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Re: [Unity_Games] SR: GSG 7/19 - Orbit, Friedrich, Zoosim, plus others...

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  • W. Eric Martin
    Thanks for the report, Mark! I ll fill in the happenings of the kiddie ... The funny part is that I stunk at this game as well! Usually I m good at pattern
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 21, 2005
      Thanks for the report, Mark! I'll fill in the happenings of the kiddie
      table, but first:

      > Orbit: Phil, Bob, Bill, Eric, Linda and Mark
      > It was the first 'O' week so we had to play at least one 'O' title.
      > Eric gave it a ringing endorsement, "You guys will probably stink at
      > it" (or something to that effect).

      The funny part is that I stunk at this game as well! Usually I'm good at
      pattern recognition and speed combinations (Ubongo, Set), but this
      wasn't gelling for me. I'll bring it again next week in case anyone's
      willing to try again.

      > The other table played a slew of games that I didn't keep track of.

      Those games were:

      O Zoo Le Mio (aka Zoosim): Stephanie, Linda, Bob, Eric

      Stephanie taught this tile-laying game, then ran away with the game as
      Bob, Linda, and I bid way too much in the earlier rounds, thus crippling
      our bidding potential later. A nice design that plays fast and looks
      like it scales well from two to four players.

      Tower of Babel x2: Stephanie, Bob, Eric

      Stephanie brought this, but she hadn't played yet; Bob hadn't played
      since the Gathering, so he had forgotten the rules. This meant I got to
      teach these guys, then whomp them in two straight games. (James would
      have been so proud of me.)

      In the first game, Bob kept setting me up by taking the next-to-last
      token in an area, giving me the chance to take the final one and earn
      the bonus card. I "earned" six bonus cards and finished more than 20
      points ahead of Bob. Stephanie had offered few cards and scored next to
      nothing during the main game, but she scored 45 points off tokens and
      nearly passed Bob for second place.

      In the second game, I started with three white cards and kept drawing
      white the whole game. I scored three white tokens quickly, then realized
      only two more white tokens were on the board. Since the game ends when
      one color has been removed from the board, I focused on scattering a few
      buildings in different areas, so I would score minority points at a
      minimum. When I put the final white one up, Stephanie and Bob realized
      they'd been had; I had the three white cards I needed in hand, so it
      didn't matter if they bid or not.

      I've been surprised by the wishy-washy ratings on this game. With five
      players, your ability to strategize is compromised since so many people
      play in between your turns, but with three or four players, this is a
      sweet design that packs a lot of meat in a short playing time.

      Ticket to Ride Europe: Stephanie, Bob, Eric

      Stephanie pulled out the win thanks to having the longest connection of
      trains. Bob (unknowingly?) screwed me in a connection from Rostov, so I
      had to use a second station to complete a ticket -- then I missed that I
      had two trains to spare thanks to that screw job. I could have connected
      my two networks and scooped longest train from Steph, possibly giving me
      the win, but she would have had a couple more turns to play as well and
      would have likely ended the game herself soon. I like the increased
      competition with three players.

      Money: Stephanie, Bob, Eric

      Bob suggested this for a closer and seemed to be cruising fine until the
      final round when he underbid Steph and got the yen scooped out from
      underneath him. Steph nearly ran two suits, but nearly wasn't enough as
      I grabbed all the pounds and almost accidentally ended up with a
      buttload of francs, pushing me to the win.

      Lost Cities: Stephanie, Eric

      While waiting for Friedrich to grind to an end, Steph and I played one
      round of Lost Cities. All the hands I needed came my way.

      Friedrich looks pretty interesting, but the time length might be a
      stumbling block for me -- not to mention that I usually bomb at these
      types of games. Maybe a chess clock is needed. If nothing else, I expect
      people to set up a session or two at UG X come October.


      W. Eric Martin - TwoWriters.net
      "And neither mathematics nor death ever makes a mistake." - Yevgeny Zamyatin
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