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Scavenger Hunt this Saturday, July 23

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  • Bill Kaplan
    What: Scavenger Hunt followed by Scavenged Barbecue When & Where: Saturday, July 23, starting at noon at the Kinsale Pub in Boston, 2 Center Plaza, across the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2005
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      What: Scavenger Hunt followed by Scavenged Barbecue
      When & Where: Saturday, July 23, starting at noon at the Kinsale Pub
      in Boston, 2 Center Plaza, across the street from Government Center.

      On the off chance that you're looking to do something this weekend
      that doesn't involve sitting in front of an air conditioner, you're
      invited to take part in a scavenger hunt through Boston and
      Cambridge, ending in a scavenged barbecue in Arlington. Contestants
      will have to find a number of common and uncommon items (some of
      which will be cooked up and eaten at the Scavenged Barbecue, and some
      of which will be distributed as prizes), as well as to find and
      photograph a number of local landmarks and a few other odd things.
      The complete rules and list of items will be handed out when you
      arrive at the starting point (the Kinsale Pub near Government
      Center), but here are a few answers to some of the questions you
      might have:

      Q: Is there a cost for the scavenger hunt? A: No, but you'll need to
      buy some of the items, and you may want to ride the bus or the T to
      get around town. Figure between $6 and $20 per person, depending on
      how you like to travel.

      Q: Other than money, is there anything else I should bring? A: You'll
      need a digital or Polaroid camera to take the pictures. Comfortable
      shoes are advisable, as there'll be a lot of running around. A map
      may come in handy, and a pen to cross things off your list. Sunscreen
      might not be a bad idea, either.

      Q: Am I doing this on my own? A: Ideally, you'll be in a team of
      three people, so feel free to invite your friends. If three's a
      crowd, you're welcome to do the hunt as a team of two. If you work
      best alone, you can give that a shot, too, but it probably won't be
      as much fun. We'll try to match solo people up with teams.

      Q: Do we need to sign up for the scavenger hunt, or can we just show
      up on Saturday? A: You don't need to sign up, but it would certainly
      make it easier for me to keep track of how many people are coming so
      I'll have enough scavenger lists ready. I originally posted the event
      on MyPC Boston (http://www.mypeopleconnection.com/eventn130631.html
      ), so if you don't mind joining yet another free web group, you can
      sign up there. If that seems like a hassle, send me an e-mail
      (list@...), or just show up on Saturday.

      Q: How should I get there? A: The Kinsale is a short walk from Park
      Street or Government Center, so I'd suggest taking the T. If you're
      driving to the T, parking at Alewife may save you some time after the

      Q: Where is this barbecue, and how do I get there? A: The barbecue
      will be at a private residence in Arlington. You're supposed to find
      the place as part of the scavenger hunt, but it's easily accessible
      via public transportation and a few minutes of walking.

      Q: Can I skip the scavenger hunt and just come for the barbecue? A:
      Well, technically, it's not really a scavenged barbecue if you don't
      do any scavenging. But send me an e-mail (list@...) and we
      can probably work something out.
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