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Fwd: Registration for Vericon VI now open!

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  • Chris Almy
    I thought some on this list might be interested in this. Its a gaming convention held at Harvard every January. Looks like George R.R. Martin will be the guest
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      I thought some on this list might be interested in
      this. Its a gaming convention held at Harvard every
      January. Looks like George R.R. Martin will be the
      guest of honor this year.


      --- Vericon ConChair <conchair@...> wrote:
      > We are pleased to announce that registration for
      > Vericon VI is now open!
      > Why should you register now?
      > --Preregister before December 14th to receive a
      > discount
      > --Registering for the con allows you to pre-register
      > for specific events
      > --Limited crash space is available on a first-come,
      > first-served basis,
      > so request it now
      > Register online at our website: www.vericon.org
      > What is Vericon?
      > Vericon is a science-fiction, fantasy, gaming, and
      > anime convention
      > featuring many events and distinguished guest
      > speakers. It has been
      > held annually at Harvard University since 2001. The
      > sixth Vericon will
      > take place on Friday-Sunday, January 27-29, 2006.
      > The convention is
      > sponsored by the Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction
      > Association (HRSFA),
      > an undergraduate student group.
      > What's special about Vericon VI?
      > This year we're proud to feature Game of Thrones
      > author George R. R.
      > Martin as our Guest of Honor!
      > George R. R. Martin is the author of the
      > best-selling A Song of Ice and
      > Fire cycle, so far including the books A Game of
      > Thrones (1996), A
      > Clash of Kings (1999), and A Storm of Swords (2000).
      > His latest, A
      > Feast for Crows, will be released on November 8,
      > 2005. He has been
      > story editor for The Twilight Zone and producer for
      > Beauty and the
      > Beast, and he has won numerous Hugo and Nebula
      > awards for his many
      > short stories and novellas. Martin, born in New
      > Jersey in 1948, started
      > writing stories at a very young age, selling monster
      > stories to other
      > neighborhood children, and went on to receive a B.S.
      > and M.S. in
      > Journalism from Northwestern in 1970 and 1971. He
      > currently lives in
      > Santa Fe, New Mexico.
      > http://www.georgerrmartin.com/
      > We're also featuring a host of webcomic artists,
      > including:
      > Tim Buckley of Ctrl+Alt+Del
      > Randy Milholland of Something Positive
      > and Michael "Mookie" Terracciano of Dominic Deegan:
      > Oracle For Hire
      > Read about these guests and others on our website!
      > In addition to our guests, Vericon VI will feature
      > all your favorite
      > events from previous years: ongoing events such as
      > open gaming, the
      > anime room, and the art show; RPGs, both table-top
      > and live-action; and
      > Vericon-exclusives including Milk and Cookies, the
      > Masquerade Ball,
      > Mystery Science Theater 3000, a Scavenger Hunt, and
      > Capture-the-Flag
      > with Stuff. We'll continue successful additions to
      > last year's
      > schedule, such as a boffing tournament, a Magic: The
      > Gathering draft,
      > and Cosplay Human Chess. We'll feature new events
      > such as Live-Action
      > Clue and a Game of Thrones CCG tournament and expand
      > our video gaming
      > room in honor of Tim Buckley's new holiday,
      > Wintereenmas.
      > If you have any suggestions for guests you'd like to
      > see, games you'd
      > like to play, or other events you'd like to
      > participate in, please let
      > us know!
      > I hope to see you in January!
      > ~Emily Morgan
      > Con-Chair
      > conchair@...
      > ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
      > Vericon VI
      > January 27-29, 2006
      > Sever Hall, Harvard University
      > www.vericon.org
      > "Winter is coming."
      > ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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