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SOG SR: Sudbury, 8/30

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  • Josh Bluestein
    We had eight people at Rob s in Sudbury last night: Chris, Lewis, Vitas, Mike, Jessica (Mike s daughter), Andy, Rob and myself. Thanks to Rob for hosting. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2004
      We had eight people at Rob's in Sudbury last night:

      Chris, Lewis, Vitas, Mike, Jessica (Mike's daughter), Andy, Rob and
      myself. Thanks to Rob for hosting.

      I got there as Mike, Jessica, Vitas, Rob and Andy were getting ready
      to play Pack of Flies. Sicne it was to be a short game, I encouraged
      them to go ahead, allowing me to watch without actually having to
      play. It's essentially a blind bidding game with a Call My
      Bluff-style mechanism. People hold some number of plastic flies in
      their hands and guess how many total flies are in play. Best guess
      wins whatever bonus card is up for grabs at that point (possibly worth
      points, negative points for someone else, or special powers), but
      everyone loses whatever flies they've bid in any case. Final score is
      bonus cards plus whatever flies you've taken.

      I like the other Philippe des Pallieres game I've played (Meine
      Schafe, Deine Schafe/La Guerre des Moutons/Wooly Bully), but I have to
      say I was quite glad to not be involved in this one. Not for me.
      Jesica won with good bonus cards and a few flies held in reserve.

      We split into two groups at this point -- Rob, Mike, Jess and I played
      Fast Food Franchise, and Lewis, Andy, Vitas and Chris played Sunken
      City, which Andy brought.

      Fast Food Franchise is, well, a game that is not entirely unlike
      Monopoly. Roll dice, move around a track, pay opponents if you land
      on their spaces. However, the methods of income generation and
      expansin are a lot more interesting and strategic. It's still a game
      with a lot of randomness, but I enjoyed it a lot more than any game of
      Monopoly I've ever played. Rob got a good starting position when he
      locked up a triple-market chain with the Family Style restaurant. He
      went on to expand this chain to its maximum size of 14 franchises,
      whcih was generating a *lot* of income by game end. Mike and I
      battled over the Midwest, him with Pizza Express and me with Burger
      Brothers. Mike got the early connections and for a while it was
      looking like he was going to win. Jessica opened Steak and Salads in
      the Pacific Northwest, but was unable to raise much income from it.

      Jesica was the first to be eliminated -- she had to sell off a lot of
      her franchises to pay for an expensive Burger Brothers visit, and then
      a trip to Rob's exorbitant Family Style bankrupted her. Next out was
      Mike, who had excellent income production potential but was once again
      knocked out by Rob's union-busting anticompetitive marketeering. I
      didn't last much longer. My chains were truly impressive, but landing
      on a fully-formed Family Style cost me $182,000, which was enough to
      send Rob over the magic $1,000,000 mark. So, technically, I wasn't
      eliminated...but Rob was still the winner in any case. It would only
      have been a matter of time.

      Vitas, Andy, Mike and Chris also managed another game of Pack of Flies
      while waiting for us to finish up. No word on the winner of either

      We reconfigured -- Rob, Chris, Mike and I played Tichu, while Lewis,
      Jess, Andy and Vitas played Ticket to Ride. Rob and Chris spanked us
      harshly in Tichu, outbombing us by better than 2 to 1 and calling and
      making a few Grands to boot. It was not pretty.

      In the meantime, Vitas was the winner of TtR on a tiebreaker.

      A couple of games of Bluff followed. I don't remember who won -- I
      think it was Mike both times.

      Everyone went home except for me, so Rob and I finished off the night
      with a game of Tom Tube. This was Rob's first time playing it, and he
      seemed to like it fairly well. I was the winner by a scant 2 points,
      mostly due to being able to block Rob's path for a couple of turns
      while I headed home.

      And that was all for that week!

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