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Session Report: Bob Day 3.26.05

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  • Teryg
    Session Report: Bob Day 3/26/2005 Present: Bob S.-H., Dan B., Mike R., Jessica R., Alan M., Ed, Sean D., Mark N., Evan T., Joe M., Craig M., Pitt C., Scott C.,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2005
      Session Report: Bob Day 3/26/2005

      Present: Bob S.-H., Dan B., Mike R., Jessica R., Alan M., Ed, Sean D.,
      Mark N., Evan T., Joe M., Craig M., Pitt C., Scott C., Frank, Brian,

      DIAMANT, Game 1: Bob, Dan, Mike, Jessica, Tery
      Most people hadn't played before, but the rules are short and sweet,
      so we were off. Bob turned out to be the most adventurous, winning
      with a score of 30.

      DIAMANT, Game 2 Dan, Sean, Mark, Mike, Evan, Tery
      Another quick rules explanation, followed by an explosion of hazards.
      For some reason, I didn't note who won.

      MALL WORLD: Dan, Mike, Jessica, Tery
      My first playing of Andrea's latest. I liked it quite a bit and
      definitely need to play it again, now that I have figured out what I
      should have been doing. Dan, the only one who had played before,
      crushed us.

      CARCASSONE: THE CITY: Dan, Mike, Jessica, Tery
      It was one of those days when none of the simultaneous games were
      ending at the same time, so the four of us were looking for another
      game. Dan had never played The City, so we pulled this out. I do like
      this better than vanilla Carcassone or any of the variants/additions.
      The wall placement does add something to the game, although
      unfortunately it wasn't points for me – Mike won.

      GRACIAS: Dan, Mike, Jessica, Tery
      It was still the 4 of us, so we pulled out this new card game from
      Alan Moon and Richard Borg, It was very light and a good filler game.

      There is a deck of cards with no numbers but 6 colors. Each player is
      dealt 2 cards face-up. You then deal triplets equal to the number of
      players – 2 cards face up, one card face down. The starting player
      chooses a set, looks at and keeps the face down card, chooses one of
      the face up cards to keep and gives the remaining face up card to the
      player of their choice. The next player chooses from the remaining
      triplets and does the same and so on until all the cards have been
      taken. There are 4 hands per round, and three rounds total.

      At the end of a round, players reveal their 3Your goal is to score
      points for the number of cards you have in each color. However, a
      player who has 5 or more cards in any one color must flip that stack
      over and score only 1 point total (rather than 1 point per card). The
      player with the most cards in a color (not including anyone who had 5
      or more) loses all of the cards of that color and scores nothing for
      them. Players who still have cards in that color score 1 point per

      It was definitely on the light side, but I enjoyed it. There was some
      strategy in deciding who to give the cards to, although luck does play
      a significant role. I won. Hey wait, I won, so clearly there is no
      luck involved – it is a highly strategic game!

      TOP RACE: Ed, Sean, Jessica, Bob, Alan, Tery
      One of my favorite racing games, although some of my fellow racers
      were telling me there is a better version (Daytona 500 or Nicki
      Lauder; I can't remember). Most of the cars went for higher than the
      minimum, and the races were tight. Despite strong bidding on both Ed
      and my parts, Bob snuck in and took the victory. Everyone else was
      Also Playing.

      TUCHULUCHA: Mark, Sean, Mike, Tery
      When I played this for the first time, I thought it was okay, but
      nothing to write home about. In the first game, however, no one chose
      to be Tuchulcha. This was my 4th playing, and in all of those
      additional games at least one person has attempted to win as
      Tuchulcha, making the game much more interesting. Mike declared early
      and managed to pull it off.

      FEARSOME FLOORS: Jessica, Bob, Dan, Joe, Evan, Tery
      I am absolutely terrible at this game, but one of my pieces actually
      made it off the board for the first time ever (I am usually monster
      chow), so I was quite happy. Bob was close to a victory, but his
      pieces were irresistible to our one-eyed, Dracula-elbowed,
      Frankenstein-reared, arm-coming-from-the-eye monster. Dan pulled out
      the victory.

      ALSO PLAYED: Lost Valley, Tahuantinsuyu, Taj Mahal, Fairy Courtship,
      Oasis, Intrigue, Millionspiel, Too Many Cooks, Poker and other games I
      am sure I missed
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