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SdJ press coverage, and file posted

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  • Bob Scherer-Hoock
    For those familiar with Google/News, try doing a search on the German language version for Alan Moon. You ll find a number of articles from the German press
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2004
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      For those familiar with Google/News, try doing a search on the German
      language version for "Alan Moon." You'll find a number of articles
      from the German press covering the SdJ award (sadly, a similar search
      of the U.S. Google/News turns up nothing.)

      For those who are unfamiliar with Google/News, do this:

      - Go to www.google.com
      - Click on the "News" tab at the top - If you've never seen this, this
      is a wonderful service that quickly scans all news sites on the web
      and assembles sort of a front page of the moment.
      - At the bottom of the main news page, where there is a list of
      International Versions, click on "Deutschland." Then you get a main
      news page that searches German-language sites.
      - In the search field at the top of the German language page, enter
      "Alan Moon" (with the quote marks) and click on the "News-Suche"
      button to the right.
      - You'll get what appears to be only one or two results, but this
      actually just represents a grouping of articles under the subject of
      "Alan Moon". If you click on "und weitere" you'll get a fuller list of
      articles on the SdJ award. Many of them are duplicates of same AP or
      DPA wire service articles. However several of them, most notably
      Stern, Yahoo Germany, and Ruendshau-Online.de, have decent pictures
      Alan holding up TtR.

      I should have posted this earlier this week as there were about 45
      links closer to Monday, but now the number is diminishing daily as the
      news recedes into the past.

      Monday, the day of the award, when I did this, I didn't even have to
      do the news search for Alan's name. The award ceremony news story was
      actually the lead story on Google News Deutschland, higher than the
      return of Iraqi sovereignty to the locals (which was the lead news
      story on the US Google News). Google News is still listed as a Beta
      site, has been since its inception, and is often quirky, yet I still
      thought this was pretty funny. Even then a search for Alan's name on
      the US site turned up nothing. So even though AP went with the story
      on its German feed, even though the story involves an American, it
      didn't see fit to send it on its US feed (or if it did, no one picked
      it up - I'm an editor at the Boston Globe and I searched the wires
      Monday to see if it did make it on US wire services, though, and I'm
      pretty sure it didn't). Anyway, I found the two nations' contrast in
      story play interesting to say the least. Board games in Germany - lead
      story (albeit from a search engine that seems to emphasize timeliness
      over news value assessment); board games in the US - nothing.

      I posted to the files section a screen grab (ticketgoogle.jpg) I made
      of Google News Deutschland when I saw the SdJ in its lead position. I
      thought others might get a kick out of it too. (Note - it needs to be
      viewed at 100% to be readable)

      Bob Scherer-Hoock
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