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SR: BBGG B.Good 8/31/05 - Closest Power Grid Game ever???

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  • Rob
    Session Report Back Bay Gaming Group B.Good Dartmouth St Boston. This was the largest showing yet for the Back bay gaming group there were 6 of us in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2005
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      Session Report Back Bay Gaming Group B.Good Dartmouth St Boston.

      This was the largest showing yet for the Back bay gaming group there
      were 6 of us in attendance. Charles, Rob (Beardless) Eno, Mark, Seana
      Eaton, Matthew Gray and Making the trip from Porter Square was
      everybody's favorite Cantabridgian Felix Rodriguez. Matthew Gray and
      I seem to be evangelizing the Drunk Elvis pretty well because we got
      Charles to try it tonight.

      If you are a fan of Power Grid, keep reading, we played perhaps the
      closest six player game of Power Grid ever played. It was pretty amazing.

      Five of us were there by 6:15ish. All but Seana, who usually shows up
      at 7:00 ish. After ordering food, we sat down to a game of Royal
      Turf. I had played once before a long time ago. It's a pretty neat
      racing game in which you win by gambling on the races. There are
      three betting rounds that take place after you see how the horses
      move. They move through the rolling of a die. The die has three
      horse heads, one horseshoe, one saddle, and one jockey helmet. Each
      player rolls the die and moves a horse. That horse can't move again
      until all of them have moved. The winning horses of our three races were:

      8/31/2005 Race Card at Dartmouth Downs
      Race One
      Win - Earl Gray
      Place - Othello
      Show - Sahara Wind

      Race Two
      Win - Albino
      Place - Caramello
      Show - Earl Gray

      Race Three - The Daily Double, payouts are doubled for this race
      I forgot to write it down, Darnit! Sorry

      Doing his best impression of Bob Neumeier Charles ran away with this
      one. He made money in 7 of the nine possible spots. Two perfecta's
      and a Superfecta.

      1 - Charles - 3,150 British Pounds
      2 - Felix - 1,950 British Pounds
      3 - Mark - 1,450 British Pounds
      4 - Matthew - 1,000 British Pounds
      5 - Rob - 950 British Pounds

      Seana showed up about 2/3 of the way through Royal Turf.

      Now comes the main event. The closest six player Power Grid game I've
      ever seen. I wonder if it is the closest? This game showed why Power
      Grid is such an amazing game, you are never really out of it, there
      are many ways to win, and man is it fun.

      We used the United States side of the board. With six players only one
      area wasn't used, in order to make the game more enjoyable for the two
      newbies, we didn't use the territory gained by the US at the treaty of
      Guadeloupe Hidalgo (The southwest).

      At the start of the game it showed that many different people were
      trying vastly different strategies. I started on the "green"
      strategy, starting with clean powerplants at first, to save on fuel.
      Felix had a power capacity of 15 cities by the third round, when he
      only had 5 cities. Charles started building in the upper midwest and
      had the whole northwest to himself. The tension really started
      building the turn before the last. Both Mark and Matthew could have
      built the 14th city to end the game but neither knew if they would
      have won. So they didn't. That gave us the final round where all
      players were able to get to a 15 city capacity for power plants! and
      were able to fully power. It came down to the building. Seana
      unfortunately could not build a 15th city and only built out to 14.
      The rest of us were able to build a 15th city. So we had a 5 way tie
      for First!! To be determined by the tie breaker of money. The final
      scores are shown below:

      1 - Charles - 15 Cities - 15 Powered - 73 electros
      2 - Felix - 15 Cities - 15 Powered - 68 electros
      3 - Mark - 15 Cities - 15 Powered - 46 electros
      4 - Matthew - 15 Cities - 15 Powered - 24 electros
      5 - Rob - 15 Cities - 15 Powered - 4 electros
      6 - Seana - 14 Cities - 14 Powered - total of 15 capacity, one city

      WOW, WOW, WOW - Felix will be posting a picture of this game board in
      the file area.

      We called it quits at 10 p.m. as all were pretty amazed by the game
      and didn't really want to ruin the moment.. ;)

      Felix and I have found a good groove, we are alternating hosting
      duties between his apartment and B.Good for Wednesday gaming in
      Greater Boston. I was happy to see Felix there.

      On a more somber note, I'm including a link to the American Red Cross
      Hurricane Relief fund below. The gaming session was a good release
      from watching television and what has happened along our Gulf Coast.
      The link to donate money is:


      Have a great night, and happy gaming.
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