of Ray and Adam, Dave and new guy Paul showed up as well.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2005
      Another short wrap-up as I have a lot more painting to do today. In
      addition to last week's attendees of Ray and Adam, Dave and new guy Paul
      showed up as well. Even Linda sat in for a few games before running off
      to Borders for the second time of the day.

      Ray sported a new copy of Jungle Speed, a fast dexterityish game that we
      had played in Exeter a few weeks ago. Players take turns flipping over
      cards, and when two cards match in certain ways, their owners race to
      grab a baton in the center of the table. I unintentionally jammed Adam's
      thumb in my baton quest, but that didn't dissuade him from reaching for
      it again. I was well on my way towards victory over Adam, Ray, and Linda
      when we called the game after Dave's arrival to preserve everyone's digits.

      I pushed Adam's copy of High Society on everyone, explained the game,
      then proceeded to stink up the joint with awful game play. I can't
      recall whether I've ever played with five before, but the game seems odd
      with that number as everyone ends up with only a couple of tiles, even
      when the game ending tile is next to last. Ray scored 18 for the win.

      Ray then brought out Tsuro, a new WizKids release that's sort of like
      Metro except that everyone has only one train and a hand of three cards
      to choose from and the train moves along the track to the endpoint each
      turn and you have to play off that endpoint and you can collide trains
      which eliminates those players and the last player still on the board
      wins. So perhaps not so much like Metro after all. Adam goofed on his
      play and sailed off the board; Linda went straight, then Dave shunted
      her off a cliff; Ray and I eventually collided, leaving Dave the winner.

      Linda took off, and new guy Paul became the fifth player in Ray's shiny
      new copy of Ra. The Uberplay version is nicely produced, but even the
      snazzy production didn't help wow people over. Everyone but me was
      playing Ra for the first time, so they had no clue as to what to bid or
      how to value the lots. I scored four civs in the first round and a set
      of four monuments in the third, which along with the highest sun total
      and other assorted points gave me a total of 42. Ray edged me out thanks
      to having TWO sun tiles free in the second round after everyone else had
      bailed out. He drew a miracle flood on the last possible tile of his
      second sun tile, which gave him eight points -- more than his margin of

      Adam was eager to try Puerto Rico after last week's San Juan, so Ray had
      brought his copy and taught the game. We randomly chose seating, with me
      in the three seat behind the other two Indigo players. Adam bought both
      markets and racked up beaucoup doubloons, which enabled him to purchase
      three large buildings and blow us off the island. I played a so-so game,
      making a bad craftsman choice at one point, only to have Ray or Dave
      choose captain and force me to toss almost everything I produced. I've
      played PR only a few times, and with six or so months between each game,
      I forget those timing things. Oh well.

      Finally, just as Adam was ready to walk out the door, we convinced him
      to join Ray, Dave, and me in St. Petersburg. I explained the game to
      Dave, and off we went, with Dave understandably saying, "I really don't
      know what to do," over and over again. I fell behind the pack, but had a
      full hand of two aristo upgrades and one other aristo. I kept pumping
      out the orange cards, ending the game with nine and jumping ahead of
      everyone -- everyone, that is, except for Ray, who somehow managed to
      scrape up the cash to buy eight aristocrats, the bonus for which
      combined nicely with his building total to put him five points ahead of me.

      Thus for the second week in a row, my only "victory" is an abandoned
      game that led off the night. Maybe I should leave after the first game
      from now on...


      W. Eric Martin - TwoWriters.net
      "Awesome. Love the hed and dek. Did I tell you you're a terrific writer
      and I never have to edit a damned thing you send me?" -- my editor at
      ATA World
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