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SR - Porter Square Gaming 11/3/04

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  • Felix Rodriguez
    A total of 10 gamers came out to game night at my place last wednesday. We had two tables of gaming set up and hopefully everyone had a good time. Games I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2004
      A total of 10 gamers came out to game night at my place last wednesday.
      We had two tables of gaming set up and hopefully everyone had a good time.

      Games I didn't play:

      SLEUTH - Chris won the game. I wish I was in this, since I haven't
      played this game yet.
      CITADELS - Josh won. I don't wish I was in this since I've way
      overplayed this game.

      Games I did play:


      Alberto (my housemate) and I decided to battle it out before anyone else
      came in. I had never played before, but Alberto had. We played a capture
      the flag type of game which was one of the standard scenarios. In my
      side I owned the dragon, the water regeneration creatures, and two big
      robot mechs. Against me were the men in black, the grenadiers, the bow
      elf, and this one guy who couldn't get hit from anything but short
      range. Sorry about not naming them, I don't have the game with me.

      Anyway, things started bad for me. I moved out with my dragon to attack
      his men in black but failed my die rolls. The the grenadiers got lucky
      and took the dragon out. I barely got to use him! :-(. The grenadiers
      were all lined up too so if I had lived he would have probably lost a
      number of them.

      So I decided to move out with my regenerators. I figured if I took out
      the men in black and the grenadiers I had a good chance of being able to
      make a run for it. Especially with my regen ability. I put all of my
      movement powers o them and charged. In two turns I took out both the
      grenadiers and the men in black, plus managed to regenerate all my
      losses at the same time. Nice.

      Now for plan B - get the flag. I decided the odds were for me and had
      the water creatures charge the flag. But alas it wasn't meant to be. His
      elven archer fired two shots and took out two creatures. Then one turn
      later he took out the other two. I hate luck. With my army all but
      decimated, the elf easily took my flag and won the game.

      Cool game. Luck is huge, but its still fun and pretty.

      BIG CITY

      I've been trying to get this game for years. Funagain actually had a
      used copy from germany so I jumped on it a few days ago. Nate, Evan,
      Alberto, and Jon faced each other. Jon and Alberto were settling on a
      build residences strategy - populating the city as much as they could.
      Evan looked like he was trying to collect pieces for one of the
      expansion areas, but later the area was destroyed by a factory so he
      ended up not doing so well. Nate and I both tried to collect as many
      pieces in one area as we could.

      This would have worked for me if it wasn't for the fact that Nate was to
      the right of me and we were collecting the same area. Also, I had
      horrible luck and actually had all my land diagonal to each other.
      Eventually I knew I wasn't going to win if I didn't do something drastic
      so I placed city hall in the hopes that I could get any points building
      off other people's stuff. And what to you know.. It worked. Before long
      I had placed banks and post offices in all my locations. A beautiful
      church later and the game was mine!

      That is, if it wasn't for the fact that Nate placed the mall midway
      throught the game and got 30 points right there. He blew us all away.


      Evan, Nate, and I gave this game a try, despite Evan's insistence that
      this works better with 5. I won the first round with two points, Evan 1,
      and Nate, who had an awful hand, lost 1. The second round was more
      interesting, mainly because we knew what everone had. This time I got
      stuck with Nate's bad hand and had no choice but to lose 1 point. Evan
      got 1 with my previous deck, and Nate suddenly had the game in his hand
      with a whopping 5 point.

      Then came the third round. You know when someone throws the following
      cards on the table you would expect him to lose some points: 30, 32, 33,
      18, 27. But no. I won every single one of these draws! Suddenly Evan
      (who now owned the crappy hand) was one point from losing and I still
      had 7 points showing! I didn't actually sweep, but by the time things
      were over I still had 5 points and no one else had any. Final scores:
      Felix 4, Nate, 2, Evan 1.

      I'm very impressed with this game. I place it at the top of my card game
      pile (Along with 6 Nimnt, Coloretto, and Canal Grande).


      To end the night, Evan and I got into a strange game of street soccer. I
      say strange because we were rolling such horribly low numbers that we
      couldn't do anything most of the game. I lined up my units in a
      beautiful vertical line waiting for the big 5 or 6 that would guarantee
      my score. Evan charged with all his guys forward leaving the defense
      entirely open. As luck would have it, I didn't get the 5 or 6, and
      Evan's massive offensive was too much to hold for the entire game even
      if he too was getting low rolls. Final score: Evan 1, Felix 0.
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