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Re: [Unity_Games] [SR] GSG 03/29: Gunslinger, Gracias, Gouda Gouda, Gulo Gulo, Goldland, and some non-G games.

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  • Mark Edwards
    ... We played a heavily modified version of the Thieves Fall Out scenario. We each started on the outskirts of the map. In the center of the map were many
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2005
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      At 12:41 PM 4/1/2005, Phil Alberg wrote:

      >GUNSLINGER: Dan, James, Brian, Mark, Bob
      >Mark's been itching to bring this AH classic to the table ever since
      >he acquired some gee-nifty mini cowboys and desperados. Early on Dan
      >was the prime target, but managed to dance with bullets and avoid any
      >serious injury. Then, on his first shot of the game, he turned and
      >plunked Bob right between the eyes! I don't know whether "Dead-eye"
      >Dan won the game, but Bob was the first player eliminated and thus
      >relegated to the kiddie table.

      We played a heavily modified version of the "Thieves Fall Out"
      scenario. We each started on the outskirts of the map. In the center of
      the map were many sacks of gold and a few weapons (rifles, knifes,
      etc.). Each of us started with a Colt 45, but only 6 bullets. Thus the
      weapons in the center. We awarded points for gold retrieved and fellow bad
      guys killed or wounded. And just for giggles we added an NPC, an old women
      attempting to carry off 2 sacks of gold from our pile of loot. Killing her
      was not cool though, and netted you negative points. She wandered around
      aimlessly for most of the fight.
      The gold quickly became an afterthought as events devolved into a nasty
      street fight. Bob made the first move by running directly towards James
      with his gun blazing away. James turned to greet this hail of bullets with
      some return fire of his own, but quickly thought better of it and dashed
      off towards the middle, with Bob following.
      Meanwhile Dan made a beeline for the pile of loot while Brian at him
      the entire way in. Brian set himself up behind a pile of dice, er, rather
      an outcropping of rocks and kept on firing. I dashed behind some cover and
      threw some lead at Dan also. Somehow the bastard survived and made it to
      the weapons and gold. He hurriedly grabbed a Springfield 58' trapdoor
      rifle because it packed a powerful punch, but then changed his mind when he
      realized it was a single shot rifle that needed to be reloaded after each
      shot. His next choice was a Winchester 44, a very nasty weapon itself as
      the rest of us were about to discover.
      While Dan made off with his rifle to the nearest cover (and Brian still
      blazing away at him) James made a dive into the pile of loot at a dead run
      with Bob and I not far behind. I fired at close range but just missed his
      diving form. While he rummaged around for a gun of his own Bob decided I
      was the new target for his insane fury. He fired and missed. I turned to
      face my attacker, cocking my gun and aiming carefully. Too late! He fired
      again and hit me in the chest, dealing me a near deadly wound. I staggered
      about, staggered again, and staggered thrice more until we figured out the
      proper staggering rules. In the end the result was me in a heap, but not
      quite dead.
      Dan finally ended his made dash when he took up position behind some
      barrels and brought up his shiny new Winchester 44. His sites descended on
      me, but seeing that squirming on the ground in agony he decided the old
      crazy man was more of a threat so he leveled the sights on the back of
      Bob's head and pulled the trigger. Down went Bob, dead from a single
      bullet through the throat.
      While Bob's green Vulcan blood spilled onto the desert floor James
      grabbed the Springfield rifle and crawled towards cover, away from Dan and
      his deadly Winchester. Brian decided he had had enough of Dan and turned
      his wrath to an easier target. The old woman meandering on the far side of
      the map. He took off in a sprint straight for her, ignoring the bullets
      whizzing by, intent upon chasing the old lady down. I collected enough
      wits to start to crawl towards the loot and made it there! I spotted a
      Winchester carbine, a useful weapon in this kind of fight and reached for it.
      Again I was a little slow as Dan aimed carefully and put another bullet
      into my chest (that's never gonna heal!). I succumbed to my wounds. On my
      tombstone, "Moseying Mark - One Step Too Slow". James reached a pile of
      rocks and loaded his rifle. He then leaned out and took aim at Dan. But
      yet again Dan was the quicker and hit him in the left shoulder, wounding
      him badly. Load, aiming and shooting became a painfully slow process for
      James. On top of that he was fading fast from loss of blood.
      Brian caught up to the old woman and cruelly, and without an
      afterthought, cold cocked her on the back of the head with his pistol. She
      fell with a thud and a whimper. He groped around her body (ewwww) for the
      sacks of gold and took them from her. His lust for the old woman sated he
      again decided Dan was public enemy number one and ran straight for him.
      Dan turned to face this new threat and again cooly recocked his
      Winchester and took aim at his charging foe. James shakily brought up his
      Springfield and tried to get Dan in his sights. He suddenly grimaced in
      pain and lost his aim. He cursed and brought up the rifle again, but again
      a spasm of agony wracked his body. This time it resulted in a wild
      shot. The reloading, recocking and reaiming process started yet
      again. Only now everything seemed to swim and fade as he went through the
      Dan, now known as The Killing Machine, cooly shot the approaching
      Brian. Stopping him and throwing him to the ground. Luckily for Brian the
      wound wasn't too bad as luckily it had him in the groin, for him a
      non-vital region. He also staggered and fell behind a clump of boulders,
      good news all around.
      TKM turned his attention back to the woozy James and again cooly
      recocked, reaimed and fired. He missed and missed yet again. All the
      while James steadied his rifle and tried to aim between Dan's beady
      eyes. Brian got off another shot at Dan, just missing him, but again
      drawing TKM's wrath. Brian was down to his last bullet in his gun. Yet
      TKM had lost a bit of his cool eye as he turned back and forth to shoot at
      his attackers. He realized he was in a deadly crossfire. Unfortunately
      for him it was too late.
      After what seemed an eternity of aiming all three gunfighters fired
      simultaneously. When the smoke cleared Dan lay dead, two bullets in his
      brain. One between the eyes and one in through the his ear. His final
      shot glanced harmlessly off the rocks in front of Brian.
      With vengeance his, James passed out. Brian walked over to the gold
      and loaded it onto the back of the old woman who had finally regained
      consciousness. He made her an honest woman and they lived happily ever
      after in nice little homestead somewhere in Nevada. She happily sold her
      apples at a farm stand in front of their house while he took random
      potshots at customers he thought he recognized from the old days.
      James did recover from his wounds only to be killed a few years later
      while buying an apple.

      >TRAUMFABRIK: Mark, Dan, Brian, James
      >I don't know who won this game. I do know that Bob was itching to
      >play, but was trapped with us playing Goldland.

      TKM swept the floor with us.

      >QUICK SR FROM 3/22: We had 14 gamers in attendence, including Don, who
      >most of us hadn't seen in about a year. Games played included: Titan:
      >the Arena, Diamant, High Society x2, Ra, Vinci, Falche FuFFziger (for
      >which I explained *three* rules wrong -- D'oh!), Lost Cities, and a
      >Bruce prototype.

      There were gamers coming out of the woodwork here! Don, Dan, Steve,
      Bruce, Bill, Brian, Bob, James, Tami, Stephanie, Jeremy, Phil, Zack and
      myself. Did I miss anyone?

      Thanks for the report Phil. I've been meaning to do a SR on that game
      of Gunslinger and thankfully your email inspired me to write it.

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