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SR: BBGG 10/12/2005 PoF, Shark, 6 Nimmt

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  • Rob
    Wow a great week of gaming at B.Good on Dartmouth Street tonight. All told there were 10 of us gamers there and one interested newbie who missed her train.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2005
      Wow a great week of gaming at B.Good on Dartmouth Street tonight. All
      told there were 10 of us gamers there and one interested newbie who
      missed her train. In attendence(Please fill in with your name if I
      didn't add it) were myself (Rob .Beardless. Eno), Chef Jeff, Matthew
      Gray, Felix, Mark, Randy, Emma, two people who've been to Felix'
      before and Robert from the Netherlands. Yes I did say the
      Netherlands. Some of you may have noticed on BGG this week that
      somebody posted looking for a game store in Boston. I read the post
      and realized that Roja was from the Netherlands. Well he happened to
      be in town for a conference this week and was available for gaming
      tonight. And seeing as he was staying at the Marriot Copley, he was
      right across the street. Also in attendence was Debbie who missed her
      train and almost jumped in to play.

      We started off by playing Princes of Florence. There were five of us
      playing this. Matthew Gray, Randy, Felix, Robert and me Rob. A five
      player game seems to really favor the 2nd player. The second player
      gets to buy one extra profession card to start the game. This allows
      that player to get an extra work for a lot less than the cost of a
      Jester or work and a bonus card. The jester distribution was pretty
      even with none of us having more than 2. Being the second player, I
      won this game. The margin of victory was about 12, or the one extra
      work I had.

      Emma showed up and Felix had to leave. We had six players so we
      played 6 Nimmt! Emma won. Although all that really matters according
      to Chef Jeff is not losing. So I guess I didn't matter scoring well
      over 80 points!!!! While we were playing 6 nimmt! Mark showed up.

      After 6 Nimmt! we broke into two groups. One played Shark and the
      other played a Card game that Matthew brought. While Shark and this
      card game were being played the two people whose names escape me
      showed up. And played another card game.

      The four of us that played Shark were Netherlands Robert, Chef Jeff,
      Mark, and myself. As we were explaining the rules a nice young lady
      asked if she could watch us. It seems as she missed her 8:30 train
      and her next one wasn't until 10:10. Seeing as it was 9:10 we didn't
      think she'd have enough time to play. Debbie ended up watching us
      play. Well it turns out that she would have been able to play with us
      because the game only lasted about 45 minutes. Yellow kept getting
      rolled and it rolled onto victory reaching 15 units. As it did this
      there were a lot of chains destroyed by the juggernaut that it was.
      Mark timed his sales of stock very well and ended up winning with over
      250 thousand. I came in second with around 210K, Netherlands Robert
      came in third, and Chef Jeff came in last with -$8000, my last play
      of Yellow ended the game and destroyed green all in one fell swoop.
      Causing chef jeff to lose a LOT of money as it went from 7000 par
      value to 1000.

      I left at this point (10:05) and six souls stayed to play Bluff.
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