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Re: SR: MVGA, 11/30: We winged the Ring!

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  • Walter Hunt
    ... it ... the ... closer to ... discounted ... version, IMHO. ... Wasn t meant as a jab, and yes, the difference in price is useful for teaching
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 1, 2000
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      --- In Unity_Games@egroups.com, "Dave Bernazzani" <dber@g...> wrote:
      > Walter wrote:
      > Without touching on a sore
      > > point, I'm certainly glad I went for the bargain price and bought
      > > in German.
      > Ouch! Actually, this must be in reference to me specifically since
      > UK/WotC edition is now widely available for US$30 - Boulder price
      closer to
      > US$28 and one person in r.g.b. just commented he saw it in stores
      > to US$22 - well worth the difference in price for the English
      version, IMHO.

      Wasn't meant as a jab, and yes, the difference in price is useful for
      teaching non-Germanophone players, particularly the "non-gamer" types.
      So everybody got what they wanted.

      Even at $50, if you get ten plays, it's probably worth it; we've all
      bought games that didn't get much use after a few times on the table.
      Haven't bought too many dogs recently, for which I can thank Unity
      Games. "Play before you buy..." As Dave would say, hehehe [tm,
      copyright 1999, 2000 Bernazzani].

    • Dan Miller
      ... win ... We ... the ... kicked ... We owned Suaron. We made him cry. We ate his lunch. We dissed his momma. We stole his bus money. It was especially funny
      Message 2 of 5 , Dec 2, 2000
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        --- In Unity_Games@egroups.com, "Walter Hunt" <hotc@w...> wrote:
        > MVGA, 11/30/00.

        > Herr der Ringe. Well, it's about time -- I participated in a real
        > of Lord of the Rings! And we started Sauron at 12: not 15, but 12.
        > took some damage in Moria, but sprinted through Helm's Deep and
        > Shelob, and a few turns into Moria we were 5x Gandalf-Enabled. We
        > arranged to get Gollum at the first event, by Gandalf-manipulating
        > event tile stack. As Merry, I winged the Ring on the first try --
        > Sauron was at 10, I was at 4 and well behind the front rank. We
        > Mr. Eyeball's fat hairy ass and won at 82, with (I believe) Matt or
        > Dan the nominal "individual winner".

        We owned Suaron. We made him cry. We ate his lunch. We dissed
        his momma. We stole his bus money. It was especially funny when
        Merry held the ring just out of reach and Sauron jumped up and
        down tring to grab it and whined, in his funny high-pitched voice,
        "Aw come on guys! Gimme the ring! It isn't funny! Guys!"

        > It was the first try for everybody but me, with Rich the unofficial
        > sixth-hobbit advisor to give Andy (our last addition) a chance to
        > play. Rich's comment might be well taken: "you're about done with
        > this." I think that might be right; until and unless there are
        > expansion sets, I might not bring this out more than a few more
        > except with people who haven't played it.

        From my long experience playing this game (once) I also see
        replayability problems. It was great fun working as a group
        to overcome the various challenges (as in D&D). Unlike a good
        DM in D&D, Sauron (i.e. the game) couldn't react.

        Perhaps there is room for a variant where a sixth player agrees
        to play Sauron. He would have the ability (a few times, not
        continuously) to interfere with the group by rearranging a few
        event tiles, making a player skip or repeat a turn, forcing the
        trade of a card or two, etc.

        I'm told that our refreshing romp through sleepy, parklike Middle
        Earth was the exception and not the rule, so I suppose in the
        average game against an "active" Sauron the players would have to
        start with a few more cards or other advantages.

        > In the third game of the night, Rich bulldozed us in Taj Mahal. I
        > hosed twice in a row and three times in the first six -- the cards
        > never seemed to break right for me. I think there's a tendency in
        > sometimes to play when you should withdraw, particularly if you're
        > behind, just to feel like you're _doing something_ -- and that will
        > sometimes cost you even more. Anyway, it was no contest -- Rich
        > in the mid 60s, the highest score I've ever seen.

        Taj rules. Great bits, simple rules, no downtime, complex without
        bringing on analysis paralysis, superb combo of card play and
        board play. Yes, you can get hosed by a bad draw of cards and be
        unlikely to catch up, but most of our favorite games are like
        that, right?

        Dan Miller
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