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Harald's Ye Olde Commons introduction

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  • Harald Henning
    Hello All, I ve just returned from the WBC in Lancaster, where I spoke with Mike Fitzgerald and Jay Tummelson. They both recommended that I join this forum,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2005
      Hello All,

      I've just returned from the WBC in Lancaster, where I spoke with Mike
      Fitzgerald and Jay Tummelson. They both recommended that I join this forum,
      and so here I am.

      I'm sure I've met a number of members of this group before, whether at
      conventions (the Gathering - hi Alan!), fun times with US Games and Wyvern
      (hi Mike!), at a LARP (director at LIONE), or at GAMA (as publisher of d20
      products - Living Imagination). I've played all sorts of games over the
      years, ranging from RPGs to board games (whether Euro, rail, or strategy) to
      miniatures to card games to LARPs. Being German, I played many of the Euro
      games before they became popular here. I guess what I'm trying to say is
      that I really like games - in fact my whole family is pretty much into them.

      The primary impetus for this posting is to let you know of our (i.e. my wife
      Inger and I) latest venture into games. We have purchased a banquet hall /
      camp facility in Massachusetts (Charlton, near I-90 and I-84, right off
      US20). The main purpose of this camp is to serve as a LARP camp. We rent
      it out for LARP weekend events.

      However, we also want to support other game categories. To that end, we
      want to make use of the camp facilities for game nights midweek, or even
      weekends. We have a great, huge dining hall, which can easily accommodate
      250 people seated at many tables (including some nice 4x8 tables for
      miniatures that we bought from Gameboro in Worcester which sadly just went
      out of business). In addition, we have cabins (insulated, heated) that
      could either also be set up with tables and chairs if necessary, or of
      course could serve for cheap overnighting. The dining hall kitchen can
      provide food and drink.

      We'd be happy to hear some input from you on these ideas. What interest is
      there for a regular (monthly?, bi-weekly?) game night in the middle of the
      week? What day is best? Although not on mass transit, our location is
      easily and quickly reached from the Boston area. Is that acceptable for a
      mid-week game? Should the game nights be focused on particular games?
      Should we organize tournaments? How should we charge for the facility?

      Additionally, if there are groups that want to use the facilities for their
      own organization, we're of course happy to listen. We of course would also
      love to consider hosting some future gathering organized by Unity Games.
      Not all weekends are rented by LARPs, so a day rental is quite possible.

      If anyone wants to take a look at the site, feel free to come by. There's
      someone on site pretty much all the time. Thanks for reading - and hope to
      hear from you!


      Harald Henning

      Ye Olde Commons


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