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[Review] Spinergy expansions

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  • Tom Vasel
    In my opinion, Spinergy is one of the most underrated party games created. It s in my top ten, and certainly one of the most creative I ve ever played. See
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2004
      In my opinion, Spinergy is one of the most underrated party games
      created. It's in my top ten, and certainly one of the most creative
      I've ever played. See my review of it
      http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/9422 for more details. The
      company, Gnu Games, sells expansions for the game at their website,
      http://www.gnugames.com/spinergy/ , and I was fortunate to procure a
      copy of each. Here are some short thoughts on each:

      "Mmmm...Chocolate" - These three rings add an assortment of chocolate
      words, although most of them, taken out of context, can be used for
      other things. Examples of the words on these rings are: whipped,
      graham crackers, white, candy, bitter, vanilla bean, etc. I enjoy
      these rings (especially their chocolaty color) but find them best used
      when mixed with other rings, using only one at a time.

      "Play Ball" - These three rings add quite a few words dealing with
      sports. Examples of the words are: fast break, timeout, loser, last,
      grand slam, etc. Sports fans should pick this set up, as you could
      easily play exclusively with these rings; although they would fit in
      well with the other rings.

      "Hullabaloo" - These three rings add words that have something to do
      with noise. Examples of the words are: snoring, owl, whistle,
      ricochet, sweeping, etc. This is definitely my favorite expansion;
      and if I only could have one, it would be this one. The assortment of
      words chosen is excellent for the game, and it really adds to game
      play. Since the goal of Spinergy is to guess words that people will
      use in their definitions, (the words on these rings certainly lead to
      other words; try to use snoring without "sleeping", for example),
      these really work well. I really enjoy the pictures these words
      create, and they really enhance the game.

      "That's Amore" - These three rings add a variety of words on the
      subject of love. Examples of the words are heaving, seduced, unzip,
      gorgeous, hips, firm, etc. Taken by themselves, these words (most of
      them) can be quite innocent; and so I have no problem using a single
      ring from this set in a game. To use all three rings, however, will
      most probably produce definitions of a "romantic" sort, and depending
      on your group may not be quite appropriate. I'm sure there is a
      market for these rings, but they're the last ones I would get.

      $19.95 for an expansion for a party game is a fairly steep price tag,
      and I doubt that anyone would want to own all four expansions, even
      with the discounts from the website. However, one expansion combined
      with the basic game provides a LOT of variety, and I think worth the
      price. The rings are of good quality and intermix seamlessly with
      those from the basic game. They are printed in some nice colors, and
      each will appeal to a different group of people (I loved Hullabaloo,
      but sports might just be your thing.) If you own the game of Spinergy
      (and you should!), then pick up one of these expansions; they'll
      breathe a bit of new life into the game.

      Tom Vasel
      "Real men play board games."
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