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2004 Half-Year Report

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  • flyingsheep
    Report for the first half of 2004. Game Month Index (Months Played/Months Owned in 2004) (all months) Magic: the Gathering Alhambra (5/6) Land Unter! (4/5)
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      Report for the first half of 2004.

      Game Month Index
      (Months Played/Months Owned in 2004)

      (all months)
      Magic: the Gathering

      Land Unter!


      Hick Hack in Gackelwack
      Star Wars: Epic Duels
      Lost Cities
      Knights of the Rainbow

      San Juan

      Old Entdecker
      Wooly Bully
      Penguin Ultimatum
      Switch (aka Qwitch)
      6 Nimmt!


      Apples to Apples
      Bucket King
      My Word
      Catch phrase

      Top Ten List

      (all months)

      10. Bohnanza
      On last year's list, Bohnanza was second only to Magic. While this may seem like a considerable down-grade, it's the only (non-Magic) game to appear on this year's list. I still enjoy playing this game on occasion, especially with new players. I've only won 8 of 25 games.

      9. Old Entdecker
      I received a copy of this for Christmas. I play it whenever I can, but it's getting difficult to find opponents willing to play again. I've only been defeated once in six plays. I attribute this more to luck than skill.

      8. Basari
      On the other side of the coin, I've never won Basari. I find it slightly frustrating, but still enjoyable. At some point, I'll either discover a decent strategy that lets me finish with a competitive score, or I'll give up and sell the game on EBay (:

      7. Land Unter!
      It's hard to believe that I've played this game 16 times (winning only 6 times). This has replaced Bohnanza as my "must introduce to new players" game. It plays quickly, and each player usually does well in at least one round.

      6. Coloretto
      This game got off to a slow start. No one seemed that I introduced it to seem to share my interest in it. I pulled it off the shelf again a few weeks ago, and it's starting to catch on. My record is 5 wins over 10 plays.

      5. Hick Hack in Gackelwack
      As the quickest game on the list, this is my filler of choice. There's much more luck than skill, in my opinion, but it's fun to try to anticipate other people's decisions. It's sort of like Basari sped up.

      4. San Juan
      I've only played San Juan four times, and I can't wait for the next play. It will probably be the next game I purchase.

      3. Domaine
      I can see myself playing this game about once a month for the rest of the year (at least). I've won 2 of my 6 plays, which is respectable. Resources are short, making for a very tense game.

      2. Alhambra
      This has been one of my favorite games all year, and that doesn't seem likely to change soon. My record is slightly better then 50% - I've won 8 of 15 games, and no one's beaten me more than once. There's something about this game that brings out the architect in me.

      1. Magic: the Gathering
      I am very pleased to host a monthly casual Magic tournament at my house. We've been playing for about 3 months now, and I'd like to keep this tradition going for as long as possible.

      Last Year's Top Ten List (first half of 2003)

      10. Bucket King
      9. Call My Bluff
      8. 6 Nimmt!
      7. Space Beans
      6. Carcassonne (Hunters and Gatherers)
      5. Torres
      4. Dvonn
      3. Lost Cities
      2. Bohnanza
      1. Magic: the Gathering

      Game of the Month Review:
      Jan Old Entdecker
      Feb Domaine
      Mar Oasis
      Apr San Juan
      May Web of Power
      June Star Wars: TCG


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